Are Ugly Stiks Good For Bass Fishing

The term Ugly Stik is synonymous with bass fishing. These rods have been used for decades and for good reason These are some of the most durable rods out there. Making them perfect for anglers who are tough on gear.

There’s more to them though than just durability. The newer models are also sensitive and flexible. The Ugly Stik Elite spinning rod has a great reel seat and comes in a fast action rod. Allowing you to feel the most subtle of bass bites and work lures however you please. 

Look for a rod that has aluminum oxide guides. These are smooth and help prevent line fraying. Also, EVA grips are wonderful as well and can make the difference between a good rod and a bad rod. Graphite blank fishing rods are the norm so if you want something different then you’ll need to look hard to find fiberglass or composite. 

So, if you’re looking for a great rod then check out some of the products below. We’re going to go over a few different Ugly Stik rods. First, we’re going to go into a little more detail about what you should be looking for when purchasing a bass fishing Ugly Stik.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Bass Rod

There are many factors that come into play when picking out which Ugly Stik bass rod is going to be the best bass rod for you. You need to think about where you plan on fishing, what type of bass you’re going after, and will you be using lures of live bait. 

If you’re only going to be throwing crickets and worms to bass in farm ponds then good news, you don’t need to worry too much about what you’re choosing. Chances are just about any rod you pick is going to work. If you want to get specific then a medium or medium-light rod will work the best.

If you’re going to be fishing big water down south for Largemouth Bass then you may need to upscale and upgrade your rod. The largemouth in the southern half of the country get big and get big quickly. So, you’ll need something that can handle these large fish. 

The same goes for Smallmouth in the northern part of the country. These fish might not get as big as Largemouth, but they put up double the fight. So, if you’re using an ultralight rod or something too light when you hook into a four-pound smallie then you could be looking at a broken rod tip.

If you’re going to be throwing lures to these fish then you may need to look for an Ugly Stik with a more delicate tip to it. This helps you detect more strikes and will result in more fish brought into the boat. Bass will often hit lures hard, but on those days where the bite is slow a rod with a sensitive tip could make the difference between getting skunked and a full livewell.

Spinning, Baitcasting Or Combo

Ugly Stik isn’t known for their casting rods. However, that has changed in recent years as they’ve caught up with other brands in their price range. Now they have a few different casting rods that are great.

Casting rods do very well when throwing large lures that have some weight to them. The reels used on these rods have great torque and strength. Allowing you to quickly pull in bass from weeds or other hazards that might snap the line.

However, they do not do well with lighter equipment or with newer anglers. They can be difficult to learn how to use. So an angler who is new to casting could spend the day picking out tangles in the reel instead of actually fishing. So, if you’re new to fishing then use a spinning reel. It’s much easier and has a smaller learning curve.

If the bite is slow then sometimes it’s best to downsize your lures. That’s where a spinning reel comes into play. These small hooks and light lures work great on this setup. A baitcasting reel wouldn’t be able to throw them half the distance spinning reel could. 

Combo rods and reels are great for someone who is not quite sure how to pair a rod and reel together. These come with the reel already attached to the rod and oftentimes they even have lines already attached to them. Making them ready to take to the water immediately after purchase.

The convenience of a combo rod is unmatched and with Ugly’s you know you’re going to get something dependable and well made. 


One of the great things about Ugly Stik rods is they come at a great price point. In these times where some rods can be hundreds or thousands of dollars, Ugly’s still can be found for under one hundred or even fifty bucks. Making them great for someone who wants to have multiple setups without having to break the bank in order to do so.

These are also great for beginners. If you don’t want to spend too much money on a rod because you’ll only be going out a few times a year then an Ugly Stik is going to be the one for you.


There are many different types of material used when making rods. Below, we’re going to cover the three most popular. Check them out and see which one is going to be right for you and your style of fishing.


Fiberglass is very flexible but much heavier than graphite. However, it is also much less sensitive and weaker. That being said these are normally best for beginner anglers. This is because it is much more durable and cheaper than graphite rods. The slow action on these also allows the fish extra time to take the lure or bait. 


These are more expensive but they have incredible sensitivity making them perfect for detecting strikes of all sorts and the stiffness of the rod will help you have a stronger hookset. These are stiffer giving them a fast action, so you’ll need to ensure you give the fish extra time to take the lure.


These rods are oftentimes a combo of graphite, fiberglass, or other materials. These normally are a great middle-ground and can be both durable and flexible. Anglers who want a really custom feel should use a composite rod.


Now that we know a little bit more about what to look for in a rod let’s go over some of the different products out there. Check out the Ugly Stik’s below to see which one is going to work for you.

1. Ugly Stik Carbon Fiber Spinning Rod

This is the lightest Ugly Stik that they have ever created. Making this ideal for the angler who wants to spend all day out on the water. You no longer have to worry about wearing your arm out or casting fatigue with this rod.

The solid graphite rod tip gives you increased sensitivity without sacrificing any of the legendary toughness that Ugly’s are known for. This will help you detect lighter bites and will help you put more fish in the net.

This rod is all graphite, and because of this, you will find this is a little more expensive than some of the other Ugly Stik models. However, it still comes at a great price point and is actually priced very well based on how well these rods are made.

This is a one-piece rod. So if you plan on traveling with this then you need to get a long case in order to make sure the guides do not bend or break. Just because it’s an ugly stik doesn’t mean it’s completely indestrurable. 

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2. Ugly Stik Bigwater

This clear tip rod with cork handles comes at the great price point that Ugly’s are known for. Just over fifty bucks, this rod delivers durability and performance at a great price. It’s hard to go wrong with a rod like this and can be great for a novice or an expert.

These rods are a combination of graphite and fiberglass. This gives you a great mix of strength and sensitivity to help you detect when bass may be going after your lure or bait. 

Despite the strength and toughness of this rod, you’ll find that the weight is surprisingly light. Not as much as the Carbon spinning rod above, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised when your arm is not worn out at the end of the day.

This rod is capable of handling just about anything you throw at it, but it’s best used in big water ad going after big fish. The extra strength is perfect for throwing large lures and hauling in even bigger fish.

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3. Ugly Stik Tiger Casting Rod

This is the first casting rod on this list. Remember when using these types of rods that you’re going to be throwing medium, medium-heavy or larger lures, such as crankbaits. Anything too light and the reel will not work. That shouldn’t deter you from using it though because these can be very beneficial and can help you catch more fish. This rod will also increase your casting distance. 

This rod is also a combo of graphite and fiberglass. Giving it the perfect combination of strength and sensitivity. Making this rod similar to the spinning rod we just spoke about. The strength of this rod is perfect for throwing big lures to bass, or even large catfish.

This rod is great for throwing heavy jigs or soft plastics in thick cover. Hook up some braided line to your reel and you will have the ability to pull those big bass out before they can get too hung up in the weeds or around a stump.

Before purchasing a casting rod make sure you know that you have the ability to use it, or are prepared to practice with it before hitting the water. It can be learned in a day or two, but the first hour is going to be spent picking out tangles.

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4. Ugly Stik GX2



This is the most popular spinning rod that Ugly Stik makes. The reason for this is because it comes at a great price and of course, is tough as nails. Good luck breaking this rod. On top of that, you’ll be surprised at how sensitive it is.

This is a great rod for someone looking to get started in bass fishing and want a durable rod. This is the rod that you can keep in your jon boat year-round and no matter what happens it will keep on going.

It’s an incredibly balanced rod that feels perfect in your hands. The graphite and fiberglass combo is the same as the previous rods. Giving you superior toughness while giving it a touch of delicate finesse too.

It can be used with braid, monofilament, and fluorocarbon line. The stainless steel guides will ensure your line does not fray or break. This will result in more landed and fewer lures lost in the top of the bass’s mouth.

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5. Bigwater Casting Rod

This is just the casting rid version of the Bigwater spinning rod above. If you’re looking to go after large fish whether it be freshwater or saltwater then this is going to be your friend.

You can jig large live bait or cut bait beneath your boat with this bass fishing rod, or you could throw large lures to entice even larger fish. Just like the spinning rod version, this is made of a combination of graphite and fiberglass. Giving you a great mix of strength and flexibility. 

The price point for the heaviness of this rod is also very impressive. You won’t be breaking the bak despite the strength and size of this rod. This is a perfect rod for a beginner who wants to get out and chase large fish.

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Ugly Stik’s may not be some of the best rods out there, but they won’t be outworked. These rods will last a long time and you’ll most likely be replacing reels and other gear before you have to change out your Ugly rod.

If you don’t want an Ugly Stick, then check out Shakespeare Ugly Stik’s, Abu Garcia, St. Croix, or even Penn. Each of these is going to produce great rods as well and have a great warranty. All of these high-quality rods and reel combos can be found on Amazon as well. 

However, you’ll find that Ugly’s have a great combination of strength, flexibility, and delicate precision that can compete with any other rod out there. So, if that all sounds good to you then check out some of the products above and take them out on the water. See which one is going to work the best for you!