Dallas Hudgens

Daiwa BG VS. Penn Spinfisher

Two great brands in the world of fishing are Daiwa and Penn. Both of these companies have been producing great products for decades. It doesn’t matter if it’s r...
Best Worms for Bass

Best Worms For Bass Fishing

One of the most popular lures of all time for largemouth bass and smallmouths has to be the plastic worm. This is because they are incredibly effective, easy to...

Dallas Hudgens

Dallas Hudgens came from the world of spirit distillation. During this time he helped produce vodka, gin, rum, and whisky for three different distilleries along the east coast. When not malting barley or fermenting sugar cane syrup he was on the water, or in the woods. He is a passionate outdoors man and enjoys sharing his stories as well as teaching readers. After having his first feature story published he decided to go all in and make the leap into the world of outdoor writing.