Josh Boyd

Cannon VS Liberty Gun Safe

There has perhaps never been a better time to be in the market for a quality gun safe. Several top-tier manufacturers are currently competing for their own shar...
gun safe on carpet

How To Move A Gun Safe On Carpet

For most gun firearm enthusiasts, the purchase of a quality gun safe is money well spent. A new safe, no matter the size, affords a far greater level of securit...

Josh Boyd

Josh Boyd is an avid outdoorsman, from Bowling Green, Kentucky, who spends every available moment in the woods and on the water, enjoying the pure beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. Josh shares his appreciation for the outdoors by contributing to a number of hunting and fishing publications, in a bid to assist others in finding similar enjoyment. When he is not behind the keyboard, Josh can typically be found bowhunting for whitetails or attempting to boat a limit of crappie.