Best Archery Arm Guard To Keep You Protected and Shooting In 2021

All archers know that in order to get into the sport you need to have the proper bow, arrows, points, and a practice target. However, there is one piece of equipment that often gets overlooked is the arm guard.

In order to become proficient in this hobby lots of practice is required. With lots of practice, chances are the bowstring is eventually going to slap your arm.

Best Archery Arm Guard

  1. SAS 8” Armguard Archery Bow Range
  2. Allen Company Mesh Archery Arm Guard
  3. ArcheryMax Handmade Leather Arm Guard
  4. KRATARC Archery Arm Guard
  5. Southland Archery Supply Archery Armguard

Most likely leaving a mark and potential bruising if it happens repeatedly.

This is where the arm guard comes into play. It will protect the forearm from string burn and will allow shooting practice to continue as long as is needed.

Before we dive deeper into these products, it is important to understand exactly what an arm guard is and how it can benefit an archer.

What is an Archery Arm Guard?

An arm guard can be made of either leather or synthetic materials. They are attached to the arm of the archer (like an armband) with the use of velcro or elastic.

The main purpose of the guard is to be a protect the archer’s forearm and wrist from the string hitting the arm which can cause burns or bruising.

A string slap can be caused by either improper form or the archer’s anatomy. Some archers physical make-up  might not allow them to hold the bow correctly, which can lead to painful string slaps.

However, this does not mean that the person cannot be a proficient archer.

What’s the Purpose? 

One or two slaps might not be so bad, but a full hour of practicing with the string continuously hitting the  arm could lead to serious bruising, and pain.

Because it protects the archer’s arm it allows beginning and more experienced archer’s alike who cannot help but be prone to the string abuse to practice while not being exposed to constant pain for the effort.

Do you need an Archery Arm Guard? 

The answer is, yes and no. If your an accomplished archer that is able to hold the bow correctly, then you do not really need one.

But any archer could always benefit from the use of an arm guard as a piece of protective gear to limit the damage from the string and keep you shooting. New archers and others who have an issue with the hold of the bow should wear anytime they are shooting.

Types of Materials

When bows and arrows were first being used, the original arm guards were made mostly of animal hides and even stone. Luckily, today there is a wide array of materials effectively in use. The most popular materials are:

  • Leather (suede)
  • Cowhide
  • Composite materials

The composite material guard is going to be the most prevalent. These are found all over the internet and in retail stores that carry archery equipment. Although, all three offer great protection the the arm. It will come down to preference, to what feels most comfortable, and is the right price.

How to make an Archery Arm Guard

Arm guards can range in price from $5 to $40. If you prefer to not spend money on something like this, an arm guard can be made at home.

This can be accomplished by cutting a plastic water in half, then punching four holes, one at each corner. Then you thread the elastic straps through each hole and tie it off. Slide the guard onto the arm.

What to look for when Purchasing an Arm Guard

There are several different factors to look for when selecting an arm guard. Below, are key components to help judge which guard is best suited.


Is this something to wear at  practice as well when you are bowhunting in the woods? If hunting with the arm guard used for practice determine if it makes noise when rubbed against clothing or skin, if it does, then a new arm guard will be needed.

To be in a tree stand with a deer 30 yards away and when the compound bow is lifted to aim the arm guard scratches against clothing it will most certainly spook the deer.

Try on the guard with the intended hunting clothing to be used. This could make all the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful hunt.


An arm guard is something that could be worn for only 30 minutes or if hunting, a full day. Therefore, it needs to feel comfortable on your arm.

Ensure it is not too tight and that it is not scratching against skin or clothing. While it should be obvious it is there, it should be comfortable..


The quality of the materials used in making the guard can determine how comfortable it is, its durability, as well as how useful it is. There are several different types of arm guards on the market and the majority of them work great.

Be wary of too deeply discounted models that price wise are in the single digits, but construction might lack durable materials resulting in a guard that could break easily. In the end you will be better off going with a traditional armguard from a reputable brand.


Most arm guards come in a one size fits most style. With arms that are either too small or too large for a regular arm guard a custom made guard might be required.

Seek out a store that allows you to take the guard out of the package in order to try it on before purchasing. This is the only way to judge comfort and proper fit.

The guard should be adjustable to allow for a snug fit, but not tight. It needs to stay put on the arm while practicing or hunting..


The appearance matters if the guard will be used for hunting. A dark color, preferably a camo pattern (like mossy oak), will work perfectly for hunting. Anything flashy or bright might be fun for a target archer.


Ensure the guard covers the area of the string slaps to prevent string burns and painful bruising.


Out in the woods every day of hunting season, or practicing multiple times a week, an arm guard that is is tough enough to withstand the use is necessary.

Luckily, most currently available arm guards are made to withstand hours of practice or hunting. Buy a quality, well-fitting guard to get a product with good overall durability.

Best Archery Arm Guard Reviews

Finally, the list to assist in determining the best archery arm guard for practice or for the upcoming hunting season. Check out these five products below.

SAS 8” Armguard Archery Bow Range

Southland Archery Supply 8

This is the classic archery arm guard with three straps. Coming in at just over $10, this item will not break the bank, but will work exactly how it was intended. It comes equipped with vents which can help keep your arm cool on those hot days, and will prevent arm sweating.

It is 8” x 3” and thanks to the adjustable straps will fit any sized forearm. The guard also has a nice slick surface which allows the string to easily slide down without getting caught or pulling on the guard.

Buy the SAS 8” Armguard Archery Bow Range here.

Allen Company Mesh Archery Arm Guard

Allen Mesh Archery Armguard, Medium

This is a smaller arm guard that is made specifically for youth or smaller archers. This is a soft and comfortable guard that the archer can wear for hours at a time without feeling uncomfortable.

The mesh material also allows for good airflow, which will keep the archer’s arm more comfortable  in hot weather. This would be the best youth armguard.

Buy the Allen Company Mesh Archery Arm Guard here.

Archery Max Leather Arm Guard

ArcheryMax Handmade Antique Leather Arm Guard Bow Hand shooting Glove,Left Hand

This the product for those archers that enjoy using classic equipment such as recurve bows and wooden arrows.

This guard looks like something that might have been used in the middle ages. While not as effective or as comfortable or as effective as the synthetic materials, this price does work.

Take note, it can become loose after extended practice of hunting periods. While this product does work, it seems to be mostly for aesthetics.

Buy the Archery Leather Arm Guard here.

KRATARC Archery Arm Guard

KRATARC Archery Arm Guard Adjustable Protective 3-Strap Accessory Lightweight Hunting Target Shooting Adult Unisex (Black)

This product is similar to the SAS Arm Guard. It is an adjustable synthetic material guard that will fit most archer’s arms.It has a 9 inch length that should be long enough to cover even the longest of forearms.

It also features 3-strap buckles that allow it to fit most archers.

The vents on the outside allow for proper air flow while shooting with the intent to keep the are comfortable.
Buy the KRATARC Archery Arm Guard here.

Southland Archery Supply Archery Armguard

Southland Archery Supply SAS-12045 11.5

This is a very long arm guard at 11.5 inches in length. This is perfect for the shooter who has a long wingspan and needs that extra protection.

It is a one size fits all guard and features four different buckles in the back that can be adjusted to fit the archer’s arm.

This full-length arm guard offers superior protection as well as comfort, allowing the archer to wear this product for hours at a time.
Buy the Southland Archery Supply Archery Armguard here. 


Because the arm guard protects the arm from bowstring slaps, it allows more practice and hunting time which makes for a more accomplished archer.

It may not be a necessity, but an arm guard is a reasonably priced and easy -to-use archery accessory that most archers will find most valuable.