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Best Broadhead Target To Get You Ready In 2021

The crazy thing about bowhunters is that they intentionally handicap themselves when they walk out into the woods.

Instead of using a rifle with a scope, that could harvest an animal from over 150 yards away; they decide on using a piece of string that shoots a projectile with a razor blade attached to it.

With an effective range that usually tops out at forty yards.

  1. Rinehart Targets 18-1 Broadhead Target
  2. Yellow Jacket
  3. Field Logic Block – 4-Sided Archery Target
  4. Glendel Buck 3D Archery Target
  5. Big Shot Archery Titan 16 Multi Purpose Target

So why would they do this?

It’s because these people love bow hunting. To put it bluntly, they’re obsessed, and handicapping themselves only makes it more challenging as well as rewarding.

When the off-season comes they don’t just hang up their bows and wait around until September or October to once again walk out to the tree stand. Instead they spend the off-season practicing their shooting, and fine tuning their skills.

They’ll work with field points to fine tune their shooting and then use their bow hunting broadheads to make sure when the opportunity comes that their arrow will fly straight.

If you want to do this though, you’ll need something that can handle a compound bow as well as crossbow. Which is why you need a compound/crossbow target that is made specifically for broadhead arrows.

A piece of paper and hay bail won’t cut it. You’ll need something that can stand up to the sheer power and penetration that a broadhead provides.

But first, let’s go over in more depth exactly what a broadhead target is, and how you can utilize it to your benefit.

What is a Broadhead Target?

What Is A Broadhead Target

A broadhead target is exactly what it sounds like. A target that is made specifically to handle broadhead arrows.

They are made of stronger material that can withstand the cutting power of your arrow and will allow you to shoot dozens upon dozens of shots without having to replace your target in only one afternoon of shooting.

It also allows you to easily pull the arrows out. Many cheaper targets will hold on to your shots and removing them requires a lot of force which could damage your arrow heads as well as the shaft of the arrow.

Ideally you would want them to slide out so easily that you only need two fingers to do so. If you want your target to look like a used dart board, then keep using bag targets for your broadheads.

There are also several different sizes, as well as shapes that you shoot at. Some are your classic cube targets that have 6 sides for you to shoot at.

While some are made to look like the animal you’re bow hunting with the deer vitals portrayed on them so you know exactly where your arrow must land.

Picking out the style of your target is all personal preference, however you definitely need to be using a target made for broadheads.

Benefits of Broadhead Targets

Benefits Of Broadhead Target

Field tips and broadheads will both fly differently. When sighting in your bow it may be best to use field tips as you’ll be shooting them more and you don’t want to dull your blades.

You won’t be using those for hunting though. Instead you’ll be shooting your broadheads. Once you have your arrows dialed in then it’s time to break out what you’ll be using out in the woods.

If your field tips are dead on at thirty yards, then that means your broadheads could be off by an inch or so. Which can make all the difference when hunting big game.

So you ‘ll need to take some extra time and work on getting your broadheads dialed in to make sure those are hitting exactly where you want them.

Which means if you’re not using a proper target then you could either damage the point, shaft, or even the target itself.

Which is why it’s so important to use something that is made to handle the power of a broadhead. It may be more expensive now, but in the long run it’s going to save you money from buying extra arrows, broadheads, as well as targets.

Considerations Before Buying a Broadhead Target

Below we’re going to go over exactly what you should be looking for when you head out to purchase your broadhead target


Most archery bag targets that you’ll find for cheap at the store are going to be made of synthetic materials. These are great for shooting your field points into, but shooting your broadheads through them will cause the bar to tear and will diminish the amount of shots that you can put through your target.

If it’s also a relatively thin bag then your arrow could fly through which could cause damage to the fletching of the arrow.

Instead look for something that is made out of foam for your broadheads. This material is more likely to stop your arrow and will have greater durability. This means you won’t have to go out and buy a new target every month.

While archery bag targets may be cheaper, you’ll wind up saving much more money in the long run by purchasing something that will last you a longer period and will allow you to safely remove the arrows without dulling the blades or messing up the fletching of the arrows.


Broadhead Archery Target

This is directly linked to what your archery target is made out of. If you only want to shoot field tips then you could easily pick out a paper plate and stick it to a hay bail for target shooting. A bag would give better durability though.

However, since you’re shooting broadheads then you don’t want either of these. A broadhead is made for taking down big game and it will absolutely destroy an archery bag target and may fly straight through a bail of hay.

Make sure you’re picking something that will stand up to whatever type of arrowhead you’re using. If it’s not up to par you may be replacing your gear much sooner than normal and will make an already pricey hobby even more expensive.


There are several different sizes as well as designs for broadhead targets. Pick one that not only fits how you plan on practicing, but also one that fits your budget.

Many larger targets are expensive, and while may be great pieces of equipment they’re not always necessary.

A smaller cube shaped target will be perfect for sighting in your bow and getting comfortable with shooting. Because they’re smaller they have a tinier shooting space which could result in them wearing out quicker.

However, if you just want something to fine tune your bow and to keep the rust off during the off-season then this is just fine.

But, if you’re looking for a large target in the shape of a deer with the vitals outlined then be prepared to drop a little extra money for the size and durability of something like this.

It’s great to be able to get used to shooting at something that is the exact shape of what you’re targeting. It can only lead to you being more comfortable in the woods and increase your chances of harvesting a deer or any other big game animal.


When looking at what type of design you want to use you should take into account where and when you’ll be shooting. If you plan on shooting at your house and it’s water proof then a larger and heavier target will work great.

Leave it where you plan on shooting, mark off your yardage and have at it.

However if you plan on transporting in and out of the house or to and from your truck then you should for a lightweight and easy to carry design.

Something that may have a handle to it, and doesn’t weigh too much. These will typically be in the block design pattern.

After that there are several different types of shapes that targets come in that you can use. It really depends on what you prefer as the shooter. One of the most popular is using a target that is the same size as the animal you’re hunting.

It makes it easier to find the vitals when you’re in the stand if you’ve been practicing on a target that’s roughly the same size as the game you’re after.

Easy Removal

Many of the animal style targets are not made to be easily transported. They are designed to either be stationary, or casually carried from your house/shed out to where you plan on shooting.

These are not recommended for someone who needs to consistently travel somewhere to shoot as they can be big, clunky, and parts may break off.

Plan on getting a block target that is lightweight and has a handle if you intend on travelling with your target. Many hunters who camp prefer these, as they easily fit into the back of your car or truck and allow you to simply toss them out and get to shooting.

Types of Broadhead Archery Targets

Bag Targets

Below we’re going to go to the three different types of archery targets. They are

  • Bag Targets
  • Foam Block Targets
  • 3D Practice Targets

Each of these have their own pros and cons. Below we’re going to go over those in more detail.

Bag Targets

These are perfect for someone who wants a practice session using their field tip arrows. They are lightweight and will be strong enough to withstand consistent field tip shooting.

However, broadheads will tear these targets up very quickly. Great for field points, but generally these are not good targets.

If you plan on spending the majority of your time practicing with broadheads then you should purchase something made from foam or a more durable material.

The bag targets will simply not hold up and you’ll be running through them very quickly.

Foam Block Target

One of the more popular targets, the foam block archery target has great portability, easy on the wallet, and can withstand the power of most bows on the market.

Most block targets are also weather resistant. Which makes them perfect for keeping outside.

It works by using layered foam that causes friction that stops the arrow. This arrow stopping power prevents arrows from breaking.

This target is ideal for the hunter who enjoys target practice away from them and they need transport it by using a truck or another type of vehicle.

It’s quick and easy to set up and can allow you to fine tune your bow just minutes before you walk out into the woods. Giving you confidence in your shooting as well as your gear

3D Practice Target

One of the best ways to get ready for hunting season is by using a 3D target. The foam targets are available in just about any species you could imagine.

Using a 3D target is a great way for the advanced hunter as well as the novice to get ready for the season. Many 3D targets even have multiple bullseye. Which means you have more surface area to shoot at and your target won’t get destroyed as quickly.

Normally these 3D archery targets come with the vitals already on the target. This makes it easier for you to aim when in the field. T

his also gives you a better idea of where your arrow is going to hit when in a particular stance or from a certain height.

The biggest disadvantage is that the vitals on the foam target can wear out quickly. Because you’re shooting at the same spot over and over again, you could find yourself having to replace these sections often.

Many people see these as the best target for hunting, but really it all depends on personal preference.

Top Broadhead Targets Reviewed

Now that we’ve gone over exactly what a broadhead target is, lets show you a few different types so that you can pick one out yourself.

Rinehart Targets 18-1 Broadhead Target

Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target

This unique target features 18 sides. Ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck for shooting area. It also features self healing foam that ensures this product will last as long as possible.

The company also guarantees that this will be good for one year. Which is great for the avid shooter who puts hundreds of arrows into a target each and every year.

Thanks to its smaller design, it’s able to be brought just about anywhere you would like to shoot. The handle on top allows for ease carrying and the lightweight design means most are able to carry this product out into the field to work on their shooting.

This target is able to take on broadheads, field tips, and even expendable. This gives the shooter the ability to shoot whatever they want and know that their target is going to be able to stand up to the abuse that it’s going to be put through.

Along with being lightweight, easy to tote, and durable, this target also will not dull your broadheads after being shot into them. No longer do you need to re sharpen or purchase new ones after a day practicing.

Buy Rinehart Targets 18-1 Broadhead Target Here

Yellow Jacket

Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-425 Field Point Bag Archery Target - for Crossbows and Compound Bows. Packaging may vary

This target is designed for the high speed of compound bows as well as crossbows. This product can take arrow after arrow and keep on going without missing a beat. Thanks to its design it will not tear or break after shooting broadheads or expandables into the shooting area.

You can have confidence in your target knowing that you can practice all you want and not have to worry about significantly damaging your product. This is also a USA made product that is made to take thousands of shots. So have no worry when shooting your crossbow bolts attached with broadheads into this target.

It also comes attached with a handle that makes for easy transport from either your car, truck, or hunting camp. Now you can keep one arm free while setting your target out.

The archery target is also made with easy arrow removal. This ensures you do not damage your target when retrieving your shots, and also ensures that your broadheads will be protected after shooting.

The product itself is not super cheap (over $80) but you will be getting something that is going to stand up to thousands of shots and depending on how often you shoot, could last you several seasons.

Buy Morrell Yellow Jacket Here

Field Logic Block – 4-Sided Archery Target>

Field Logic Block Black CB16 Crossbow Archery Target

This target is also made to be used by high speed compound bows and crossbows. The way it’s designed allows for the shooter to shoot it from close range or from long distance and the target will remain intact. This ensures that you have confidence in your target and that you won’t be completely destroying your target if you are shooting at close range.

It also features a high contrast design. Which means there is increased visibility. Along with offset aiming points which will lead to a longer life for your target. The target is capable of stopping both field points and broadheads. So feel free to switch it up while shooting and know that this target is going to be able to take whatever you throw at it.

The block black target also features the patented open layer polyfusion technology which will stop arrows with friction, not force. Meaning there is a much easier arrow removal and ensures the target as well as your arrows stay intact while shooting. Instead of the arrow being jammed into the target, it instead finds a layer within and sits there before it is easily and safely pulled out by the shooter.

Buy Field Logic Block – 4-Sided Archery Target Here

Glendel Buck 3D Archery Target

Perfect for the bowhunter that wants to get used to shooting at a silhouette of a deer. This gets the archer more comfortable with shooting at its intended target, instead of getting used to shooting at a rectangle down range.

The deer vitals, or the bullseye, are outlined on the replaceable insert core of the animal and when ready they can be replaced after heavy shooting. Ensuring that you can keep your target for years to come and not have to worry about purchasing the whole deer again.

The target also comes with a stand that you can place into the ground. No longer do you have to worry about placing your target on uneven ground or propped up against a rock or a’ll be able to shoot wherever the ground is soft enough to place a stake into.

This is also one of the cheaper 3D targets out there on the market so it’s perfect for the hunter on a budget who wants to get ready for the season.

Big Shot Archery Titan 16 Multi Purpose Target

This target is designed to take both crossbows and compound bows that can shoot up to 500 fps. It also features five different faces that will allow you to improve on multiple aspects of not only archery, but also bow hunting.

It comes equipped with elasto flex seal healing foam which extends the life of your target and is known to be able to take on thousands of shots. Perfect for the hard shooter who is constantly wanting to get better.

It’s also very lightweight, compact, and features a handle. This makes it perfect for transporting it to wherever you would like to shoot. Whether it be the backyard, the park, or the woods, this target is transportable enough to go wherever you need it to.

The Titan is also unique because it features a tapered design. Making it perfect for easy storage as well as positioning the target to face perpendicular to the shooting plane. Which means you are going to have better target acquisition.

Because of the easy arrow removal process, thanks to the polyfusion technology, you’ll be able to shoot thousands of arrows into this target and not have to worry about damaging your shafts or dulling your blades.

Buy Big Shot Archery Titan 16 Multi Purpose Target Here


Hopefully after reading this you now have a better understanding of exactly what a broadhead archery target is used for. Feel free to use any of the information above while looking for your own target to use, or even check out some of the products mentioned above. Using any of these products will help with your archery and soon you’ll be hitting the bullseye time and time again.

If none of those suit your needs then feel free to use this as a springboard to finding out what you require for your archery shooting needs.