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The Best Climbing Tree Stand To Get You The Perfect Shot in 2021

There are several different types of stands out there including ladder stands and hang-on treestands, but If you’re in the market for a new climber tree stand then look no further. Below, we’re going to go over exactly what kind of climbing tree stand you need this deer hunting season.

Best Climbing Tree Stands

What is a Climbing Tree Stand?

What Is A Climbing Tree Stand

A climbing tree stand is different than a ladder tree stand, or hang-on stand. It offers hunters the ability to put a stand wherever they want without having to use climbing sticks or a ladder. If you see that deer or other big game are moving just out of range, then the next day you can easily take it down from the tree and move it closer to where the action is.

It gives the hunter mobility and safety in the tree, and is a great tool for any hunter to have in their repertoire.

Why use a Climbing TreeStand for Bowhunting?

A climbing tree stand is ideal piece of bow hunting gear because they come in many different styles that allow the hunter to carry them on their back to their remote hunting spots. It also features plenty of open areas where your bow wont get hung up on a shooting rail.

Because of its portability, they are a hunter can easily move from spot to spot to get closer to the deer. When used correctly, they are also extremely safe options.

What’s the best Height for a tree stand?

What’s The Best Height For A Tree Stand

The majority of hunters are going to hang a tree stand 15-20 feet up in the air. However, this is not a rule. What you should really be looking for is concealment. If you can get good concealment 13-15 up a good tree then you should be in good shape. Just be sure you have a good line of sight when in the stand.

If the tree is bare though, then you might need to hang it higher in order to ensure you are out of the siteline of whatever you are hunting.

Many stands also include a bow holder or even a gun rest. These are great as it makes it easier to organize your gear and get off a better shot when you need it.

Most importantly, you should be hanging it at a height that you’re comfortable with. If 20 feet into the air seems too high then you should be able to get away with something lower. Just make sure that you’re are hidden.

What to Look for when Purchasing a Climbing Tree Stand?

Feel free to go to your local outfitter and talk to associates to get answers to your questions, but if you plan on ordering online or from amazon then check out below.

There are a number of different factors to look at when selecting your tree stand. Below, we’re going to over all of those factors to make sure you have the information you need to get out this season safely and effectively.


If you’re one of those hunters who wants to sit from dawn till dusk then selecting a stand with a comfortable seat should be a very high priority. There is nothing worse than sitting in the woods for hours at a time with a metal bar poking you.

Look for something with a proper amount of foam to ensure your seat is soft and comfortable. Same with having a nice back that is also padded and sturdy enough to give you the support you need to sit for hours in the woods.


What To Look For When Purchasing A Climbing Tree Stand

This not only applies to the seat but how well the stand is made, as well as show it fits on your back as you carry it. Most stands will weight between 20-30 pounds so while it may not be the most comfortable lugging around that extra weight,but what’s important is that the straps and stand are comfortable on your body while hiking through the woods.

Make sure the shoulder straps are padded, as non padded straps can cut in and become uncomfortable on those long hikes. Look for a footrest as well. These are great spots that you can rest your feet when the become uncomfortable.

Hopefully there is a floor model you can try out to sit in, because some don’t sit properly and you could be sitting at an incline or decline which could lead to discomfort and fidgeting. Which is important when stealth is key.


When buying a stand look for high-quality materials you’ll be looking for materials that are strong, lightweight, waterproof as well as UV ray resistant. All of these factors come into play when picking out your stand because they’re going to be exposed to the elements and they’ll need to hold up to it.

Weight Capacity

This is a very important factor that all hunters need to pay attention to as it could lead to injury or worse if ignored. Take time to checkout the weight capacity of the stand. It should be located somewhere on the box of the product. Most carry a weight limit of 300 pounds, but some can go larger or smaller if you need a lightweight, or a stronger stand.

Color and Design

Depending on what type of environment and animals your hunting will depend on what color or design you need. A good dark pattern will work well for deer, but if you want to hunt turkey from a tree stand then you’ll need to be very specific about the color choice to ensure it matches up with the surroundings.

Companies know not to make anything too flashy though, so most tree stand will work just fine in any situation you put them.

Tree Type and size

Tree Type And Size

All climbing tree stands will have a limit on the size of the tree it can attach to. You’ll have to check the box to see what that size is but most can fit around most trees that are 16-24 inches in diameter.

Don’t worry about the tree type, just as long as it is in the 16-24 inch range and the tree is straight without any curves in it.

Quiet Design

You want a stand that has a sound deadening design. Once you’ve hung you’re stand you need to count on the fact that it’s going to be as quiet as you are. No squeaky seats, and no metal clanging together when standing to take a shot. Unfortunately this is not something you can just look at on the box. You’ll have to actually try it out beforehand.

So if it turns out that they have a floor model at a store don’t be afraid to take some time giving it a thorough run through. Stand up on the platform, adjust yourself in your seat. Make sure that thing is quiet because you don’t want to lose an animal because of squeaky stand.

Climbing Tree Stand Safety Tips

Climbing Tree Stand Safety Tips

The most important aspect of using your climber is ensuring that you are being as safe as possible. One misstep could prove to be a serious injury or worse.

Many stands come with a closed front. This allows the hunter to be safer as well as porivind g a gun rest.

You’ll need to check all of the connecter points on the tree to make sure there are no weak spots. The first time you get your stand you should set it just a few feet up on a tree at home and try it out.

Carefully inspect all areas that are holding you and stand up by making sure nothing is loose or beginning to tear away.

Make sure the back of the stand that connects around the  back of tree has a secure connection and that it does not slip on the tree.

When you’ve determined that the stand is safe you should attach a thin rope to the stand that is long enough to reach the ground. You should use this rope to attach all of your gear too, because you don’t want to be climbing a tree with your stand as well as your bow, arrows, and any other gear. Attach the rope to your sand then attach the other end to your gear and then pull it up then you’ve safely attached it the tree.

Finally, you should also be always wearing a fall arrest system. This will help prevent serious injury during a fall and should be worn at all times. Even when climbing the tree, which can be cumbersome, but it will be worth it if the worst happens.

What is the Best Tree Stand for Big Guys?

Big men should fear not. There are companies out there that make stands for the plus sized man as well.

Once again, when you’re in the store you should be absolutely trying out the floor model. It’s important to ensure that your dimensions fit the dimensions of the stand.

When looking for a stand you’ll be hard pressed to find a climber that exceeds a 350 pound capacity. So if you’re over this, then you should be looking more in ground blind, or box blind hunting.

Some of the brands below make a great big man stand.

Summit 180 Max SD

Summit 180 MAX SD Treestand

Made of sturdy and strong materials this 350 pound weight capacity climber comes in at only 23 pounds. Which may be slightly heavier than normal is pretty astounding that something with a 350 pound capacity can only weight 23 pounds.

Lone Wolf Sit and Climb Combo

Lone Wolf Sit & Climb Combo II Climbing Tree Stand

One of, if not the lightest big man tree stand. This one comes in at 20 pounds and when packed down is only 4 inches thick.

Also, due to the material that the backpack straps are made of its very quiet when assembling, and hiking. Giving the hunter an edge.

Summit Goliath HD

Summit Treestands SU81119 Goliath SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak

The original big man tree stand is very roomy. The goliath is able to hold 350 pounds while only being 21 pounds. Be aware that for the big footed hunter, that this foot platform is shorter than the Lone Wolf. Be weary when standing to shoot or adjusting yourself.

Best Lightweight Climbing Tree Stand

If you plan on hiking long distances in order to hang your stand, or maybe your back just ain’t what it used to be, then check out some of these lightweight climbing tree stands below.

X Stand Mini X-1

X-Stand Mini X-1 Climber Grey

Coming in at an incredibly light weight of 15 pounds this stand has a 300 pound weight capacity by being constructed from the lightest aluminum on the market.

Extremely conventional to halt long distances, but there is no back to it. So make sure you’re comfortable resting against the back of oak for a couple hours before purchasing.

Summit Tree Stand Open Shot SD

Summit Treestands OpenShot SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak

Similar to the X stand, the Summit tree is also 15 pounds but has a 300 pound weight limit. Once set up on the tree it is very spacious to hunt out of as there is no shooting bar to hinder movement.

There is no back pad, but the seat can be flipped up against the tree and used as a pad for when you feel like standing.

X Stand Sit and Climb

X-Stand Treestands X-1 Sit-N-Climb Climbing Stand

The lightest stand on this list. The X stand is a remarkable 12 pounds. It also can hold a remarkable 300 pounds. This is because of the airplane grade aluminum construction.

Most Comfortable Tree Stand

If you’re one of those people who enjoys sitting in the woods for a full day, then getting the most comfortable tree stand is important to you. Below we go have a couple of suggestions that would work best for your time spent in the woods.

Summit Viper

Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak

One of the most comfortable stands on the market, the Vibe is built with reduced metal to metal contact noise, which makes sneaking in and out easier and quieter than ever before.

Its equipped with a foam padded seat as well, as a back that leans against the tre making you more comfortable than ever.

Primal Tree Stand Vulcan

Primal Vantage Steel Climbing Treestand

On the heavier side, this stand is 30 pounds and has the capability to hold 300 pounds. It also comes with padded armrests as well as a padded shooting bar.

The platform size is large and that will allow you to easily move around as well as having plenty of space to rest your feet. This helps with standing shots as well. This stand will keep you high in the sky and comfortable for long periods of  time.

Guide Gear Extreme Deluxe

Guide Gear Extreme Deluxe Climber Tree Stand

This is a large and heavy stand coming in at 33 pounds. Be prepared to lug this hefty piece of equipment back into the woods, but once you get it into the tree, you’ll be laying in luxury.

It has a thick padded seat to keep your posterior comfortable, as well as padded backrest which will help support your back and prevent stiffness. As well as featuring padded arm rests.

Best Climbing Treestands for Bow Hunters

Now that we’ve gone over some more niche stands such as the best lightweight, most comfortable, and best for the big man. Let’s get into the best overall climbing tree stands for your hunting season.

Summit Treestands Viper

Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak

Yes, we know this was already in the most comfortable tree stand section, but this stand is just that good.

Not only is it one of the most comfortable stands on the market, but it’s one of the best stands out there. It has  a great light weight size at 20 pounds, and comes equipped with a fall harness system.

The padded shooting bar can be moved in order to have enough room for your bow, and the stand also features Mossy Oak Breakup infinity Camo.

X-Stand Deluxe Aluminum Climbing Stand

X-Stand Deluxe Aluminum Climbing Tree Stand

A great stand that is nice and lightweight. This 18 pound aluminum platform is strong enough to withstand hard hunting and tough weather.

It features a 300 pound weight capacity and easily fits onto your back for those long treks into the woods.

Summit treestand Goliath SD

Summit Treestands SU81119 Goliath SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak

A heavier frame coming in at 25 pounds, but this has a 350 pound weight capacity. Making it great for the larger hunter.

The padded arm rest and shooting as well as padded seat guarantee a nice comfortable day sitting in the stand and mossy oak break up ensure you’ll stay hidden.

XOP Ambush climbing hunting tree stand

XOP Ambush Climbing Tree Stand

This stand is very easy to transport and even more comfortable once you get it set up. Travel with this anywhere on your back and the slim 4 inch and 18 pound size of the stand will easily travel with you anywhere.

Summit Titan

Summit Treestands Titan SD Climbing Treestand

Continuing the tradition of Summits begin some of the most comfortable stands on the market. The Title is also holds a 350 pound weight limit and weight only 25 pounds.

It has a nice wide aluminum seat that is padded for long days of sitting in the woods.


A safety harness should always be the first thing that comes to your mind when purchasing a deer stand. If all the proper precautions are taken then you should not have any issues. But if you do, then that’s where the all important safety full body harness comes in. Don’t forget to wear it!

Hopefully the stands above will help guide on your way to choosing the best one for you. Enjoy the woods, and happy hunting!