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Best Compound Bow Quiver That Should Be On Your Bow – 2021 Review

If you plan on taking up bowhunting, then you’ll need to properly equip yourself with the right equipment. There is a list of items you’ll need to get, but one of them is a quiver.

A bow quiver allows a hunter to safely transport multiple arrows back into the woods. This allows the hunter to have more than one shot in case an animal is missing, or if the hunter has multiple tags for the day.

  1. Kwikee Kwiver Kompound – 6 Arrow Bow Quiver
  2. Tight Spot 5-Arrow Bow Quiver
  3. LimbSaver Silent Quiver for Bow Hunting
  4. Allen 6 Arrow Bow Quiver
  5. XTACER Multi-Function 4-Tubes Back Field Quiver

The newest quivers now come attached to the bow which saves space and allows the arrow to be as close as possible for the hunter to grab and use.

One of these quivers that is not listed below is the trophy ridge lite-1, Easton, Tightspot Quiver, as well as Apex Gear which makes high quality quivers that any bowhunter would be happy to use.

A quiver is a crucial tool that hunter needs to be successful in the woods, and below we’re going to go over what to look for as well as the following products.

What Is A Bow Quiver

What Is A Bow Quiver

The point of a bow quiver is to keep the arrows safely organized for the hunter. The points are protected inside the quiver so that the hunter does not accidentally pierce themselves. Many even come in camo so that you can stay as invisible as possible. Some quivers come equipped with an LED light which can be used as a backup flashlight

It’s also a great organizational tool that helps keep your equipment in a spot that you know will be protected and safe. Many people use these for compound bows, crossbows and also recurve bows.

What type of quiver you need depends on the number of arrows you plan on using, as well as if you shoot with your right or left hand.

Types of Bow Quivers

Bow Mounted Quiver

Bow Mounted Quiver

A quiver that comes with a mounting bracket and is mounted directly onto your bow is the quietest way to transport your arrows, and also the most convenient. They are strapped securely in and won’t make any noise when walking through the woods or climbing your tree stand.

Back Quiver

A back quiver comes equipped with straps that go over and around your torso so that the quiver sits on the archers back. It’s here you can place your arrows.

This is not very practical for hunting, but works fine for target practice because most of these can hold over a dozen arrows with field points attached.

Hip Quiver

This is similar to the back quiver but instead is attached to your hip. This can hold several arrows, but also it is not great for hunting. Instead it is better off for practicing or archery competitions

Why Should You Get A Bow Quiver

Why Should You Get A Bow Quiver

A bow quiver can be great for practicing because it keeps your arrows off the ground and in one spot so it’s easy to reach either at your hip, or behind your back and grab an arrow to shoot.

A bow mounted quiver is great for the field because it keeps your equipment quiet while also protecting you and your arrows.

How To Attach A Compound Bow Quiver

Most bow quivers are attached by using screws that can fit onto the frame of your bow. The majority of them will be the most sizes fit all. If you’re purchasing it from a store, it might be best to ask an employee if you can take it out of the package to make sure it can fit.

You might also be able to ask the employee to attach it for you, but it can be done easily by using an allen wrench.

How Many Arrows Can Fit Into A Quiver

This all depends on what type of quiver you’re purchasing as well as what type of arrowheads you’re using.

A back or a hip quiver could hold up to or more than 10 arrows if you’re just out practicing with field points. It is all based on how big the quiver is.

A bow mounted quiver will hold between 4-6 arrows. It doesn’t matter what type of arrows points you’re using with a bow mounted quiver. It can only hold the amount of arrows that it was designed for.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Bow Quiver

Each quiver is going to be different and each will have its own positives and negatives that will work best for the shooter. So, below we’re going to go over exactly what you should be looking for.


Bow Quiver

Most bow mounted quivers are going to be made of quality materials that can withstand hard hunting seasons and long practice sessions. They are usually made of durable plastics.

Hip mounted or back mounted quivers can be made of a wide variety of materials that can be both fragile and durable. It’s important to when purchasing these that you keep in mind what you’ll be using these for. Someone who wants to hunt hard and shoot often will need something made of a more durable plastic.

Arrow Capacity

When choosing your quiver you should be thinking about what exactly you’re going to be using it for. If you plan on taking the quiver and utilizing it for practice then it might be best to find something that holds a lot of arrows so  that you don’t have to keep retrieving them. A large hip, back, or ground quiver will work best.

For hunting you may only need a quiver that can carry a few arrows. The usual range is going to be around 4-6. Having extra arrows in case you miss a shot will help, but it would be rare for a htuner to need to shoot more than 4 arrows while out hunting.


Best Bow Quivers

If you’re using a back, or hip mounted quiver then the weight is almost a non issue. If something is too uncomfortable to carry around then find something lighter that works better for you.

However, the weight of a bow mounted quiver could mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful hunt. If you do buy a heavy quiver look for a hanging loop that you can use to give your arms a rest when not shooting.

Most bow mounted quivers are going to weigh between 7-11 ounces. You’ll find some that are more or less but in general that’s what you;re going to see on Amazon or in the store.

When selecting one based on weight you’ll have to think about how you’re going to be using it. Are you going to be in a tree stand all day? Well, then a heavy quiver won’t be too much of a factor. Are you going to be stalking Elk out west and hiking for most of the day? Then every ounce matters.

Right/Left handed

Something that can often be overlooked is someone purchasing the wrong hand for their quiver. You need to look at your bow and figure make sure you’re buying the proper quiver for it.

Same goes for back, or hip mounted quivers. Whichever side you’ll be pulling your arrows from remember that the side you need to purchase.

Best Bow Quivers Reviewed

Below we’re going to go over a few different types of quivers so you can have a better understanding of what to look for when you’re shopping for one.

Kwikee Kwiver Kompound – 6 Arrow Bow Quiver

Kwikee Kwiver Kompound 6 Arrow Bow Quiver for Archery and Hunting - Quick Detach, Lightweight, Quiet Shooting, Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity

This quiver is only 8.7 ounces and is 12 inches long. It is also extremely durable as it is made out of a shatterproof polymer and can hold up in just about any climate.

It is also made to hold not only your field points but broadheads as well. The part that holds your broadheads is rubber lined so that it doesn’t dull your arrows and it ensures they stay sharp.

There is also an ultra lock bracket system that allows for vibration dampening or any accidental knockoff. Ensuring that you stay quiet and hidden in the woods.

Buy Kwikee Kwiver Kompound – 6 Arrow Bow Quiver Here

Tight Spot 5-Arrow Bow Quiver

TightSpot 5 Arrow Bow Quiver, Black, Right Handed

This is the quiver you need for those week long hunts on the mountain. This lightweight quiver will not slow you down at all and will ensure your arrows stay exactly where they need to be.

It also has great adjust-ability so that you can ensure your bow is perfectly balanced and has the smallest amount of vibration possible.

There are three different models and they allow you to either carry 3, 5, or 7 arrows.

Buy Tight Spot 5-Arrow Bow Quiver Here

LimbSaver Silent Quiver for Bow Hunting

LimbSaver Silent Quiver for Bow Hunting, One Piece, Black

This is a five arrow quiver that has a lightweight and low profile design. Perfect for the hunter who does not want anything too bulky on the side of their bow.

It’s design allows for both fixed and expandable broadheads to fit. It also features a quick detach system if you prefer to shoot with it off while in the tree stand or blind. It just depends on the shooters personal preference.

The quiver also dampens any vibration or noise that comes during transport to shooting which you won’t be spooking any deer because of your equipment.

Buy LimbSaver Silent Quiver Here

Allen 6 Arrow Bow Quiver

Allen 6 Arrow Bow Quiver

A 6 arrow quiver that can hold both carbon or fiberglass arrows. It is also a relatively lightweight design coming in at only 7.2 ounces. It comes equipped with rubber grippers that hold the arrow firmly in place.

This is the best quiver out on the market, but it gets the job done and will help and hunters get them out to where they need to be.

Buy Allen 6 Arrow Bow Quiver Here

XTACER Multi-Function 4-Tubes Back Field Quiver

XTACER Multi-Function 4-Tubes Back Field Quiver Training Archery Arrow Quiver for Field Tips Arrows Takedown Bow (Black)

This is an over the back style of quiver. It is meant for practice or training. It is a 4 tube quiver that is made for field point arrows only.

Not only will it not fit broadheads, but if you’re able to get them to fit then it will dull the edge to them.

It comes with extra storage that you put a release, extra points, or anything else you may need for a day of shooting.

XTACER Multi-Function 4-Tubes Back Field Quiver


Armed with knowledge of what a quiver is, feel free to use the products above as a jumping off point into the world of archery, or take a look at purchasing one of the items above. Also, try looking for quivers that mount against the riser of the bow. This gives increased stability.

Scour the internet or for different quiver reviews or use the ones above to give you a head start in choosing your gear.