Best Digital Scales for Fishing To Weigh Your Catch (2021 Review)

Having a scale on the boat is almost as important as bringing hooks, line, rod, reels, and bait. Knowing the size of your catch is not only important to you, but it could also be the law.

This is especially true if you plan on retaining your catch but they have a size limit.

Best Digital Fish Scales

  1. Berkley Digital Fish Scale
  2. Rapala High Contrast Scale
  3. South Bend Digital Scale
  4. Piscifun Lip Gripper Scale
  5. Kastking Floating Scale

Most importantly though, you need to know how heavy that fish is so you can have bragging rights. On top of that, it can be the difference between holding a lake record or winning a tournament with money on the line.

So, if those reasons sound good to you then check out the article below. We’re going to be covering several different digital fishing scales.

Each is going to have its own list of pros and cons so check them out and see which one is going to be the top pick for you.

What Is A Digital Fishing Scale?

A digital fish scale is going to give you an exact weight on the fish you just caught. There won’t be a bouncing weight like some of the spring weighted scales.

It will give you an accurate look down to the ounce of how big of a fish you just caught. Whether it be an eighty-pound catfish or a ten-pound bass.

If you can find one that is non-slip, high-quality, heavy-duty, water-resistant, has a large LCD screen, and backlit with a measuring tape then you should jump all over it.

Also, a boga grip, fish grip, or an eva handle is ergonomic and will help you keep a better handle on the scale.

A model that can tell you when you have a low battery is key as well. Lanyards or adjustable wrist straps are great because they can ensure they don’t fall in the water.

Benefits Of A Digital Scale

There are many benefits to owning a digital scale. First off, it gives you bragging rights over your friends. Easily show the scale or a picture of the scale with the fish hanging from it to prove you did in fact catch that 10-pound bass.

The best fishing scales will also run on either aa or aaa batteries. Making it easy to know the battery life and to keep your digital display backlight screen lit up. A backup memory function is important too.

This lets you remember big fish you’ve caught of the weight of the fish for a tournament. It’s a great culling system as well. 

Also, a scale is handy if you’re looking to get a fish certified by the state. Depending on the state and the species they will probably need an actual weight. So, showing a picture of the digital scale will be important.

If you plan on fishing trip tournaments then you need to have a scale with you in the boat. So a backlit LCD display will be important when picking out the best digital fish scale.

This is most likely a rule for entering the tournament. The better the scale and the more accurate it is the better chance you have of winning. However, that’s only true if you’re catching fish.

Considerations Before Buying A Digital Fishing Scale

Below, we’re going to go over a few features of digital fishing scales. These are going to help give you a better understanding of what you should be looking for when you purchase your very own digital fishing scale.

An auto-off function is great too. Take into account the maximum weight as well. Most hanging scales will have the capacity you need to follow. 

Scale Weight Range

Inside of all digital fishing scales, there is something that is called a load cell. This is what is going to sense how large the fish is when it is hanging off of the scale.

So, you need to think about what kind of fish you plan on going after and choose the appropriate weight range.

The most popular weight range is typically going to be fifteen pounds. This is going to allow you to accurately and easily weigh out most of the freshwater fish that you will be catching.

Bass, catfish, trout, or panfish will all work on this. If you plan on going after bigger versions then a 25 or a 50-pound scale will be best.

Having a tare function is important too. This helps zero out the weight before you weigh the fish so you can ensure you get an accurate reading. 

Scale Attachments

The majority of cheap digital scales are just going to have a circle hanging hook that is intended for the angler to slide in between the gill plates of the fish in order to get an accurate reading.

However, if you’ve ever caught a fish before then you’ll know that they like to flop around. So this method can lead to a fish flopping off the scale and out of the boat before you get the chance to weigh it.

The best choice you have is to find a scale that has a clip on it, or a closed stainless steel hook. This will ensure the fish stay secured on the scale so you can get an accurate measurement. 

Scale Durability

If you buy a cheap scale then you’ll eventually find out that the most brittle point is right where the attachment goes.

So, chances are there will come a day where you go to place a fish on and it’s going to snap right off. That’s why you need to purchase a nice scale.

Nice scales are also more likely to give you a better and more accurate reading. This is because they use better load cells.

Also, many of the quality materials on the scale will be nicer too. Oftentimes you’ll find stainless steel on them.

Different Types Of Digital Scales

We briefly discussed the types of digital scales above, but let’s go into more detail. Below we’re going to talk a little bit more about hook and clip style scales and why you should be purchasing one over the other.

Hook Scales

These are made to go through the gill plate of the fish. They hang and then give a weight similar to any other digital scale.

This is great except for the fact that the fish could easily flop out and into the water or into the boat. Where it could injure itself. So, if you plan on doing catch and release then a clip-on is going to be much more ethical.

Clip Scales

If you want to ensure that the fish stays on and you’re able to get an accurate reading then a clip-on scale is the way to go. These are usually more expensive, but they are going to be worth it in the long run.

If you’re a tournament fisherman then you really need a clip-on scale.

The extra $10 you might save by buying a hook scale will not be worth it when you lose that five-pound bass over the side because it slipped the hook.

Best Digital Fish Scales Reviews

Below we’re going to go over a few different types of digital fishing scales for your tackle box. Each has its own pros and cons so think about what you need and then apply that to the list below.

Berkley Digital Fish Scale

Not only is this a great Berkley digital scale but it also comes equipped with a retractable tape measure on it. Allowing you to get the length, and width for either amount, a state record, or to learn the length of the fish if you plan on keeping or throwing it back.

It is a clip-on scale, so you don’t have to worry about a fish flipping off. It also has a fifty-pound weight capacity. Allowing you to measure just about any type of freshwater fish, or saltwater fish. Perfect for the bass angler who enjoys chasing big catfish as well. 

The scale is also waterproof. Allowing you to use it year after year despite it falling into the water or getting water dripped onto it from years of abuse.

There are some scales that are not waterproof and I’m not quite sure why they would exist.

For the price, this is a very accurate and consistent scale. Most of the time scales like this are inconsistent but this does a pretty good job of giving you an accurate weight within an ounce or two.

It might not be great for a tournament because of this but for the average angler, it will be fine.


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Rapala High Contrast Scale

Rapala High Contrast Scale

If you want to get serious about weighing your fish then this is the scale for you. It features a reverse image LCD which allows for crystal clear viewing no matter what the weather might be.

It can also store up to ten different weights. Making it great for tournament anglers who need to log their catches on the scales.

The extra strong and sturdy clip will also ensure that no fish gets off while you’re trying to weigh it. This is true for just about all fish.

The weight limit is fifty pounds so once you get up to eight it won’t be able to accurately weigh the fish on the clip itself and could not support that type of weight as well.

For some of the lighter weights, you may find that the scale is not as accurate as when you start getting to heavier weights.

If you plan on fishing tournaments where a lot of little fish will be caught (under 4 pounds) then you may need to look at different scales. This issue doesn’t seem to happen with larger fish.

There are also directional pads on the front of the scale. This allows you to easily find and scroll through different weighing options.

From changing the weight scale from pounds to kilos. Or to find your older weights you may have caught earlier in the day.


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South Bend Digital Scale

South Bend Digital Scale

This is the budget scale on this list. Coming in at under $10 this scale is going to allow you to get out there and weigh your fish.

It’s not going to be incredibly accurate or durable, but it’s great for someone looking to get into fishing, or maybe an angler on a budget.

It does have a very large max capacity. Coming in at one hundred and ten pounds, you’ll be able to easily weigh just about every type of fish that you will be catching.

This is especially true if you will be fishing freshwater.

On top of being a scale, it also comes with a tape measure. Allowing you to get an accurate length and width. This is ideal if you want to get a mount made but don’t want to retain the fish.

You can easily weigh and measure it then give it to the taxidermist to create the amount.

I wouldn’t recommend this for anglers who are looking to work in tournaments. However, it is great for someone who just wants to get a decent weight on a fish while out fishing for fun.

Great for a beginner. 


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Piscifun Lip Gripper Scale

Piscifun Lip Gripper Scale

This is a great scale and should be used by anglers who want to have very accurate readings. Either for tournaments or they plan on retaining fish, but they can’t be under a certain weight in order to do so.

Piscifun is known for making some solid fishing products too. From rods and reels to scales, Piscifun is a solid company that you can put your trust in.

This product is no different. It is powerful and durable. It has stainless steel construction so it is corrosion resistant meaning it can hold up to both fresh and saltwater.

It has a sixty-pound capacity. Making it great for most anglers. Some of the larger fish in fresh and saltwater will need a bigger scale.

However, this is ideal for the angler chasing bass, catfish, trout, red drum, speckled trout, or other medium-sized fresh and saltwater fish.

The price point is a little high, but that just speaks to the quality of the scale. It won’t break down and will last you season after season.

Making this the ideal piece of equipment for someone who is a hardcore angler, or someone who is tough on gear.


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Kastking Floating Scale

Kastking Floating Scale

If you’ve been fishing for long enough then you have most likely lost something overboard. The helpless feeling of watching a pocket knife or pliers sink forty feet below you is a tough pill swallow.

However, with this scale, you don’t have to worry about it. Easily pluck it out of the water and keep on fishing. 

It comes with fish lip grippers so you can grab those toothed fish without having to risk your hands. The issue arrives when you put the fish on the scale though.

It is not a clip, so the hook will need to go through the gill plate leading to a potentially lost fish if it flops too hard.

Besides it not having a clip this is a solid scale. It’s going to be able to weigh the majority of the fish you catch and will do so accurately.

The fact that it’s waterproof is just an added bonus.


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There are many different types of digital scales out there and all are needed pieces of fishing gear. 

After reading the above you hopefully now have a better understanding of what you should be looking for in a digital fishing scale.

Each of them has its own pros and cons so think about what you need and then check out amazon and apply that to the list above.