Best Electric Fillet Knife For Fish (2021 Review)

After a day spent out on the water there is no better feeling than frying up your own catch. This can make for a messy experience though without the proper tools. That’s where a good fillet knife comes into play.

Below we’re going to go over the following knives in detail to help you with your electric fillet knife search.

  1. Bubba Cordless Electric Fillet Knife
  2. Rapala Heavy-Duty Motor Fillet Knife
  3. Mister Twister 120v Electric Knife
  4. American Angler Pro Electric Fillet Knife
  5. Berkley Fillet Knife

First, let’s go in-depth on what a fillet knife is, how to use one, and all of the features that you should know before purchase.

What is an Electric Fillet Knife

An electric filet knife is used to quickly and efficiently fillet the meat of a fish. An electric filet knife is similar to a nonelectric filet knife except that the blade is mounted into a motorized handle. When used it becomes more like a reciprocating saw.

Electric knives are typically used by people in the fishing industry since they have to filet great numbers of fish at a fast rate. However, these are also available for public use.

Typically you would not want to use an electric knife on smaller fish such as perch or panfish. This is because the reciprocating blades may not be as flexible as one in a nonelectric knife, but when used properly you can fillet a fish with precision.

Types of Electric Filet Knives

There are two different types of electric fillet knives. One that is powered by a battery and one that can be plugged into a wall. Which one you choose all depends on where you plan on filleting your fish.

If you enjoy having a shore lunch, or eating what you catch on a camping trip then the battery-powered knife is going to be your best bet.

If you prefer taking your catch back to your house and frying it up there then one with a plug might be the best way to do it.

This allows you to cut as many fish as you like and not worry about the knife dying on you.

How to use an Electric Fillet Knife

Unlike a nonelectric knife, the electric version does its own cutting. When you make your first incision on the fish make sure not to press too hard. Otherwise, the knife could cut straight through the fish.

  1. Place the blade of the knife directly under the pectoral fin
  2. Squeeze the trigger on the knife and slowly move the blade down until you hit the backbone.
  3. Let go fo the trigger and reposition the blade to move the fish’s body toward the tail
  4. Hit the trigger and guide the blade just over the top of the backbone and down until you reach the tail.
  5. Flip the filet off of the fish and if you choose you can now remove the skin from the back of the filet as well as the rib cage.

An electric knife is best used on larger fish such as catfish, bass, walleye, or filet sized saltwater fish.

The electric knife could be too strong for a smaller perch or panfish and could leave the meat ruined.

What to Look for in an Electric Fillet Knife

Now that we’ve gone over what an electric fillet knife is and how to use it lets talk about what you should be looking for.

Motor Voltage

Most electric fillet knives are going to come equipped with motors that can handle most big-boned fish. However, you may find that some are not up to the task.

That’s why when searching for a knife try to find one that has a motor voltage of over 100. Anything lower and you might not be able to filet some of those big-boned fish. Especially those of the saltwater variety.

Lower voltage motors are fine for some of the average-sized freshwater fish that you can find across the US. Those should be able to handle bass, catfish, walleye, and anything else you would like to filet.

Grip Type

A sturdy and sticky grip handle is key to a filet knife. The last thing you want is for your hand to slip off of the knife while running the blade down the back of a fish and you wind up filleting yourself.

This is not something that you should be fine not getting. Look for a knife that has a non-slip ergonomic handle. Purchasing a knife with this type of grip could potentially save you a trip to the emergency room.

It’s worth spending a little extra money to ensure that you and anyone else using the knife is going to be safe. It’s also going to allow you to fillet your fish much easier.

Blade Type

Stainless steel is the best way to go. These are strong and durable pieces of equipment that require little maintenance and just the occasional sharpening. The stronger the blade the longer it’s going to last and will hold up to fileting bigger fish.

Any filet knife that’s not made of stainless is not going to be worth getting. If you need to spend a little money to get a solid blade then do so. It’s going to pay dividends in the future.

Most of these blades are even dishwasher safe. Which is going to make for a quick and easy cleanup.


The most important thing to remember when using any knife is staying safe. Luckily, many of the top electric fillet knives on the market are outfitted with different safety features to ensure you and other users and as protected as possible.

Most of the knives come with a trigger lock that will not allow the blade to begin to start cutting without taking off the lock first. Great for when you’re filleting a bunch of fish with children around, or if you accidentally hit the trigger while holding it in an unsafe spot.

It’s also important to have a side release mechanism that allows for the blades to be safely taken off so they can be cleaned. On top of this look for a knife that comes with a sheath or a bag to hold it when not in use.

Best Electric Fillet Knife Reviews

Now, let’s get to the main attraction, and that’s figuring what the best electric fillet knife on the market is. Below we have a list of five different products that would all be great for your next time filleting.

Bubba LI Ion Cordless Fillet Knife

This knife is equipped with an 8.5-inch handle and weighs approximately 1.11 pounds. Ideal size and weight for filleting a pile of fish after a day on the water.

It also comes with a nonslip grip handle for increased grip security which gives you great control of the knife when filleting fish. There is also a trigger guard for some added safety features.

The Bubba LI is a dual rivet design and the blade is coated in stainless steel. Making it an incredibly durable product that should last you through fishing season after fishing season.

It also features an ergonomic trigger giving you comfort when filleting large quantities of fish, and to also increase grip and control.

The blades are easily removed for easy cleaning. After being cleaned the blades can be stored in a special compartment of the case that the knife comes with.

This knife comes equipped with a strong, zippered case, two lithium-ion batteries, a wall charger, and a 7” flex blade, 9” flex blade, 9” stiff blade, and a 12” stiff blade. All of these different blades will help to fillet just about any fish you could want, and thanks to lithium batteries anywhere you please.

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Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife

The Rapala heavy-duty knife gives you the power you need to filet large game fish. You’ll be able to easily slice through rib bones and backbones. Giving you the ability to make quick and easy work of fish such as walleye, salmon, trout, as well as other large fish.

The knife comes with one 7.5 inch oscillating blade that is dishwasher safe. This is the ideal size for filleting most fish. The knife is also equipped with an advanced airflow design. This helps to dampen vibration which helps decrease hand fatigue when filleting multiple fish.

It also comes with a nonslip Grip This design also helps keep the motor cool so it does not overheat during those warm days or when overworked.

To help mitigate hand fatigue, even more, the knife is equipped with a comfortable relaxed grip. This provides fatigue-free, comfortable filleting.

This is not a battery-powered knife, so it must be used somewhere near an outlet. Whether it be a vehicle that has that ability, or at an indoor or outdoor outlet.

The chord is eight feet long and gives the user enough room to be able to move the blade around without yanking the power cord from the wall.

The motor is a 110 volt and is strong enough to cut through just about any game fish that you can catch.

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Mister Twister Gents Best Fish Knife

The Gents Fish Knife is ultra-lightweight and features a comfortable contoured handle for better control while filleting and ease of use.

The stainless steel extra sharp blades are back by a 100-volt motor. This allows for easy and fast filleting of fish that can cut through fish bone easily.

This corded knife is equipped with a durable extension cord, this is the ideal fillet to be used at home or anywhere you have access to an outlet.

The plastic housing for this powerful motor is high impact meaning it reduces vibration which helps with hand fatigue and the minimizing of vibration helps with hand fatigue. It’s a high-quality housing that should last season after season.

The quick and easy blade release system makes for a convenient and easy clean up. Simply slide off the blade and either hand washes or place in the dishwasher. The knife also features a safety lock ensuring the reciprocating knife blades do not begin moving without you knowing.

Electric fillet knives can get a bad rap for not having flexible blades. with the Gents knife, there is no need to worry. Easily clean and fillet just about fish with this knife. The flexible blades give you a precise cut.

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American Angler Pro Professional Grade Electric Knife

This 100-volt knife is equipped to cut the toughest scales and bones. It contains more torque than and power than most other fillet knives on the market. The blade is eight-inches and is made of titanium coated stainless steel. It also features a professional series shielded 40 mm motor.

The eight-inch blade is ideal for cleaning and filleting catfish, walleye, bass, snapper, and snook. The blade size is ideal for most anglers but could be problematic with larger or smaller fish.

The knife only comes with one seat of blades but it also comes with a ventilated nylon mesh bag for storage. Perfect for keeping your knife and blades safe and secure. The venting will also help the knife dry faster. Extra blades can be ordered from the company if you would like more.

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Berkley Fillet Knife

The Berkeley Fish Fillet Knife comes equipped with six-inch and eight-inch corrosion-resistant stainless steel blades. Ideal for the angler who wants to purchase durable gear that is going to last season after season.

The side-release button the handle allows for safe operation so that the blades are not released during use. The 100-volt motor is strong enough to fillet just about any fish you can catch and is powered by an outlet, vehicle plug, or battery clips.

This is all held together with an easy to carry case that protects all of the equipment in this set.

The knife comes with already sharpened blades so it’s ready to be used straight from the box. The ergonomic handle helps the user have better control when filleting and helps reduce hand fatigue so you can fillet as long as you need to without your hand tiring.

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With all of the information above hopefully you now feel ready to go out and purchase your very own electric fillet knife. These can be great tools when filleting a bunch of fish and can make the process quicker and easier.

Feel free to use some of the knives above as just a jumping-off point and use your own research to find the correct knife for you. You could also check out the Rapala Lithium-Ion cordless fillet knife, Cuisinart cek-40 electric knife. You can always check out Amazon for a great selection.