Best Fish Hook Removers (2021 Review)

Once you’ve caught the fish you’re going to need to get that hook back so you can cast your lure back out there and catch more. Sure, this can be done with your hands, but what about for toothy fish, or when a hook is deep in a fish’s mouth?

This is where a fish hook remover tool is going to come into play. You won’t always be able to wiggle a hook out of the lip of a fish.

Best Fish Hook Remover


  1. Booms Fishing RO5 Dehooker
  2. Cuda 18835
  3. Dicero 10
  4. Easy Fish Hook Remover
  5. CrazyShark Hook Remover


You’ll need a tool that is going to do it for you. It could also help if the fish has a very small mouth that your fingers and a pair of pliers are not able to fit inside.

That’s why we’re going to be covering five different fish hook removers. Below we’re going to cover the pros and cons of each brand, as well as some of the features that you should be looking for.

Before we go over some of the features, here’s a quick look at some of the fishing accessories.

What Is A Fish Hook Remover?

A fish hook remover allows you to safely and easily remove a hook from the mouth of a fish. This is not a tool that you will always need, but it can come in handy when the fishing lure, fly fishing fly is too deep to reach. Or if the fish has teeth.

Most of the time you’ll be able to use your hands, pliers, or hemostat to remover the hook. However, if you fish enough there will be a time where a fish hook remover is going to be necessary and you’ll be glad you have one.

How To Choose A Hook Remover

When picking out your fish hook remover you should really think about what kind of fish you’ll be pursuing, and what fishing techniques you plan on using. For example, if using live bait you’ll want a remover that has long jaws in case the fish gets the hook deep in its throat.

If using a circle hook or a lure then something with shallow jaws will work just fine because most of those hook ups will be near the front of the mouth.

Also, if you plan on fishing for pike, musky, or other toothy fish then you;ll definitely need something that is going to keep you hands and fingers away from their mouth. This is going to keep you safe and will allow you to get the hook out of the fishes mouth quickly.

Benefits Of Using A Fish Hook Remover

Using a fish hook remover is going to keep you safer out on the water. On top of this, it is also going to help keep the fish safer and healthier too. Which is the whole point of catch and release fishing.

By keeping your hands and fingers away from the mouth of a fish you’re able to keep yourself out of harm’s way.

Also, since you’re able to reach down deep into the mouth of the fish you’ll be able to remove the hook quickly and get the fish back into the water in a timely manner.

Do You Need A Fish Hook Remover In Order To Fish?

It’s great to have a set of pliers or a hemostat in order to wrestle out any hooks that may be tough to get with just your hands. So a fish hook remover is not something you need to always have with you.

A fish hook remover is more about needing a special tool for a special circumstance. So, if you have space on your boat or in your tackle box then it would be best to have one just in case a situation pops up where it would be necessary.

How To Use A Fish Hook Remover

First, you’ll have to assess where the hook is in the mouth of the fish. If located further back then you’ll need to grab the hook by its shank and give it a firm pull towards the back of the mouth. This will cause the hook to dislodge.

You may be met with some resistance thanks to the bard on the hook, but adjusting the angle on how you move the hook will allow you to eventually pop it free and you’ll be sliding the fish back into the water or into a cooler.

What Is The Best Fish Hook Remover?

The best fish hook remover is going to be the one that works best for you. Something that fits your price range, has long enough jaws to fit in the fishes mouth and does not take up too much room in your tackle box.

If targeting walleye while ice fishing you’ll need something with jaws long enough to keep your hands away from their teeth.

So, before selecting your remover think about what kind of fishing you plan on doing and if you have enough space to store this piece of equipment. Taking a few minutes to think about this will ensure you do not rush this process and that you make the right decision.

Now that we have gone over what you should be looking for in a fish hook remover lets follow that up with some of the fishing gear. Below, we have five different types of fish hook remover that will work on your next fishing trip. Check them out and see which one is best for you!

Booms Fishing R05 Dehooker

These are very simple and efficient fish hook remover. They are a total length of 6.9 inches long and can work for fish up to twenty pounds. So they are great for most freshwater fish and could even work on some different types of saltwater fish.

This is a great de-hooker if you don’t want to touch the fish at all. With the fish still dangling in the water grab the fishing line a few inches behind where the hook is.

Then take the tool and grab the curved edge above where the bard is on the hook. Pull back and the hook will pop right out. Allowing the fish to swim off into the water.

If you don’t plan on keeping the fish to eat or mount then this is the best way possible to remove the hook.

Keeping the fish in the water, and then you can quickly and easily slide the hook out of its mouth. Since it never leaves the water it won’t be shocked by a human grabbing its lip and it can swim off back where it came from.

This product is also only $9.99. Making it perfect for the angler on the budget. Don’t worry about spending two or three more times than that for another product. This will work for you, and your wallet will thank you for it too.

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Cuda 18835

This is an 8.5-inch titanium bonded fish hook remover. Made for both fresh and saltwater species of fish. The titanium bonded body gives this extra durability and will also prevent both rust and corrosion.

This product also comes in 18-inch size. Perfect for targeting large freshwater and saltwater fishing. The extra size will ensure you’re able to get deep into the fish’s mouth and remove the hook without the worry of harming you or the fish.

This tool works the same way that the Booms device does. The only difference is that there is a trigger that you need to pull which removes the hook for you. So instead of pushing down on the hook all you need to do is grab it with the end of the remover, pull the trigger and the hook will slide right out.

The grips are made by the same company and are said to be non-slip. Which is perfect for getting out those pesky hooks in those wet environments.

The non-slip grip ensures the tool will help the tool not slip out of your hands and into the water or deeper in the mouth of the fish. It also gives you a superior grip so you can remove the hook safely.

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Dicero 10 Inch Remover

This remover comes equipped with a lanyard that you can attach to your belt loop or somewhere else on your body. This allows you to keep your remover on you at all times and will prevent accidental over boards and lost products.

The style of ergonomic plastic handle allows for it to sit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Making it easy to work the tool and retrieve your hook.

It’s also made of a lightweight aluminum alloy and is also a stainless steel fish hook remover. Meaning it won’t be too heavy when keeping it strapped to your waist all day.

The Dicero is an extremely durable piece of equipment. However, if it does happen to break then know that it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Along with the remover, you’ll also receive a fish gripper. Perfect for grabbing the fish’s lip straight out of the water while keeping your hands away from any teeth.

This great deal is perfect for just about any angler. The remover is durable and works well. Allowing you to remove hooks with ease. While the fish gripper will let you hoist the fish from the water safely.

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Easy Fish Hook Remover

Keep your fingers away from sharp teeth with these hook removers. They are perfect for getting out troublesome hooks and will allow them to work safely and quickly on the fish’s mouth.

They are also long enough to work out any hooks that might be too deep to reach with hands or a pair of fishing pliers.

These fishing hook removers will also keep the fish safer during the de hooking process. Keep them in the water and just hold the line or braid with your free hand and then use your other hand to use the tool to work the hook out of the fish. Keeping them in the water is safer for them.

This is also a single hand operation. You don’t need too much force to work out the hook. Use the squeeze-out trigger to single-handedly remove the hook and it will quickly pop right out. Meaning you can get back to catching more fish quicker.

These are relatively cheap too. Coming in at under $15 most anglers will find these are on the lower end of the pricing spectrum.

So don’t worry about needing to spend too much money on a hook remover. These are cheap and will get the job done.

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Crazy Shark Hook Remover

Both lightweight and strong the crazy shark hook remover is going to enhance your time spent out on the water. The anodized aluminum tube and the stainless steel hook will ensure you’ll be able to use this product again and again and you’ll be able to wear it on your hip all day thanks to how light it is.

All you need to do to use this device is to attach the hook to the hook in the fish’s mouth. Grab the line with your free hand and then squeeze the lever. This releases the hook from its mouth and it will quickly fall out.

The length of the jaws on this measure at 13.5 inches. Making this great for use on freshwater or saltwater fish.

Keep your hands safe and away from teeth with this long-jawed fishing tool. This is also easy to use for a beginner. The quick and easy step will pop that hook out in no time.

This is also not that expensive either. Coming in at under $20 you won’t break the bank with this device. Easily keep it in your fishing tackle box, boat, or keep it strapped to your waist so that it can be grabbed quickly.

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Hopefully, now that you have a better understanding of fish hook extractors you’ll have more confidence going into a store or shopping on amazon for them. They’re not too complicated of a tool but they can really enhance your fishing trip.

So, head on out and pick up a great fish hook remover. It’s going to not only keep you safe but it will also ensure the fish are safer as well.