Trout fishing is one of the nation’s most popular outdoor pursuits and is enjoyed by a countless number of anglers on an annual basis. However, trout fishing can be inherently tough, as these feisty fish are known to turn their noses up at an angler’s offering when they feel something to be amiss.

In order to overcome this reluctance, most dedicated trout anglers place significant thought into their choice of line to add to with your rod and trout spinning reel. Fishing line used for the purpose of trout fishing must remain nearly invisible when submerged beneath the water’s surface, yet be strong enough to sustain any fight that occurs.

The following guide will assist you in locating the perfect fishing line for your next trout angling adventure.

Best Fishing Line For Trout

  1. Spiderwire Stealth Superline (Our Top Pick)
  2. KastKing Fluorokote (Best Budget)
  3. RUNCL Braid (Best High End)
  4. Berkley Vanish
  5. Trilene Sensation

What Are The Different Types Of Fishing Line For Trout?

The fishing line comes in several different forms, the majority of which can be used when fishing for trout. Each specific type of line comes with its own distinct characteristics. When selecting the perfect fishing line for use when pursuing trout, one must first consider the circumstances which they anticipate while on the water.

The following are the most prominent types of fishing lines on the market today.

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Fluorocarbon fishing line tends to be a favorite of trout anglers, largely because of its low visibility, and top-notch abrasion resistance. The fishing line of this type also sinks throughout the water column, rather than float, as is typical of some certain alternative line types. 

Another reason for fluorocarbon lines’ popularity among dedicated trout anglers is its low stretch threshold. The fluorocarbon line flexes very little when under strain. This makes the detection of light bites much easier, thereby allowing an angler to capitalize upon a greater number of strikes. Line of this type also features remarkable knot strength and is generally quite easy to tie.

On the other side of the coin, most anglers will notice that fluorocarbon is notably stiffer than the monofilament line of the same pound test. While this might not be of significant concern to some, this additional stiffness can prove counterproductive under certain circumstances.

Monofilament Fishing Line

Monofilament is likely the most widely used of all types of fishing lines. Much of the reason behind this popularity comes as a product of monofilament’s broad availability and economical pricing. Monofilament is moderately abrasion-resistant, and is naturally buoyant, making it ideal for use in topwater applications.

Many anglers find monofilament to be easier to tie than any other type of line. This characteristic proves especially valuable to newer anglers, who are still mastering the art of tying a knot, or who are experimenting with various knots that they are not yet accustomed to. Monofilament can also be found in a wide range of colors, making it possible to locate the perfect line for any application.

It is worth noting, that the monofilament line is somewhat limited in durability, and features far more stretch than fluoro or braided alternatives. Those who have grown accustomed to the use of other types of line, often state that monofilament lacks sensitivity. This can detract from one’s ability to recognize subtle strikes.

Braided Fishing Line

Without a doubt, braided line is the most durable of all offers currently available on today’s market. Line of this type exhibits unparalleled tensile strength and can withstand a significant amount of abuse, without weakening. Braided line also features a high level of castability and extremely low memory.

Braided line is also relatively small in diameter, in relation to its monofilament and fluorocarbon companions. However, braid is unlikely to make the best trout fishing line, when fishing in shallow, clear water. This type of line lacks the translucent characteristics of mono or fluorocarbon, making it somewhat difficult to hide.

However, braid does prove more than worthy when trolling deep water for lake and rainbow trout, as well as steelheads. Braided lines can also be used in almost any trout fishing application, with the use of a fluorocarbon leader.

What Do You Look For In The Best Fishing Line For Trout?

trout fishing line

When attempting to locate the ideal line for use when trout fishing, there are a number of factors that should first be taken into consideration. By placing value on each of these individual factors, you will be better equipped to make an informed buying decision.

The following are the top characteristics to look for when selecting the best possible line for trout fishing.


Few situations can be as aggravating, as losing the fish of a lifetime as the result of untimely line failure. However, one can significantly reduce the occurrence of such troubles, by seeking out a line of unparalleled integrity. When selecting the perfect line for trout fishing, it is important to choose a product of the correct line weight for the situation at hand, which does not sacrifice anything in the way of stealth.


Few fish are as wary as the freshwater trout. In the vast majority of cases, trout will shy away from any offer that appears to be abnormal in nature. This places extreme importance upon selecting a line of a stealthy design, which blends in when submerged beneath the water’s surface. It is also advisable to use a small diameter or lighter line whenever practical. Many dedicated trout anglers use a 6-8 pound test line, within a wide variety of applications.


In order to reap the maximum benefit from your upcoming purchase, it is of the utmost importance to locate a line that features a high range of castability. Naturally, any low-memory line tends to be superior in this regard. On the contrary, a high memory line easily kinks and binds when traversing a fishing rod line guides, leading to a reduction in overall casting distance.


When catching trout is the order of the day, the use of a sensitive line is an absolute must. Smaller species of trout, such as brook trout, often strike in a rather subdued manner. These strikes can easily go undetected, when a stiffer, less sensitive line is used. An ultra-sensitive fishing line not only gives the avid trout angler a distinct edge but has the ability to dramatically increase one’s overall level of success.

Best Fishing Line For Trout Reviewed

1. SpiderWire Stealth Superline – Best Overall

Spiderwire has managed to produce a premium series braided line that features the same stealthy characteristics often associated with fluorocarbon and monofilament. This line carries the Stealth Superline designation and is offered in a variety of colors for maximum versatility. 

Additionally, Stealth Superline is constructed from premium-grade fiber, making it extremely durable and abrasion-resistant. 

Stealth Superline is also offered in a wide range of weights, including 6 and 8-pound test variants, which should be ideal for use when trout fishing. Meanwhile, this line’s durable construction helps you identify each bite, without hesitation.


  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Stealthy design with multiple available colors
  • Unparalleled strength and durability


  • More difficult to tie than fluorocarbon and monofilament

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2. KastKing Fluorokote Best Budget

KastKing Fluorokote is a copolymer line, finished with a fluorocarbon coating. This construction results in a line that looks every bit as perfect as it casts. Fluorokote is nearly invisible when submerged, and can be cast with extreme precision, thanks to its low-memory and proprietary coating. This same coating reduces Fluorokote’s water absorption rate.

Many anglers will also be pleased to find that Fluorokote can be purchased at a rather conservative price point, making it quite the steal for any angler in search of a quality line, at a price that will not break the bank.


  • Lower than average visibility
  • Minimal line memory
  • Priced much more economically than many similar lines


  • Not as strong as some alternative products

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3. RUNCL BraidBest High End

If you are looking for a heavy-duty line that is ideal for use when trolling for larger lake trout, the RUNCL has exactly what you need. The company’s multi-color braid line is designed to be hardy under even the worst demands or conditions and can be cast with relative ease. This line can be used in a variety of applications, including jigging and trolling, though visibility might be somewhat of a concern in shallow, clear water.

In cases such as these, RUNCL Braid still makes a wonderful mainline, and can be paired with a fluorocarbon leader line. This makes it entirely possible to benefit from the RUNCL line’s unparalleled strength while retaining the low visibility characteristics of flouro leader material.


  • Strong enough to handle any fresh or saltwater application
  • Excellent for deep water trolling
  • High rate of castability


  • Higher level of visibility limits shallow water uses

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4. Berkley Vanish

Berkley Vanish is a fluorocarbon line that is designed to disappear without a trace, when submerged beneath the water’s surface, at least from a fish’s perspective. This line is also impervious to the effects of water absorption, which ensures that Vanish’s potential does not dwindle after prolonged periods of use. Even after much time spent on the water, Vanish fluorocarbon will continue to perform as expected.

Vanish is also known for its excellent castability, which comes largely as a product of its minimal memory. This makes it possible to cast in a concise manner, especially when paired with a quality spinning reel. This line can be purchased in both 100 and 250-yard spools, allowing each customer to order the exact amount of line that they require.


  • Virtually invisible when submerged
  • Excellent range of castability
  • Minimal water absorption


  • Not as strong as braided alternatives

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5. Trilene Sensation

Trilene Sensation5

For anglers that prefer the use of tried and true monofilament, Trilene’s Sensation is perhaps the best product currently available on the market. This line is extremely sensitive, which allows anglers to feel even the most subtle of bites. Additionally, Sensation carries little, to no memory. This alone should enhance the line’s overall castability, especially paired with today’s premium spinner-style reels.

Sensation also serves as one of Trilene’s strongest lines currently available. In fact, the manufacturer refers to this line as their highest strength-per-diameter mono, wet or dry. This is a characteristic of considerable value when seeking out trophy size trout on any body of water.


  • Trilene’s highest strength-per-diameter mono
  • Unmatched sensitivity
  • High range of castability


  • Less abrasion-resistant than braid

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Final Thoughts On The Best Fishing Line For Trout

Trout fishing is a wonderful way to enjoy any day on the water. However, angling endeavors of this type are even more enjoyable when high-quality, reliable equipment is chosen for use. Though overlooked by many, an angler’s choice in fishing line is of distinct value and can serve as the difference between a successful day of fishing, and an afternoon spent in frustration.

If you are currently in search of the highest quality trout fishing line for your spinning reel but are still weighing your options, be sure to check out the above-mentioned products. Each of these individual lines is sure to provide you with dependable service, no matter where your next adventure takes you. As a result, you will be equipped to make the most out of every moment spent on the water.