Best Fishing Shoes For Boats, Wading, and Sandals For Your Adventure (2021 Review)

Any shoe could technically be a fishing shoe. However, some are more equipped to handle wet surfaces and slippery environments than others. These are the shoes that we will be going over today.

Shoes that can be worn either in the water, on the bank, or in the boat are going to pay a crucial role in your ability to not only fish but to be comfortable as well as safe.

Best Fishing Shoes

  1. HUK Marolina Fishing Shoes
  2. Grundens Deck Boss Slip On Shoes
  3. Humtto Summer Water Shoes
  4. Crocs Swiftwater Deck Sandal
  5. Simms Freestone Wading Boot

So, below we’re going to go over five different fishing shoes. Each of them is going to have its own unique features that will be better suited for different environments.

So, keep in mind exactly what type of fishing you plan on doing. Because we’re going to cover a shoe that is going to help you out.

What is a Fishing Shoe

A fishing shoe is usually water-resistant and is going to allow you to grip whatever surface you plan on fishing in. Some anglers enjoy wading shallow streams. So they need something that is going to be able to grip the bottom of a slick river.

While some are going to be primarily fishing from a boat or from the shore, where a shoe will not be getting saturated with water.

They’ll need something to prevent them from slipping down the bak into the water or slipping off the boat without leaving scuff marks.

It’s important to have a shoe that meets the needs of your specific type of angling. Not because it’s going to help you fish better, but because it’s going to keep you safer.

Any angler who has waded a stream in a pair of regular shoes instead of their wading boots knows the importance of this.

When Should you use a Fishing Shoe

You should be using a fishing shoe every time you hit the water. Having a distinct pair of shoes meant for handling slippery surfaces and being strong enough to not break down after getting wet is crucial.

Many pairs of tennis shoes or other non-water shoes have been ruined by a day spent out on the boat deck or on the bank of a river.

What Type of fishing shoes are there?

There are several different types of shoes for fishing in. Below, we’re going to go over them in-depth so that you can have a better idea of what each one is for and how it can help you when out fishing.


These are great for fishing in the summer when the weather is hot and keeping your feet nice and cool in the water sounds like a great idea. These do not offer up much protection though. So be wary if you plan on wading into rocky rivers or streams.

These are a lightweight and comfortable option for fishing in. Again, great for a summer day spent out on the boat, the bank, or wading.

Flip flops can be lumped into this category because some are made to withstand water and not scuff up the bottom of boats. However, These are not recommended for wading.

Wading Boots

The premier wading shoe. Wading boots give you both good traction, comfort, and safety when wearing these.

Typically not the best for bank fishing, especially if these have a felt bottom. Also, not great to wear in the boat or kayaking as the bottoms can scuff the boat.

However, if you plan on getting into the water and spending most of your time in their fishing, then a pair of wading boots is something you should invest in.

They give you great traction and also have phenomenal ankle support. Which is ideal for fishing in slippery, rocky streams where twisting an ankle is a possibility.

Keep in mind with fishing boots they are typically made to be worn with a neoprene bootie underneath. So if you wear a size 11 shoe then know that a size 11 wading boot is going to be much larger than normal.

If you don’t plan on wearing neoprene underneath then get a size or two smaller than normal.


A fishing shoe could also be classified as water shoes. Something that gives you some grip on the bottom of lakes and rivers while giving a secure fit over your foot so it doesn’t easily slide off.

It used to be that only water shoe companies made these types of products. However, you’re now seeing companies that create fishing gear coming out with these. The companies creating these shoes are giving anglers the option to wear a breathable, quick-drying, non-scuff making, and river bottom gripping product.

If your fishing experience includes you in areas such as from the bank, boat, or wading then these are the ideal all-around product for you.

Are Wading Shoes and Boots Safe?

There is nothing more important than having good drip and traction when spending the day out on the water and in slippery conditions. You could easily fall into deeper water, stumble over a slippery rock, and hurt yourself while fishing.

Not only will shoes give you better traction, but they’ll also protect your feet and ankles from cuts, scrapes, abrasions, and sunburns. Jamming a toe after slipping on a moss-covered rock is not how you want to start the day fishing.

If you are wearing a pair of wading boots though then this could have just been a scratch on the toe of the boot and you could move along with your day.

Besides avoiding cuts and scraped a good pair of shoes is also going to keep you upright. Still be aware of hazards and pitfalls, but what could turn out to be a serious injury could be something minuscule if you have the right pair of footwear on.

So if you want to avoid being hurt and you want to spend more time on the water and laid up on the couch then invest in a good pair of shoes that will keep you upright.

What to look for in a pair of Fishing Shoes?

Below we’re to go into a little more detail about what look for in your own pair of shoes.

Size and Fit

Most shoes and fishing sandals are going to be true to size. Sure, some companies may run a little small or large, just like a normal shoe company. So it’s always best to try on a few different ones and see how they feel. Most have straps, laces or zippers that can help with fit.

They should fit similarly to a normal pair of tennis shoes or sandals. Snug without being uncomfortable and causing blisters. Typically these are worn without socks, but it’s whatever is comfortable to you.

Like we mentioned earlier, wading boots are a different story. These are usually meant to be worn with bulky neoprene booties. So you’ll need to size down if you plan on wearing wading socks.

That being said, some companies made a wading boot true to size. Make sure to ask before purchasing.

Bottom of the shoes

This is important because it all depends on where you plan on taking your next fishing trip. If you plan on being in a boot for most of the time then you need to be wearing a non-scuff making shoe.

A black soled rubber sole wading boot is going to cover the bottom of your boat and it will not look pretty.

All fishing shoes are made to withstand water and to provide extra grip. So you dont have to worry about traction from these types of shoes. However, wading boots have a couple of different bottoms and features that can add grip.

Wading botos come in two different bottoms. Felt and rubber. Felt has incredible gripping power in slippery conditions under the water, but it’s not best for hiking along trails next to the stream. Rubber is a great middle ground. It gives grip both in and out of the water.

If you want to increase grip strength then you can apply studs otherwise known as cleats to the bottom of your boots. These screw into the bottom and give you extra gripping power both in and out of the water.


Having a shoe made of good, solid materials is crucial. It needs to be able to hold up to water and other elements. Most will be made of mesh, canvas, rubber, leather, and neoprene.

Leather is usually used on boat shoes, while mesh could be used for wading or a boat. Since its insulated neoprene is ideal for fishing in cold water or weather

Which material is best for you all depends on what type of fishing you plan on doing. It’s best to take some time and think about what you plan on doing then going out and purchasing the best shoe for you.

Size/ Weight

You need your fishing shoes to have superior breathability and also be lightweight. You’re going to be wearing these things for hours on end and they’ll probably be wet too. So you need something lightweight so that it doesn’t tire you out too quickly.

Water Drainage

Most fishing shoes are going to have some sort of water drainage system. Usually it’s just a couple of holes along the side of the shoe or a section of mesh that allows water exit.

This is to ensure you’re not weighed down with waterlogged shoes when out walking on dry land. Great for anglers who wade and then walk on dry land to a new spot.

Comfort and Support

Since you’re going to be fishing in these for long periods of time, you need to make sure they’re comfortable. Something that has a great EVA midsole and a lot cushioning and arch support so that you will have the ability to finish out the day instead of heading home early.

The same goes for ankle support. You need something that is going to prevent you from seriously hurting yourself. A rolled ankle on a river when you’re a mile away from your parked car is something that with the proper measures can be prevented.


Now that we’ve gone over some features of fishing shoes lets go over a few different products. Below, we’re going to cover wading boots, as well as fishing shoes and sandals that will be able to meet your needs as an angler.

HUK Marolina Fishing Shoes

Pronounced “hook”, the HUK fishing line has produced several different pieces of gear and apparel over the years. Shoes being one of them. These are great for wading in warm water, bank fishing, or even wearing them on a boat.

If you fish primarily in warm water or in warm temperatures from both the bank, boat, or wade then these are the wade shoes for you.

They give you the ability to fish everywhere you want without having to worry about having inadequate footwear.

These shoes also come in twelve different sizes, including half sizes and also 7 different styles and different color schemes. Allowing you the option to pick whatever color and size scheme you need.

The sole was created to give traction on any wet and slippery surface. While also featuring 360-degree drainage holes thanks to the mesh outsole.

These shoes also feature a lockdown lacing system. No longer do you have to mess with a bungee tied water shoe. The molded eyelets and teeth of the laces allow you to tighten down the shoe as much as you need.

Buy The HUK Marolina Fishing Shoes Here

Grundens Deck Boss Slip On Shoes

These are the premier deck shoes. Made to not scuff the bottom of the boat while providing premier traction on wet and slippery boat surfaces. These might be the best boat shoes.

These are made of siped gum rubber outsole and insole. So these are not a shoe meant to dunked in the water. It will not harm the material, and it may still give you some traction.

But since it is a rubber shoe it has not water drainage system. Meaning you could be slipping and sliding around and you’ll be waterlogged once you’re on dry land.

The shoes are great for wearing all day on the boat. The comfort insole will keep your feet from aching and the extra traction will keep you upright from any water that may come on board.

The reinforced pull loop on the back heel will let you easily slide these shoes on and off.

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Humtto Summer Water Shoes

Despite being called a water shoe these more closely resemble a sandal. The open sides allow for great wading during the warmer months and can also be worn on the boat or the bank of the water.

The closed-toe design gives you a little bit of extra protection when wading. Preventing toe stubbings and giving you a little extra protection is a nice feature. The fabric on these sandals are quick-drying and promote airflow. Keeping your feet cool on those warm days,

The non-slip, non-skid and anti-puncture sole of these sandals can help prevent injury while fishing. Hooks and sharp rocks will no longer be an issue if you wear these.

These are also extremely easy to adjust. The slide buckle on the top of the sandal allows you to quickly and easily tighten up or loosen these sandals to meet your needs.

One great aspect of these shoes is the “sand resistance” feature. Anyone who has spent much time fishing knows how granules of dirt and sand can somehow enter your shoes and rub your feet raw.

These sandals have a Higher heel which prevents sand and dirt from entering it. Allowing you to be more comfortable throughout the day.

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Crocs Swiftwater Deck Sandal

Crocs no longer is a just a leisure sandal company. They now have a deck sandal that is great for fishing. These have a lightweight design that allows you to easily walk and maneuver both in and out of water.

These sandals have a water-friendly design. The large ports on the side of the shoe allow for water to exit quickly and away from you in a very quick manner. The sandals are also very comfortable with a mesh upper as well as strap on top to help accommodate size constrains of the wearer.

The insole helps support your foot while giving you a high-quality sandal and a good cushion base as well. These sandals are made to be worn for hours at a time. They won’t tire your feet out so you can spend the day out fishing instead of back at the house icing and rubbing your tired feet.

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Simms Freestone Wading Boot

If you plan on spending the majority of your time in the water fly fishing then these are what you need.

The strong ankle support will keep you upright and safe while the increased grip and excellent traction of the bottom of the boot will ensure you don’t slip on any moss-covered rocks or fallen trees.

These are not ideal for wearing on the shore unless you have them sized to fit without a neoprene bootie.

The neoprene can become extremely warm even on mild days and can lead to discomfort when out of the water.

These are ideal for wearing with waders, since they are waterproof.

The bottom of these boots will also scuff up your boat. These are not meant to be worn as boating shoes.

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After going over all of the information and products above hopefully, you no have a better understanding of water shoes and in water circumstances they should be worn.

Some other great companies and products that weren’t listed are Columbia Men’s and Women’s shoes, Sperry, PFG, Aleader Men, Drainmaker III, Hodgman Neoprene, Merrell, Under Armour, and Shimano.

There are a lot of different types out there that work best under different conditions. So, take some time to figure out what kind of fishing you plan on doing and then match your shoe to that.

It will only increase your time spent on the water as well as your overall comfort. You can check out Amazon, or any outdoor store for your fishing shoe needs.