Best Fishing Sunglasses (2021 Review)

Fishing glasses are an important part of getting out and hitting the water. Because even if the clouds are out and it’s a dark day, it’s still good to protect your eyes from you know, the hooks flying through the air.

Best Fishing Sunglasses

  1. Dubery Sports Glasses
  2. KastKing Skidway
  3. Huk Fishing Glasses
  4. Filthy Anglers
  5. Rheos Bahias

Besides protection though, fly fishing glasses can make or break a good fishing day. This is especially true when it comes to polarized sunglass lenses. 

This helps break the glare on the water and allows you to see deeper. Also, if you can find glasses that polycarbonate in them that is an added bonus. 

This lets you see the bottom of the river or lake, as well as any vegetation, drop-offs, structure, or fish. Giving you an advantage when it comes to casting. On top of all that, they also help protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Glasses will also come in several different colors. You can find a blue mirror lens, green mirror lens, or any other type of color options you can think of. Nylon frame style with polycarbonate lenses is some of the most popular. 

You’ll want to get some high-quality glasses, that are high end, have high contrast, nose pads, and also a lifetime warranty. Any pair of fishing sunglasses that has the features will make for a great fishing trip.

So, if all of the reasons above sound good to you then check out the article below. We’re going to cover a few different types of eyewear, as well as when to use, and what type of materials they can be made out of. Check it out!

What Are Fishing Sunglasses?

Fishing sunglasses are made to be worn to help with UV protection. So it will protect your eyes from both the harmful effects of UV rays, allow you to see below the surface of the water, and to protect you from all of the sharp objects flying through the air. 

So, their main use is for safety. If you’re not safe on the water then you’re eventually going to get hurt which means you’ll have to leave and you’ll be spending less time fishing. Which is something that we don’t want to do.

On top of this, they also help with vision. The glasses can come in several different styles and colors. Each color allows you to see the water more vividly depending on the water conditions and how sunny it is outside.

Fishing glasses are made with great lens technology and for long days out on the water. Scratch resistance is key, along with eye protection, and uvb ray protection. These will make for a quality pair of glasses.

Also, by blocking out the sun you can just see more efficiently. With polarized lenses, the lenses will cut the glare off the top of the water. Allowing you to see deeper and sometimes even the bottom of the lake or river. Giving you a huge advantage and it’s great for sight fishing.

Types Of Fishing Sunglasses

Below, we’re going to go over a few different types of fishing sunglasses. Each has their own list of pros and cons so take a close look and see which ones are going to work the best for you and your style of fishing.

Polarized Sunglasses


These are the best for fishing. They cut the glare on the water giving you an incredible perspective of the water beneath you. This allows you to see the fish and can be great when sight fishing and need to put the lure in a very specific spot. The one drawback is these can become expensive quickly

Non-Polarized Sunglasses


These are used all the time in fishing. You don’t always need to get polarized. Sometimes you just need something to protect your eyes from the sun and from hooks. These can be found just about anywhere and can be found cheaply.

Fishing Lens Materials

Below, we’re going to cover some of the different lens material. Each has its own pros and cons so check out the list below to see which one is going to work best for you. Also, when cleaning the lenses make sure to use a microfiber cloth. The question of how to clean glasses often pops up in faqs, so it’s good to just answer that here. 

Glass Lens

These lenses offer a much clearer vision than their plastic counterpart. On top of this, they are often much thinner than plastic. Also, because they’re made of glass they’re less likely to scratch. Making them great if you only get a few nicks on them.

However, they can completely breakthrough. And are not as durable overall as plastic lenses.

Plastic Lens

Plastic is going to be much lighter than glass. Making them more comfortable and can be worn for longer periods of time. This is especially true if you plan on fishing for longer periods of time such as day trips.

Lens Color

Now we’re going to talk more about the color of the lens. Each color is going to have its own pros and comes for different conditions. So, think about what kind of fishing and body of water you plan on fishing and then apply that to the list below.

Yellow & Orange

These are not ideal for sunny and bright conditions. This is because the colors do not adequately stop the sun’s intensity. Rendering them ineffective during the idle of the day or in really sunny conditions. These are best during low light times. Very early in the morning or late in the evening are great times to use these color lenses. They also work very well in shaded areas. So casting under docks or tree limbs. Also, if the river or lake happens to be very foggy that day then these work well.


These are great for lessening the glare intensity, as well as enhancing the differences in colors and darkness. The best thing about green lenses is how versatile they are. You can wear them on a sunny clear day or on overcast days and they work well for both. On top of all this, it will also help you see in muddy or dingy water. This is especially true if the lenses are polarized. If you’re looking for a great overall color then green is going to be the one for you.


Amber is considered to be the most comfortable color for the eye. This is because it cancels out blue tint which can be harmful and uncomfortable to the eye. Similar to green, amber lenses can be worn throughout the day. However, it really thrives in low light conditions. This is especially true if there happens to be a lot of green in the water. So these lenses are green for searching out submerged weed beds or if the water has a green tint to it.


Grey allows just a little bit of light to pass through. Meaning it is a neutral density filter. So it has the ability to filter all waves of light equally. This is also a solid overall lens but it is not great during low light conditions.


Copper is great because it has the ability to keep the outside colors pure and can be used in everyday weather. On top of being able to be used all day they are especially great during dawn and dusk. The lenses allow you to lighten the strain on your eyes. These are also a great overall lens. If you want a lens color that can work with you in all different types of weather and conditions then copper is a great one to choose.


Blue is ideal when fishing on really bright days on open water. Specifically when fishing great lakes, or when fishing in saltwater. This is because the blue tint will help keep that bright reflective blue of the water out of your eyes. Making them more comfortable throughout the day. So if you plan on deep-sea fishing a lot then a blue lens is going to be the one for you.

Best Fishing Sunglasses Reviewed

Now that we have gone over the different types of colors and lenses let’s talk more about the actual fishing glasses. Below, we’re going to go over five different products. Some will be cheaper and others will be more expensive. Check them out and see which ones are going to work the best polarized fishing sunglasses will work for you and your fishing outing.

Dubery Sports Glasses

Dubery Sports Glasses

If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses on the cheaper end of the spectrum then look no further. The Dubery glasses are perfect for the angler who wants to spend their money  on fishing tackle, rods and reels instead of sunglasses.

These glasses are no slouch though. These are strong, lightweight and alos polarized. Allowing you to further below into the water so you can locate fish, drop offs, structure, or just about anything you plan on searching for in the water.

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KastKing Skidway

KastKing Skidway

These glasses come in six different colors. Allowing you to pick and choose exactly what style and color you would like to have. These are also polarized. Meaning you can see more clearly into water. Making them ideal for targeting fish during the spawn or in clear water that may have a lot of glare on it.

These lenses will also help keep you safe from projectiles flying through the air. Whether that be bugs, debris, or lures. These glasses will help protect you while you are out spending time on the water. These glasses also come at a great price point. So now you can spend that money on lures, rods, and reels.

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Huk Fishing Glasses

Huk is one of the most well-known names in the fishing world. They produce several different types of apparel and gear. All of them have a high standard of manufacturing. These sunglasses are no different.

These glasses also come in 6 different styles so they can fit the style of anyone who wants to wear them. The 8 base wrap gives a tighter fit so you don’t have to worry about your glasses falling off and into the water because of excess moisture on either your head or hatband. Also great for high speed in your boat.

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Filthy Anglers

Filthy Anglers

These glasses have a lens coating on them made of the hydrophobic coating. This means they are scratch-resistant, water, and oil repellent. Keeping your vision in pristine condition throughout a full day out on the water.

On top of that, these lenses are shatterproof. So you don’t have to worry about your glasses being ruined if you drop the frames. Also, the fact that they’re shatterproof means that your face will be more protected. 

Overall, these are great fishing glasses that are not only going to help keep the sun out of your eyes, and hel[ you spot more fish, but they will also help keep you safe when spending a full day out fishing.

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Rheos Bahias

Rheos Bahias

There’s a lot of good things about these glasses but let’s talk about the coolest and possibly the best feature for these. They float! Yes, you no longer have to worry about dropping your sunglasses over the side of the boat and not being able to retrieve them. No more diving more sunglasses, just bend over and grab them from off the top of the water.

These glasses are also very comfortable to wear. So you can wear them all day without issue. On top of that, these are also very durable. Making them perfect for the angler who has a tendency to be hard on gear.

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If the brands above don’t sound as appealing to you then check out Costa Del Mar Fantail, Oakley, Maui Jim, Costa Blackfin, Costa Tuna Alley, or any other brand you may have heard of and have confidence in. Most of the lenses above will have protection from blue light, UVA, UVB, and UVC protection to keep your eyes safe. This will also help prevent eye strain. 

There it is folks. Some of the best sunglasses that you can find. These are all great options but don’t be afraid to use this list as a jumping-off point to find the ones that are right for you on Amazon.