Flouro carbon line

Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Line For Your Reel (2021 Review)

When I first heard of fluorocarbon line, also known as fluoro, I felt like it was a godsend. Too many times in my early fishing life I felt I did not have the proper line on for my fishing technique.

So when I found out it was practically invisible underwater I immediately bought some.

It made a huge difference when fishing in clear water and in suburban lakes where the fish are noticeably more skittish.

On top of being invisible, it has many other features too, but we’re going to go more into depth on that down below.

So, if you’re interested in picking up some fluoro line then check out the information below. On top of that, we’re also going to go over five different types of fluoro line that you can use on your next time out on the lake.

Those items are:

First, let’s go into more depth on fluoro line and what its uses are.

What is Fluorocarbon Line?

If you looked at monofilament line and fluoro right next to each other you might not be able to tell much of a difference. Especially if both lines were clear colored. But below the surface, they couldn’t be more different.

Fluoro is much denser than mono, which means it will not float and sinks once it is in the water. Ideal for sinking lures but not for topwater or anything you want suspended in the water column.

Overall, fluoro is made up of a broad family of different compounds. In the world of fishing, you’ll also hear it be called polyvinylidene difluoride. Or it could be PVFD for short.

Basically you can throw just about whatever you want with fluorocarbon. From crankbaits to jigs, and soft plastics.

Features of Fluoro Line

Below, we’re going to go over all of the different features that make fluoro unique from mono, braided line, and other lines out there. Most of these will help your fishing, but some only work for certain techniques.


As we mentioned earlier, fluoro is basically invisible once it is in the water. The reason for this is because it does not distort the light that is passing through the water.

This is because it nearly has the same refractive index qualities as water.

This means that if you’re ever fishing in clear water then you should have at least one spinning reel with fluoro tied on. This is especially true if the fish are skittish, or if you’re fishing a heavily pressured body of water.

Abrasion Resistance

Because fluoro is so difficult to see underwater, that means you can use a heavier line. This gives you confidence knowing that if you need to you can really pull out a big fish if you wind up hooking into one.

On top of that, the abrasion resistance is top-notch. If you’re fishing a spot where braid would be best but the water is too clear, then fluoro is going to be your best bet.

Throw jigs in tight cover or drag lures along the bottom without fear.


Fluoro is way more sensitive than monofilament line. That is because the tightly packed molecules in fluoro line transmit more energy. This sends more information from the end of your line back to you at the reel.

This sensitivity allows you to detect light bites, as well as what the bottom of the lake or river is made of.

It also sinks at a much faster rate than mono, meaning that there will be less slack line between the rod tip and line in the water.

Low Stretch

Fluoro has little to no stretch to it. So you get a great hook set on a fish, even when you hook up with one from a long way away. So if you have been having trouble with getting solid hooksets on your monoline, then switching to fluoro might help you out.

With this low stretch, you also get a very poor shock strength. A line with good shock strength means that the line will not snap under sudden pressure.

So, if you’re using light fluoro then you have a greater chance of breaking off your line. If you need to use light fluoro then try keeping your drag loose to help combat this.

When to use Fluorocarbon line

Many of us don’t have the opportunity to fish unpressured lakes. So, if you’re looking for an edge that could make the difference between a full live-well and a day of getting skunked then fluoro could be just the thing that pushes you over the top.

Skittish fish in public lakes near cities get tons of pressure, and it can be very difficult to consistently catch fish on. So, a strong, sensitive, and nearly invisible line would be something that could help you out.

When dragging a Carolina rig along the bottom of the lake, the fish won’t be spooked by your green mono. Instead, they’ll see the lure only and will increase your number of hookups.

If you want to fish deep then fluoro is going to help keep your lure down deep in the strike zone. Since it sinks you don’t have to worry about the line halting the fall of your lure, or making it rise up unexpectedly.

Fluoro is especially deadly if you’re going after skittish fish, in clear water, near abrasive structure on the bottom of the river or lake.

Trolling around and pitching soft plastic around docks, lily pads, cypress stumps, and other submerged surfaces will get you a lot of fish.

Different ways to use Fluorocarbon

If you don’t want to spool your reel with fluorocarbon then you could easily use it as a fluorocarbon leader line instead. Many people enjoy the strength of braid but don’t like how easy it is for fish to see. A way you can get around this is to use a fluorocarbon leader material.

Depending on what you’re comfortable with you should be attaching 5-20 inches of leader to your line. This will give you enough space so the fish won’t be spooked by the braid.

If you go the 20-inch route then that also gives you some wiggle room to cut away and tie on new lures without having to tie on a new leader every single time.

What else to Look for When Purchasing Fluorocarbon Line

If you plan on only using fluoro as a leader then you don’t need to purchase hundreds of yards of line. Finding a spool that holds 50 yards will keep you going for several seasons.

If you do plan on using it for your whole spool then a package of 200 yards or more would be ideal.

If you do plan on using fluoro as a leader then there are a few knots that you should learn to ensure the knot is strong.

Alberto Knot

If you want to connect braid to fluoro then the Alberto Knot is going to be the best to use. This knot was designed especially for connecting lines of different diameters as well as material. It’s important to use this knot when tying fluoro to braid because the braid is so strong that it can actually cut the knot. Alberto does not allow this to happen.

Double Uni Knot

The Alberto can also be used to connect mono to fluoro, but if you want to learn an even stronger knot for a fluoro to braid connection then you should learn the Double Uni. This is a very easy knot to remember and has a strength of 85%-90%


Now that we’ve gone over all the stuff we need to know about fluorocarbon line lets go over some products. Below, we’re going to cover five different lines that will help you out on your next fishing trip.

Berkeley Vanish 100% Fluorocarbon

The first fluorocarbon line I ever used. The Berkley Vanish fluorocarbon fishing line is one of the most trusted names in fluoro line. It becomes 100% clear once underwater due to the line refracting light the same way water does. It also has low memory.

It comes in many different sizes as well as spools. If you just want 200 yards of 15-pound test then they have it. If you want 1700 yards of 60-pound test then they have that too. This type of line is versatile that you can use it just about anywhere and it will help you catch more fish.

Thanks to their being so many different weight limits on the line you can use this for catching just about any type of fish.

Use four-pound test in your local trout stream, or bump it to 12 for catching bass. If chasing bonefish or tother saltwater fish then you can go all the way up tom 60 pounds. This is truly a very versatile line.

This line is meant to be used as the mainline on the whole reel, but you can also use it as a leader if you wish. Whichever you find to be easiest for you as the angler.

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>Seaguar InvizX

Seaguar is another very well known name in the fishing world and especially in the fluorocarbon fishing line world.

They make several different sized spools so all anglers can purchase just the right amount line. So the weekend warrior can purchase their 200 yards while the fishing guide can purchase their 600 yard spool.

The line itself is high-quality. It has high tensile strength and t’s easy castability and is extra supple with incredible sensitivity.

So you can feel the bottom of the body of water your fishing and also detect those super-light bites from small or skittish fish.

The line casts great and is meant to fill a whole reel with. However, if you prefer to use it as a leader then they can be done as well. Whichever you find is best for you. It’s low stretch and the strong line will give it superior power on hook sets.

Meaning you won’t be missing fish by not getting good hook sets.

This is a tough line to beat. Anytime you need to fish down deep or keep the line away from skittish fish then this is a great product to use. It’s strong, tough and will help you catch more fish.

Also, the Seaguar blue label is a great product to check out too.

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RUNCL Power Fluoro

This is technically a hybrid fishing line. The outer coating is made of 100% fluorocarbon while the inside is made of polymer.

The copolymer core gives the line more flexibility knot strength as well as giving the line a low line memory. While the fluorocarbon coating is abrasion resistant and gives the line great knot strength.

Once it’s underwater the line is practically invisible. It won’t be as invisible as a full fluorocarbon line, but it’s about close as you can get. Making it ideal for fishing in just about any water type. Whether it be muddy, stained, or clear.

This line has incredible strength. The shock strength on this line might be the best of all the fluorocarbon lines out there.

It can handle hard and sudden strikes while simultaneously delivering brutish hook sets. It also has excellent abrasion resistance. Fish this around any piece of structure you want and have no fear of a line breaking.

It also features a high-density construction. Making it sink faster than other fluoro lines out there. It is also waterproof.

Making it ideal for ice fishing. Get your bait down quickly to where the fish are and you also don’t have to worry about the line absorbing water and freezing.

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KastKing Kovert

This is a 100% pure fluorocarbon line. This is created and manufactured in Germany to be the best fluorocarbon fishing line out there.

When you need a sensitive, shock absorbent, low visibility, and tough fishing line for clear water, then this is the line you should be picking up. It’s hard to beat KastKing when it comes to lines or other materials.

Once under the water, this line is practically invisible. Making it ideal to use when the fish are wary of biting a lure, or if you happen to be in ultra-clear water. This line can be used to both put on a reel or could be utilized as a leader line.

This is also a very fast sinking and sensitive line. You’ll be able to get down deep quickly and won’t have to worry about your bottom crawling lure being pulled off the bottom by a line that cant keep up. It’s also ultra sensitive so So you can detect small bites and read the bottom of the lake to see what kind of terrain you’re fishing in.

KastKing is perfectly spooled inside of its package so you don’t have to worry about line coming off in all angles when you try to spool on your own reel.

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Trilene Fluorocarbon

The last line on our list. Berkley Trilene is one of the most popular fishing lines out there. It’s known to come at a good price as well as being reliable and tough. Well, now they have their very own fluoro line.

If you want to use one of the most trusted names in fishing line then this is the one for you. Berkeley Trilene is going to help you catch fish and the line is going to hold up to everything that you put it through

Cast it around brush piles, docks, grass and it will come back just as strong as it was before. Same as the other lines, feel free to use this on your reels as well as a leader attached to braid or to mono. It’s versatile enough to do both.

This line has been the choice of several pro bass fishing anglers for close to a decade now, and for good reason. It’s heavy so it will sink down quickly and get your lure exactly where it needs to be, while also being invisible in the water column.

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Fluoro line is a great asset to add to your fishing arsenal. It’s not needed in every single fishing scenario, but it works in just about every situation you can think of. It’s a truly versatile line that all anglers should be utilizing.

Also, yuo should check out the KastKing Fluorokote fishing line, Sunline Super FC Sniper, P-line line floroclear, Seaguar Red Label, Sniper Fluorocarbon Fishing Line, and Fluorocast Fluorocarbon Fishing Line.

Now that we’ve gone over the features of the line as well as the products themselves its time to go pick some up. So head down to your local outfitter, bait shop, or online retailer such as Amazon and pick some up for yourself!