Best Fly Fishing TV Shows

There is a world that many non anglers are aware of, and that’s the prevalence of shows that feature fishing as the main topic.

Men and Women travel the globe in chase of Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Salmon, Trout, Marlin and anything else that swims.

However, there is one type of fishing that does not have as strong a presence as bass fishing, or deep sea fishing on conventional television. That is fly fishing.

Fly Fishing always seems to make its way into books, short stories, or magazines. But it can be hard to find a fly fishing show on television. So follow along to go over a few shows that you can find on your TV set.

1. Fly Rod Chronicles

A proud born and raised West Virginian, host Curtis Fleming, travels around the globe in search of fish with his fly rod. He can be seen fishing saltwater for permit or even throwing flies to smallmouth on the New River.

He features his daughters throughout the series, showing how the outdoors can bring together the whole family. Also featured are different charities that help get more and more people outside.

Fly Rod Chronicles does a good job of keeping the attention on the fishing, the guests, as well as the host. A fun and entertaining series that is great for the whole family. It airs on the Pursuit Channel.

2. Seasons on the Fly

NBC Sports Network features Greg Heister as the host. He takes viewers around the globe on different fly fishing destination trips. He has gone to Iceland, Alaska, as well as Montana.

The show features beautiful scenery, good fishing, as well as a few tips or tricks that the host chooses to give out. It also has a website where it holds previous episodes, a blog, a store, and tips on how to tie flies.

3. The KT Diaries

Another Pursuit Channel show, the KT Diaries features Kevin Townsend sharing his love of the outdoors and fly fishing with the audience.

It not only features great fly fishing, but also hunting, particularly upland bird. Along with showing off hunting and fishing from around the country, KT also shares environmental issues and how the public can help. And of course, information on how to be a more successful angler and hunter.


Along with shows featured on networks you’ll find several different types of shows YouTube or Many filmmakers are putting shows on YouTube, creating whole channels focused around fishing. Check out some good ones below.

3. Das Boat

A show brought to you by Meat Eater and Steven Rinella. While it may not be technically all about fly fishing, there is a great deal involved.

The premise of the show is that the Meat Eater crew bought an old aluminum boat that has seen better days. From here they contacted 10 different anglers across the US and filmed them fishing from it.

The catch is that each set of anglers has to add something different to the boat. It could be a casting platform, trolling motor, or a grill.

Each spot they travel to gets a background on the fishery and these famous anglers get to travel and hit up these great spots.

4. Spanish Fly

Specializing in saltwater fly fishing, host Jose Wejebe chases permit, bonefish as well as drum using his fly rod. Clips of his show can be found on YouTube and full episodes can be found on

Wejebe features different tips for anglers to use when fishing in saltwater as well as having a full website to read up on his destinations and any other tips he has given out.

5. American Fly Guide

Host Craig Mathews fishes with fly guides in all waters around the country. It’s here you can listen to Craig and the guides give out tips and tricks for fishing all different types of water.

Along with giving tips there is also beautiful scenery full of wild trout.


Overall, fly fishing is under represented in television. Most shows feature conventional tackle, and for good reason that’s because conventional is more popular than using a fly.

However, if on the hunt for some good fly fishing TV check out and enjoy some of the highlighted shows.