The 6 Best Gun Safe Door Organizers for Practicality (2021 Review)

You got your gun safe and all of your guns and ammo safely secured in there. Or are they? Are your handguns in holsters? Do you have a door panel with hangers and pockets for additional ammo and weapons, keeping everything separate and safe?

Best Gun Safe Door Organizers


  1. Liberty Safe Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer
  2. American Security Model 19 Premium Door Organizer
  3. Stealth Molle Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer
  4. SPIKA Adjustable Storage Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer
  5. Stack-On SPAO-148-18 Safe Organizer
  6. Browning Safe Door Organizer


Gun safe accessories might seem like overkill, but trust us when we say that it’s worth it. In this article, we go over what gun safe door panel organizers are, what the benefits are, and what to consider when looking at gun safe organizers.

Lastly, we’ll give you our list of the top pocket door organizers for optimal gun storage and safety.

Let’s get started.

What Are Gun Safe Organizers?

Simply put, they are inside of the door panels that help organize and secure your guns and ammo. They come with a litany of features, such as pistol pockets, ammo pockets, velcro straps to keep things in place, and even document storage folds.

They are made out of sturdy materials to make sure the top doesn’t fray and fall, causing all of your gun equipment to get jumbled and messed up.

Sometimes, if all you have are rifles and not a ton of ammo, you can get away without getting a door organizer. However, if you have too many rifles for the main area, or handguns, or excessive amounts of ammo, you should get an organizer.

The Benefits of a Door Organizer for Your Gun Safe

An accessory door panel offers many advantages to upgrade your gun safe and gun storage capabilities:
Pockets for premium storage:

All gun safe organizers come with a plethora of pockets. And they can be different sizes with different features: cool pockets to regulate temperature; smaller pockets to hold random things like choke tubes and loose ammo; zip pockets to secure items to the fullest.

Increased storage capacity: Storage space is the name of the game here. With all of those pockets we mentioned, you can put everything in a safe location.

But that’s not all; door organizers usually come with pegs to hang other equipment like quick-draw holsters or normal pistol holsters, as well as handgun hangers. If your organizer has a pistol rack or pistol holder, it will fit the gun as if it were in a holster, complete with SnapSafe buttons to lock it into place.

Dehumidifier to keep guns dry: Moisture is the devil when it comes to proper gun storage. Some gun safe organizers have dehumidifiers built into the system to ensure your safe stays nice and dry.

Can fit most gun safe doors: Whether they’re vault doors or something else, you can drape a door organizer on the inside of your gun safe door. Rifle safes can just as easily hold handguns and ammo clips without making it a ridiculous mess.

Can sometimes store long guns too: Some organizers have velcro straps situated so that you can store your rifles against the door as well as in the main area of the gun safe. That way, if you have that many rifles, you can spread them out without having them scrape against each other or unnecessarily wearing down.

Gun safe door organizers are well worth your time and money for making your gun safe look organized (shocker) and keeping your guns and ammo and rifle equipment secure and easy to grab and use. But which one do you get? That is the question…

What to Consider When Buying Your Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer

Don’t just grab the first door organizer on Amazon. You want certain characteristics for your door panel in order for it to be a terrific return on investment.

Pocket qualities

You want your pockets to provide the most security and advantages for what you’re storing. Things like cooling materials to keep your handguns and ammo in a temperature-controlled environment, SnapSafe buttons or thick velcro to have lockdown storage, and handgun holsters (more on that below).

With appropriate pockets, you can optimize your storage capacity and keep everything where it should be.

Shelf space

You want your door organizer to be comprehensive, but you don’t want it to get in the way of your shelves already located in your safe. And if you don’t have shelves in your gun safe, maybe you want shelves on your door organizer.

Either way, in order to have the most storage possible, you’ll want shelf space, where you can lay ammo clips, cleaning kits, and other gun paraphernalia that doesn’t quite fit inside a pocket.

Sturdy, durable material

Because these organizers hang off your gun safe door, and it’s full of heavy stuff, you want the material to withstand the weight and test of time. Durable polyester or heavy-duty nylon works great for securing the organizer to the door and keeping it there for years to come.

So make sure to take a good long look at what the gun safe organizer is made out of before pulling the trigger (metaphorically, of course).

Attractive holster system

Practicality is one thing; style is another. You want to be able to get to your handgun quickly and easily, and you want to be able to have an air of presentation when you’re showing off your collection.

Therefore, it only makes sense to have an attractive holster system that blends keeping your guns in place and keeping them in plain sight for all to see.


Keeping things dry should be your top priority. Whether you already have a dehumidifier or not, it’s best to either get a door organizer that has one or one that can fit easily in the door organizer so that it’s out of the way but still doing its job.

Brand name

Getting a door organizer that’s from a trusted company will check a bunch of the boxes above, including materials, holster systems, and pocket characteristics. This means American Security (AMSEC), Liberty Safe, Stealth Molle, and Browning are great brands to trust.

With all of these in mind, let’s take a deep dive into the best possible organizers you can find in 2020.

The Best Gun Safe Door Organizers Reviewers

Liberty Safe Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer

First up is Liberty Safe, which offers you a variety of door organizer options so you get exactly what you need for your gun safe.

It is a door panel with an attractive holster system to expand storage capacity and maximize shelf space. It also has four fabric pistol pockets to make them easy to reach, as well as mesh storage pockets and mounting brackets for storage of knives, choke tubes, and other accessories.

On top of that, it has cool-pocket document protectors and an easy-clip system with velcro straps for fast installation. Lastly, it comes with all of the hardware to quickly and securely mount the panel to the door.

They give you a whole host of options, including an inexpensive 10-inch by 49-inch panel, a standard 15-inch by 48-inch organizer with more pockets and storage options than the small one, a 17.5-inch by 48.25-inch for Liberty Safes sizes 20-25, and a massive 28.75-inch by 48.25-inch door organizer for a size 48 Liberty Safe.

In short, no matter the size of your gun safe, they have the right door panel organizer for you.

With all of these holsters and pockets, your additional storage space goes up by at least 50 percent. Storing all of your handguns, ammo, documents, and other equipment in the Liberty Safe Door Panel Organizer will keep everything safe and organized to the fullest extent.

Buy The Liberty Safe Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer Here

American Security Model 19 Premium Door Organizer

AMSEC is well-known for being one of the best brands for anything and everything gun safes. Their Premium Door Organizer is exceptional, with features that put this gun safe door panel at the top of this list.

This retrofit kit includes various see-through pouches and zippered pockets, as well as two rows of holders for things like choke tubes, ammo, and small flashlights. It has two full-width pistol storage systems; these accommodate various handguns, plus it comes with four holsters. (You can buy additional holsters separately.)

The Model 19 also has a long gun storage system for two individual firearms, which includes the AMSEC exclusive “no-hassle” quick release bands for fast grabbing.

This is an adjustable door organizer, going from 48.5 inches to 51.25 inches in height and 20.75 inches to 25 inches in width.

Therefore, the American Security Model 19 Premium Organizer fits most medium-sized gun safe doors. If you want variety when it comes to gun storage, this is the organizer you want due to its long gun storage system and full-width pistol holsters.

Buy The American Security Organizer Here

Stealth Molle Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer

Stealth Molle is a trusted brand that has a cost-friendly safe door organizer specifically designed to attach to doors with fireboards.

This panel measures out at 45 inches high, 16-to-33 inches wide. It has six fastening clips to secure the panel to a 0.625-inch fireboard if necessary. (A fireboard is material attached to the inside of the door and walls of a gun safe to make it more fireproof.)

The Stealth Molle is compatible with their Police and Military Molle safes. As well, it has three extra-large pistol holders, one triple-mag pouch for all of your extra ammo clips, two medium pockets, and one large pocket.

The large pocket on the bottom is something of a catch-all, where you can store important documents and loose gun equipment.

While this one doesn’t provide as many options as the above two, it’s still a solid door organizer. Plus, it has the option of attaching to a fireboard, whereas the two above do not.

So if you have a fireboard on your gun safe door, go with the Stealth Molle Door Panel Organizer.

Buy The Stealth Molle Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer Here

SPIKA Adjustable Storage Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer

SPIKA, another amazing gun safe brand, has an impressive gun safe door organizer that’s adjustable and provides you with a ton of storage capabilities.

The width of the panel organizer varies from 16 inches to 19 inches, while the height goes from 46 inches to 51 inches. (This makes it ideal for bigger gun safe doors.)

It has four side clips, two top clips, and two bottom clips, to ensure the panel doesn’t shift or fall. And this thing has a TON of nooks and crannies: three pistol holders, two medium pockets, one large pocket, two triple-mag pouches, a zipper pocket, and eight fixed ammo holders.

This organizer can also secure itself onto a fireboard or fabric panel on the inside of your gun safe door, making it easy to install as well as super secure.

SPIKA definitely makes the most out of your storage space. Their adjustable organizer gives you a ton of choices on how to store your guns, ammo, files, and equipment.

This is the organizer with the most versatility in our opinion, and therefore our top pick.

Buy The SPIKA Adjustable Storage Gun Safe Organizer Here

Stack-On SPAO-148-18 Safe Organizer

This is a simple, straightforward gun safe door organizer from the people at Stack-On. While it doesn’t provide a ton of storage capacity, it might be just the thing you’re looking for if you aren’t a total gun-head.

Some areas of this door organizer can be converted to provide shelving for storing ammo, pistols, or other items. It has a three-point locking system with a key-coded cylinder lock, making it impossible to get into without the proper credentials.

The organizer includes barrel rests that are extended to accommodate for additional depth. That way, if you need to store tactical weapons, you have the ability to do so.

Complete with two large mesh pockets, two small mesh pockets, and space for clip-on equipment such as radios or GPS systems, the Stack-On SPAO-148-18 Safe Organizer is what it is: a simple door organizer where you don’t really have to securely store handguns or separate ammo from other items.

However, the price of this gun safe door organizer cannot be beaten — under $30 — making it a terrific choice for some of you hunting aficionados.

Buy The Stack-On SPAO-148-18 Safe Organizer

Browning Safe Door Organizer

Last on the list, we have the Browning Safe Door Organizer. No doubt you’ve heard of Browning, so you can imagine the quality of their door panel organizer.

This organizer pulls no punches. Every square inch of this large 27-inch by 48-inch organizer maximizes storage capacity while giving you different pockets for different items.

It has two large zipper pouches, two medium zipper pouches, four velcro straps for handguns, four large pistol holsters, four smaller open-mouth pouches at the bottom for choke tubes and extra ammo clips, and space in the middle for clip-on equipment.

Whether it’s documents, handguns, pistols, ammo, tubes, or anything else you can think of to store in your gun safe, this organizer can handle it.

If you go with Browning, you can store all of your extra firearm equipment on this organizer, leaving the main space for long guns and tactical weapons only. By optimizing space and storage, the Browning Safe Door Organizer is a close number two behind the SPIKA for our top pick.

Buy The Browning Safe Door Organizer Here


Gun safe door organizers are pivotal if you want to keep your gun safe organized to the fullest and extra secure. When you open your safe, you don’t want guns and ammo clips and documents spilling out into one gigantic mess.

With a door organizer, you can make everything nice and tidy, which allows for practical organization and stylistic presentation.

Look at the list again and select the door panel organizer that works for you and your gun safe. When you get your organizer, you’ll see how much of an upgrade it brings to your safe organization.