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Best Hunting Arrows Reviewed For The 2021 Season

When you first start bow hunting it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out the right arrow you need.

There are several different types of shafts, fletching and points needed, and below we’re going to go over all of these and more so that you can be ready for bowhunting season.

Best Hunting Arrows

  1. Barnett 16075 Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-inch Arrows
  2. MS Jumper Archery Carbon hunting Arrows
  3. Excalibur Firebolt Carbon Arrows
  4. Gold Tip Hunter PRO Arrows
  5. Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows

There are many different brands for bowhunters to choose from. You’ve probably heard of some of the bestsellers Easton arrows, Hoyt, and Victory Archery.

All these companies make a great product, but below we’re going to review some brands you might not have heard of.

We’re also going to review the previous listed arrows.

But first, let’s go over in more detail exactly what type of arrow you need.

What are hunting Arrows?

Hunting Arrows

Hunting arrows are made specifically for harvesting animals, and there are many different types and points that are needed in order to do so.

If you plan on hunting in the afternoon, then chances are eventually you’ll have to track a deer in the dark. A great way to see exactly where you shot and find your arrow again is to get launchpad lighted nocks for the carbon express arrows you purchased. These light up and allow you to see exactly where the deer was when the arrow hit.

Bullet Point

The bullet point arrowhead is meant to be used on foam, grass, or bag targets. It is meant to be used as a practice point for hunting season. You can match the weight of the bullet point to your big game broadhead and that way you can continue shooting accurately without shooting your broadhead. These are also called field points

Grabbing Point

A grabbing point is also used as a practice tip for an arrow.

They have small wires that poke out from the point that prevents the arrow from being hidden in different types of ground cover, or bagged targets.

A grabbing point and bullet points serve the same purpose. It is just based on your own personal preference.


These are what you’re going to use when you’re out in the woods hunting big game. There are many different types of blade design and configurations os its best to buy a few packs to figure out which one shoots the best for you.

Blunt Points

These have a flat point to them that is usually made from steel, rubber, or plastic. These are best used when hunting small game such as squirrel, rabbit or grouse. These don’t kill by hemorrhage but instead by shock.

Bowfishing Point

Bowfishing Point

These are made of steele and are designed to penetrate the scales of tougher fish. These are equipped with a long barb which allows you to retrieve the fish, once the arrow has penetrated them.

Arrow Shafts

Next you’re going to need to know about the different types of arrow shafts so you can be sure your arrows always fly straight, and that you’re using the proper material for your bow.


These are the premier arrow shafts. There are designed to be extremely lightweight, fast, and strong. They can be purchased in any number of diameters which makes them fully customizable.


These are cheaper arrows and are most often used for practice or sighting in your bow. Because they are made of aluminum they can bend easily and are not recommended for continuous shooting.


Wooden arrows are not suitable to be shot with a modern day compound bow. These should only be shot with traditional recurve bows. Typically they’re made from cedar, pine, or spruce.



These are typically used in bowfishing. These are a heavier arrow and durable which will help penetrate thick scales on fish.

They usually do not have any fletching on them because they only have to travel a short distance.

Best Hunting Arrow Shaft

The best arrow shaft is the one that you’re most comfortable with. If you prefer using aluminum arrows, then go for it. Or you could prefer shooting a wooden arrow from a traditional recurve.

However, in terms of strength, and velocity it’s hard to beat a carbon shaft arrow.

Types of Arrow Fletching

Along with arrow points and shafts you’ll also have to figure out your arrow fletching. Below we go over a few different types

Three/Four Fletching

It may not seem like it but here is a vast difference between having an arrow with three or four fletchings.

The three fletched arrow will have a faster rotation, lighter, and will also be cheaper. While the four fletched arrows you’ll have more control over the arrow, but you will also have more drag.

It’s best to try out both to see which one you would prefer.


These are lighter and can make the arrow much faster than using plastic vanes. It also creates more drag and greater spin on the arrow, which means it has better steering capabilities.

The issue comes in that they are not as durable. Over time the feathers will begin to break down and will no longer be effective. This is also true for shooting in the rain. The water logged feathers will hamper the shooter

Plastic Vanes

Plastic Vanes

These come in a variety of sizes and each one has its own built in advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you use a heavier and wider vane then it the arrow will be much slower. But because of the wider vane your arrow will now be better at correcting itself if the shooter has improper form.

What to look for when purchasing Hunting Arrows

Straightness Tolerance

When purchasing carbon fiber arrows you’ll notice somewhere on the box it will mention straightness tolerance. All this means is how straight the arrow is, and based on how straight it is will also determine the price.

You’ll find most arrows have  a tolerance between .001”-.006”. You’re going to be hard pressed to find anything outside of that range.

.001” is the pro grade arrow and can cost the big bucks. Only experienced shooters who can shoot properly and consistently should consider buying these.

While .006” will be the most moderately priced arrow, but won’t be as elite as the pro grade models.


The weight tolerance or “grain” of the arrow will depend on the draw weight of your bow. You want to use an arrow with 5 pounds of grain per draw weight.

Which means a draw weight of 60 pounds would equal a 300 grain arrow. This 300 grain weight includes the weight of your broadhead or field point.

Keep in mind the FOC as well. This is short for front-of-center and describes the percentage of the arrow weight that is located in the front half of the arrow. You want a weight forward arrow because the more weight located in the front of the arrow, the more forward the arrows center of balance.


You may think that your draw length and arrow length have to match, but that is not always true. Of course, the arrow cannot be too short, but if you prefer, you can make your arrow a little bit longer than your draw requires.

Keep in mind that if you shoot a longer arrow then the stiffness and flexing of the arrow will be affected. Which could lead to a slower arrow.


Bow Hunting Arrows

Arrow quality is based on the materials that it is made with. Carbon is regarded as the best arrow material on the Market but with that comes with a higher price point. After that is aluminum which can be just as effective as carbon but has the ability to bend after shooting which can affect the accuracy of shots.


The majority of hunting arrows come in a diameter of either 9/32” or 5/16”. This has been the mainstay in hunting for years and years.

There are more companies coming out recently with thinner diameter arrows claiming better penetration. They are still reasonably new so it is hard to determine is this is factual.

The best way to determine which diameter you prefer is to try it out yourself and see which one you like the best.

You’ll also find that there is a micro-diameter arrow on the market. The theory behind them is that the smaller diameter allows the arrow to go through the intended target much easier than one that is bulky.


The most durable arrows on the market will be made of carbon materials. They’re not going to bend, and they will stay strong and sturdy after hours of shooting time. Any other material is going to be less than and will not hold up to the quality.

What Are The Best Arrows For Hunting Big Game

It’s time to lay out your favorite mossy oak pattern because now we’re talking about hunting for big game. You’ll need something heavy and powerful. With whitetail deer you can shoot a 300 grain arrow without much issue. However, if you want to go after elk, or moose, then you’ll need to shoot something in the 400 grain range.

Again, you’ll also need to use carbon arrows. They penetrate deeper, have better kinetic energy, and have better vibration dampening.

Best hunting Arrows Reviewed

Barnett 16075 Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-inch Arrows

BARNETT 16075 Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-Inch Arrows with Field Points (5 Pack)

This is a five pack of 20 inch crossbow arrows. They are 13.78 grains per inch and the tip weighs a total of 100 grains.

These are a very consistent arrow that can be utilized by both the novice or the expert. Feel free to take these out hunting deer hunting.

Buy Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-inch Arrows Here

MS Jumper Archery Carbon hunting Arrows

MS Jumpper Archery Carbon Arrows, High Percentage Carbon-Fiber Arrow Spine 400 with 4" Real Feathers 100 Grain Points for Hunting/Targeting Compound/Recurve/Long Bow 6Pack (30inch)

These are carbon arrows can be utilized on a recurve, compound, traditional, or a longbow. They can be used to either hunt with or be used for target practice.

The arrows can be cut to 28-31” and have a 400 grains weight, which can be used for up to a 65 pound draw.

They have excellent durability so they can be shot again and again, and have a great flight speed.

Buy MS Jumper Archery Carbon Hunting Arrows Here

Excalibur Firebolt Carbon Arrows

Excalibur Firebolt Carbon Arrows 20 in.6pk 22CAV-6

These 20 inch carbon arrows are made to fit your crossbow. The Excalibur arrows also do not require to use of a nock and are ready to go straight out of the box.

These bolts are deadly accurate. They are great for the marksman who enjoys hitting groups or the hunter looking for accurate shots.

Buy Excalibur Firebolt Carbon Arrows Here

Gold Tip Hunter PRO Arrows

Gold Tip Hunter PRO Arrows with 2-Inch Raptor Vanes (1-Dozen), 340

If you’re looking for tough, and durable arrows that withstand shot after shot then these are the ones for you. Time after time these arrows will hold up to rigorous target shooting and will be ready to take out into the field if need be.

Along with being durable they are also very straight and fast fliers. Great for the experienced hunter who wants to drop some money on a good, ad quality arrow.

Buy Gold Tip Hunter PRO Arrows Here


Selecting your arrows can be a little overwhelming if you’re new to the sport, but hopefully you now have a better understanding. Many different outfitters are happy to give you extra help when purchasing your arrows. However, if you feel comfortable enough you go ahead an order them from Amazon, or any other online outdoor site.

Also, check out the carbon express maxima red with blazer vanes. It has a very dynamic spine and they are regarded as some of the best arrows on the market. They even make a carbon express maxima red fletched carbon arrows. For easy arrow retrieval after a shot. There is also an Easton fmj, which stands for full metal jacket. These are another great arrow that anyone can use to shoot.

Feel free to use the list above as a jumping off point to finding the arrows for you, or use one of the arrows on the list!