Best Hunting Bibs 2020

The Best Hunting Bibs for Cold Weather In 2021 Review

In your overall hunting experience, what is one of the worst feelings you can have when out in the wilderness, stalking prey?

That’s right, freezing your butt off due to the cold air. And what’s worse, if your clothing gets wet, then forget it — you’re on your way to becoming a camo icicle.

Weather conditions can be really awful when you’re so far away from civilization. However, that doesn’t mean you simply have to grin and bear it.

Best Hunting Bibs


  1. Sitka® Men’s GORE® OPTIFADE™ Elevated II Series Fanatic Bibs
  2. Carhartt Men’s Big & Tall Quilt Lined Camo Bib Overalls
  3. Walls Men’s Insulated Bib Overall
  4. UnderArmour Men’s UA Grit Bib
  5. RedHead® Men’s Silent Stalker™ Elite Bibs


With weather technology and materials that are resistant to things like water and the cold, you can stay warm and comfortable while hiking through nature, rifle on your shoulder.

By far one of the best pieces of hunting clothing has to be hunting bibs. These suspenders-slash-coveralls are ideal for keeping yourself insulated from the outdoors while remaining breathable to keep you from overheating.

In this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about the best hunting bibs, including what they are, what bib features are out there, and what the benefits of wearing them are.

Plus, we’ll give you the characteristics of hunting bibs you’ll want to look for when purchasing a pair of your own, as well as FAQs and our list of the top hunting bibs you can find online.

It’s time to strap up and get cozy as you find out what hunting bibs are all about…

What Are Hunting Bibs?

Hunting bibs are hunting gear designed to keep you safe from the harsh, wet, cold elements. They are pants that extend all the way to your midsection, sometimes even to your chest.

Their main job is to keep your lower body dry and warm, helping you avoid the wilderness and keeping you comfortable throughout your hunt.

Insulated bibs are something to definitely consider if you hunt in heavily forested areas. Because most of them are water-resistant and include a plethora of pockets to secure your hunting valuables, they are necessary pieces for having a terrific hunting experience.

This is especially true if you participate in deer hunting or elk/moose hunting. Even bow hunting is improved with hunting bibs, staying warm and dry when you’re stalking or up in your tree stand.

Bib Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Multiple zippers, including leg zippers
  • Insulation
  • Windproof
  • Shoulder straps
  • Cargo pockets, including chest pockets and back pockets
  • Adjustable waistband

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Hunting Bibs?

Sure, hunting bibs have:

  • Essentially waterproof: Water resistance is key when it comes to keeping your legs safe while hunting. Hunting bibs’ claim to fame is their water repellent ability. They’re made of high-quality materials that wick away moisture, never allowing water to seep in. With regular pants, they get wet and freeze up, turning your legs into popsicles. Not ideal when trying to move around in nature. Plus it’s dangerous; hypothermia is a real concern when out in the harsh weather, away from civilization.
  • Additional pockets: Zippered pockets are ideal when you’re out and about. They keep your phone, hunter ID, extra ammo, compass, and other items secure and dry. Not only that, but some of them also come with handwarmer pockets. Hand pockets help keep your hands pliable and ready to string back your bow or curl around the trigger. The last thing you want is for your fingers to freeze up right as you hone in for the kill.
  • Scent control: A fantastic additional feature for some hunting coveralls. Bibs don’t just trap heat in to keep you comfortable; it traps your stench too. This is vital because animals can smell you a mile away — literally — when you’re reeking from all that hiking and heavy breathing. With scent control, you can sneak up on your prey without tipping your hand, even if the wind isn’t in your favor. Hunting bibs can give you that level of scent control.
  • Freedom of movement: The best cold weather hunting bibs allow for a ton of flexibility. Outerwear shouldn’t stunt your ability to step over a fallen log or get out of sight quickly when you spot an animal. While you want heavy-duty materials that keep you dry and warm, you want them to be stretchy and quiet. This means elastic inserts, as well as adjustable straps (more on this below).
  • Insulated for cold weather hunting: Most hunting seasons are in the middle of autumn or in the dead of winter. While you might not want the warmest camo bib (you can overheat easily), you want bibs that keep the cold out. Materials like Thinsulate and ColdGear are perfect because they blend synthetic fiber thermal insulation and moveability. Insulation allows for your own body heat to come back and warm your skin, which is a really cool feature. Other than water resistance, insulation is the top advantage of using bib overalls.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for security: Along with being able to move freely, adjustable suspenders help keep the hunting bibs securely in place. This means you don’t have to mess with it halfway through your hunt. This is a benefit that traditional hunting pants can’t give you; they don’t have suspenders that can aid in keeping them up where they should be. Hunting coveralls, on the other hand, make sure you aren’t showing your crack when looking for game.
  • Inner and outer shell: Having two layers is how hunting bibs can both insulate and resist moisture. You can get a pair of bibs that have something like polyester insulation for the inner layer, and then heavy-duty material for the outer shell with a scuff guard for additional durability. What you get is a winning combination when on the prowl for whitetails or branch bulls.
  • Full-length coverage: Another benefit that hunting pants can’t give you. Hunting bibs are sometimes called coveralls, and for good reason — they truly do cover all. The bibs go all the way up to your chest, keeping your torso free and clear from rain, dew, biting wind, and more. Getting too hot? Some bibs have front zippers, so you can air yourself out and have some breathability.
  • Keeps bugs off you: They repel water and wind, but hunting bibs also repel annoying insects as well. Some hunts are sweltering, which is when the bugs come out to feast on our flesh. However, with hunting bibs, you can keep your skin clear of bug bites, adding to the comfortability of your hunt.

There are plenty of advantages for grabbing a pair of quality hunting coveralls. It’s definitely worth your time and effort to get yourself some…

What to Look for When Buying Hunting Bibs


However, that doesn’t mean you go onto Amazon, type in “hunting bibs,” and select the first sponsored item on the list. You want your money’s worth when it comes to most things, and the best hunting bibs are no exception.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when searching for those perfect hunting bibs:

  • Breathability: Sometimes even uninsulated bibs can get pretty humid. Therefore, you want bibs that can breathe while keeping you dry and warm. It’s a tall ask, but there are companies out there that have figured out the formula to achieve all three.
  • Materials: You want your inner layer to give you insulation. You want your outer layer to be water-resistant and resistant to cold weather. You also probably want a camo pattern. Do your research on the materials each bib has to make the most informed decision. Always compare it to what hunts you normally go on. If you hunt in warmer climates, you’ll need materials that breathe but don’t insulate. For temperate climates, you’ll want warmer materials that wick away moisture inside and out.
  • Trusted names: Mossy Oak, Legendary Whitetails, Natural Gear, Sitka, UnderArmour… these names no doubt jump out at you. Which is a good thing. That means these companies have carved out their own corners of the industry, which also means they’re high-quality. Nobody would talk about them if they couldn’t handle the pressure of the great outdoors. You would do well to stick with a well-known hunting apparel company for your camo bib needs.
  • Features: There are other features we didn’t mention above that you should be on the lookout for, like snap closures for unparalleled weather protection. Some bibs also have storm flaps, which keeps you even safer from the harsh elements. Lastly, all the pockets; front pockets, back pockets, inner pockets, side pockets, you name it.

You’ll also want to make sure they’re easy-on. Nothing ruins an early morning hunt more than spending a solid ten minutes just trying to get your pants on!

What Do You Wear Under Hunting Coveralls?

hunting bibs for cold weather

An excellent question. You’ll already be protected and warm from the hunting bib, so you’ll want light and airy underwear.

For your lower body, a thin layer of thermal underwear coupled with some durable jeans might make the best combo. If you hunt in warmer weather, discard the thermal underwear and go with whatever is most comfortable underneath the bibs.

Either way, you’ll want a layer beneath the coveralls, as the inner material is usually quite itchy.

As for your upper body, the bibs only cover the torso and some of the shoulders with the straps. That means you need a separate insulation shirt.

Some ColdGear or a classic long-sleeved shirt will do the trick. Over the shoulder straps and bib, an insulated coat or windbreaker completes the outfit.

Of course, durable boots, warm gloves, beanies, thick wool socks, and maybe even a neck guard are all advisable when hunting in cold weather.

What Are the Best Hunting Clothes for Cold Weather?

Again, the top names in hunting gear are where you should start. You want hunting clothes that hold up in awful weather, are essentially waterproof, breathable, and flexible.

A bunch of zippers and pockets are key for storing all of your hunting essentials, along with different layers of protection and warmth. Throughout a hunt, you might peel off layers or put them back on.

So start with long johns, then go for long-sleeved insulated shirts and durable pants, then hunting bibs and comfortable coats to finish the outer layer.

Top Hunting Bibs Reviewed

Sitka® Men’s GORE® OPTIFADE™ Elevated II Series Fanatic Bibs

Sitka® Men's GORE® OPTIFADE™ Elevated II Series Fanatic Bibs

Sitka has long been a favorite of many hunters, and their Elevated II Series Fanatic Bibs show us why. Made of 100 percent polyester and a Berber-fleece face, these camo bibs have a windproof GORE WINDSTOPPER barrier to keep the elements out and the heat in. As well, they have Primaloft Silver insulation, instilling a warm environment for your body as you stalk through the woods.

The Berber-fleece face also allows for quiet movement, an additional feature other bibs might not have. Plus, your boots fit perfectly over the low-bulk hems of the bibs, as well as a dedicated ankle pocket where you can rest your bow hands-free while keeping it out of the muck. Finally, they have lined handwarmer pockets, keeping you ready for that fateful moment when you release your arrow or pull your trigger.

The Sitka Men’s GORE OPTIFADE Elevated II Series Fanatic Bibs have the entire hunting experience in mind. If you go with these, you won’t be disappointed, that’s a guarantee.

Buy Sitka® Men’s GORE® OPTIFADE™ Elevated II Series Fanatic Bibs Here

Carhartt Men’s Big & Tall Quilt Lined Camo Bib Overalls

Carhartt has a reputation for being rugged and durable in the most extreme conditions possible. Their camo bib overalls continue that tradition. Made of 100 percent cotton, these made-in-the-U.S. bibs have a Realtree camo pattern. Also, they have nylon quilting and midweight polyester insulation for the ideal blend of comfort and capability.

These overalls have multiple utility pockets, so you can stock up on ammo, gear, and snacks. They also come with hammer loops to hang tools and whatnot from your belt. Their best feature, though, is their ankle-to-knee zippers with protective wind flaps. These keep the breeze out while allowing you to breathe it out at other times.

If you want a quality, no-nonsense pair of camo bibs, the Carhartt Men’s Big & Tall Quilt Lined Camo Bib Overalls are tough to beat.

Buy Carhartt Men’s Big & Tall Quilt Lined Camo Bib Overalls Here

Walls Men’s Insulated Bib Overall

Walls Men's Insulated Bib Overall

Walls is a solid company that makes high-quality hunting gear, including its insulated bib overall. One-hundred percent cotton, these bibs are also lined with heavyweight polyester insulation and diamond-quilted polyester, making these probably the warmest bibs on this list.

Plus, they come equipped with elastic inserts at the back waist for easy movement, as well as heavy-duty adjustable elastic bib straps with quick-release hardware.

That’s not all. These bibs have a scuff guard at the back hem for added durability, along with a two-way covered front zipper and ankle-to-thigh covered leg zippers for easy-on entry and ultimate convenience.

Speaking of pockets, these coveralls have one right back hip pocket with concealed snap closure, two deep front pant pockets, and two handwarmer chest pockets with brushed lining. That’s a lot of pockets!

If you carry a lot of baggage when out hunting and need to keep your items safe, the Walls Men’s Insulated Bib Overall is your best bet by far.

Buy Walls Men’s Insulated Bib Overalls Here

UnderArmour Men’s UA Grit Bib

UnderArmour Men's UA Grit Bib

Last on our list of the best hunting bibs, we have the UnderArmour Men’s UA Grit Bib. These bibs have a fuller cut for complete comfort, plus UA Storm technology repels water without sacrificing breathability.

The heavy-duty nylon face has a canvas-like feel, and it delivers extreme durability hunting season after hunting season.

The Scent Control fleece liner wicks sweat and keeps you dry and undetected in the field. As well, they have knee-high side zips for fast and easy boot access.

The two-way center front zippers offer added ventilation, while the three-way adjustable, heavy-duty elastic suspenders keep things where they need to be. Complete with woven interlays for additional durability and protection where you need it most, these are some serious hunting bibs.

UnderArmour is one of those trusty companies you’d invest in no matter what. That’s why it makes sense to choose their UA Grit Bib as your main hunting coverall.

Buy UnderArmour Men’s UA Grit Bib Here

RedHead® Men’s Silent Stalker™ Elite Bibs

RedHead® Men's Silent Stalker™ Elite Bibs

Starting off our list are bibs from RedHead. Made with warm and lightweight ThermoLite Micro insulation, these bad boys will most definitely keep you the warmest and driest without sacrificing durability and flexibility.

What’s more, it’s made with BONE-DRY construction, which means it’s waterproof and windproof while offering breathable protection.

The Silent Stalker Elites have a full-zip front with a double-snap storm flap, offering maximum comfort while also allowing you to strip down and breathe it out when you’re deep in the hunt.

They also have hand-warmer pockets that also have button storm flaps to secure the zipper and the pocket’s contents. Lastly, it has a fully adjustable harness system to ensure a snug fit while keeping you on your toes in nature.

Rugged, reliable coverage. That’s the best way to describe the RedHead Men’s Silent Stalker Elite Bibs. You’d be doing yourself one heck of a favor by opting for these as your go-to hunting bibs.

Buy RedHead® Men’s Silent Stalker™ Elite Bibs Here


There’s everything you need to know about the best hunting bibs.

Look over what you need to consider for buying your own pair and select the pair from our list that best matches your needs. Hunting is a grueling sport, but that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable and miserable the entire time.

Hunting bibs ensure that you have a pleasant and ideal hunting experience. Armed with these coveralls, you’ll feel confident and composed when out in the field!