Hunting Blind Chair

The Best Hunting Blind Chairs Reviewed For 2021

Sitting in a ground blind all morning or even all day may not sound all that tiring. After all, you are moving very little in order to be as stealthy as possible. However, sitting all day can be rather uncomfortable if you don’t have the right chair.

  1. Browning Camping Huntsman Chair
  2. Guide Gear Big Boy Comfort Swivel Hunting Chair
  3. REDCAMP Tripod Folding Chair
  4. ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind Chair
  5. Redneck Portable Hunting Chair

The wrong chair could cause you to fidget and create unnecessary movements that could catch the eye of the animal you’re hunting, or you could be creating too much noise and would cause the animal to spook.

So, below we’re going to go over the previous mentioned chairs in order to help you become a quieter and more comfortable hunter.

But first, let’s go over some of the best hunting chairs in a little more detail so you know exactly what you should be looking for.

What Is A Hunting Blind Chair

What Is A Hunting Blind Chair

A chair used in your hunting blind is going to be something light, foldable, and easy to transport, while also being comfortable. You don’t want to be lugging out a giant heavy folding chair and your blind while hiking back into your spot in the woods.

A hunting blind chair is used differently than something you would see in a tree stand. Typically it is a little bit larger and does not have to be a mossy oak or realtree camo pattern. You’ll want something that you can sit in for long hours, has great portability as well as back support.

Most chairs are compact and come with straps that way it can be easily transported on your back. On  top of being easy to carry these seats will also have to be comfortable to sit on. They’ll need to provide the proper cushion and support which will lead to compare comfortable and successful days in the woods.

Benefits Of  Good Blind Chair

Benefits Of A Bow Hunting Chair

A good chair can make all the difference in how a hunt turns out. Instead of sitting on an old log or the ground, you’ll be sitting on something that provides support and cushion. With these added amenities you’ll be able to spend more time in the woods, and more time means more opportunities to be successful.

Also, as we talked about earlier, if you have a comfortable seat you’ll be less likely to fidget and make noise. The less movement and noise you make the better. Any little creek or shift in position could set an animal off and they could be high tailing it away from you before you even notice they’re there.

Considerations Before Buying A Hunting Blind Chair

There are several factors that you should consider before going out and actually purchasing the product. Below were going to go over those in detail so that you can go to the store armed with knowledge.


Blind Chair For Hunting

You should take into account what your chair is made out of. If you sit down and the material of the seat is noisy against the fabric of your favorite hunting pants then you may want to avoid that type of material.

Same goes for water resistance. If you know you plan on hunting in the rain or in a damp area then a mesh material might be the best way to go. Mesh typically dries out very quickly and doesn’t absorb water like a pad might.

Look for something that works best for the type of hunting you plan on doing. If you’re looking over a cornfield and plan on taking 200+ yard shots then a noisy material might not affect you. Instead, look for comfort and support.


If you’re a hunting nut, then a good durable seat is something you’ll need. For the hunter who hunts every weekend of the season and then some, means you’re going to wear out a seat quicker than most. Because of this you may need to splurge and spend a little more money to ensure you’re getting a seat that is made of quality materials and is built well. A strong fabric with polyurethane coating is going to be the ticket for someone like you.

If you only hunt a few times a year then durability should not be your chief concern. Buy something comfortable but on the cheaper end and as long as you take care of it, then it should last you several hunting seasons, maybe more.


Blind Chairs For Hunting

This is where you need to weigh your options on how important comfort is, versus how big of a chair are you willing to lug into your spot. Same goes for how big of a person you are. A larger man around 300 pounds should not be attempting to purchase a dainty seat meant for someone half their size.

Find something that fits your frame and then decide if it;s worthy of purchase.

Is It Quiet

This is easy to test when you’re in the store, but not as much if your purchasing online. If you’re going the Amazon route then make sure to thoroughly read reviews to see what other purchasers have said about the chair.

If you’re in the store then don’t be afraid to try it out. Sit in it, wiggle around, shift your weight, and work on going from standing to sitting. If you’re noticing any noise coming from the chair then that means it’s going to be magnified in the woods, where it is dead quiet.

Make sure to give your chair the proper tests to make sure it is quiet. Purchase the wrong one and that could mean a missed animal.

Does It Swivel

Swivel Blind Chairs

It’s not always necessary to have a chair that swivels, but it rarely ever hurts. Having the ability to adjust your body every so slightly could be the difference between having an open or closed shooting lane.

If it’s important to you that your chair does swivel then keep in mind that it now has another way to make noise and spook animals. The swivel seat will need to be monitored and checked to ensure it is still as quiet as ever before you hit the woods.


An aspect that gets overlooked when thinking of a hunting chair is how adjustable is it. It’s important that you can adjust the seat to fit the hunters height, or the height of the shooting lane in a blind, but also can it be stable on uneven terrain.

If you’re hunting in rocky areas then that means a normal three leg or four legged chair will sit uneven on the ground. If you have legs you can adjust or even auto stabilizing legs then you can sit wherever you need and be able to sit straight. This is a perfect amenities for those hunters who enjoy hunting in the mountains where it can be tough to find flat land to set a chair.


Hunting Chairs

Of all the aspects that you be considering when buying a chair, how comfortable it is should be number one on your list. It can be the most durable piece of equipment out there. It could swivel 360 degrees and have an auto adjust feature that allows you to sit on a sheer cliff. However, if you’re not comfortable sitting in it then none of that is going to matter.

Make sure to thoroughly read reviews online to make sure other hunters enjoy sitting in their chairs. If you decide to buy from a store, then make sure to try all of them out. You never know what might be the most comfortable to you.

The best ground blind chair will be one that is comfortable and will allow you to sit in it for hours.


If you’re using a temporary blind that is designed to be moved several times over the course of a season, then you’re chair needs to be easy to move too.

Something big and bulky is going to be a pain if you’re hiking back to a different spot every time you hit the woods.

Find something comfortable, light and easy to carry.

Best Duck Hunting Blind Chair

Not all chairs made for blinds and supposed to be for deer hunting. A good duck hunting chair needs to allow the hunter to either easily shoot from a sitting position or allow them to quickly and efficiently pop up and take a shot. The chair below allows for just that

Banded Tripod Blind Hunting Stool

Tripod Blind Stool - MAX5

It has a quiet 360 degree swivel so you can easily spot ducks that are flying in, or it allows you to shoot freely from all angles while sitting down. It is a durable and lightweight, steel frame that comes in at 12 pounds.

The height is also adjustable and can go from either 17.5” to 31”.

Buy Banded Tripod Blind Hunting Stool Here

Best Bow Hunting Blind Chair

When bowhunting you need to make sure that nothing gets in the way of your bow. This means it’s usually best to select a chair without armrests. That way you;re free to move and not have to worry about knocking an armrest in order to adjust a shot.

Redneck Portable Hunting Chair

REDNEK Redneck Blinds Portable Hunting Chair

This is a tripod minimalist chair. It has no armrests which will allow for easy shooting and also comes with a 180 degree swivel. The height is adjustable from 17”-18.5”

Buy The Redneck Portable Hunting Chair Here

Best Hunting Blind Chairs Reviewed

Now that we’ve gone over different types of chairs and what to consider, lets go over a few different chairs that would work great for you in the woods.

Browning Camping Huntsman Chair

Browning Camping Huntsman Chair

The chair features independently adjustable legs which helps with uneven ground, while also sporting adjustable seat height and a comfortable wide backrest. Along with having a 275 pound capacity. The 360 degree quiet swivel chair will allow the hunter to shoot  from any lane they desire while also giving them the confidence in a stealthy approach.

The chair also comes equipped with shoulder straps that allow for easy transportation in and out of the woods.

Buy The Browning Camping Huntsman Chair Here

Guide Gear Big Boy Comfort Swivel Hunting Chair

Guide Gear Big Boy Comfort Swivel Hunting Blind Chair with Armrests, 500 lb. Capacity

This is a heavy duty seat and the ultimate seat for the big hunter. It features a weight capacity of 500 pounds and also comes equipped with a 360 degree swivel. It also has a high back for the ultimate in comfort.

While the seat is pretty heavy at 20 pounds, it folds up easily and compactly while also sporting a shoulder strap for easy access in and out of the woods.

Buy The Guide Gear Big Boy Comfort Swivel Hunting Chair Here

REDCAMP Tripod Folding Chair

REDCAMP 2-Pack Tripod Hunting Chairs for Blinds, Portable Folding Hunting Stool with Back, Camo Fishing Chair for Camping Hiking

These are not made specifically for hunting, but they can do the trick. Especially if you’re looking for a lightweight, low cost and easy to move.

Made to be a camping chair, this is perfect for the hunter who goes out a few times a year and needs something that can be transported easily. It features a stable tripod legs, and no arm rests. Which can make for more room when you’re in the blind and need to be able to quietly move around to get a shot off.

Buy The REDCAMP Tripod Folding Chair Here

ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind Chair

ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Deluxe Blind Chair

The chair that can fit into just any situation, the ALPS Outdoorz chair comes with adjustable as well as detachable armrests. It can also adjust its height from 17.5”-23”.

The legs also adjust independently which helps when sitting on uneven terrain. The weight capacity is a little low at 275 pounds, but its large enough to hold most hunters.

The chair is also made from a TecMesh which allows for breathability and can cool the hunter during the early season hunts. The mesh is also water resistant and sturdy enough to last you several seasons.

Buy The ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind Chair Here


Buying a chair for your hunting blind can be a little overwhelming. After all, there are so many different options that you can purchase, and it can seem daunting at first. Hopefully after reading the above, you have a better understanding of what to look for and know exactly what your personal needs are.

If the products up top dont suit what you’re looking for then check out products made by Primos double bull tri stool, Millennium g100,, or anything by Ameristep. All of these are great blind hunting chairs that will increase your hunting experience.

Feel free to use the items in this article as your jumping off point, or even use those yourself. Just remember that comfort is one of the most important aspects of a good ground blind chair. Happy hunting!