The 6 Best In-Wall Gun Safes (2021 Review)

Gun safes are absolutely necessary for anyone who owns a firearm. One way to have this type of security is through an in-wall safe, which can assist in keeping your safe and valuables out of sight and discreet.

In this article, we’ll go over what wall cabinets or wall gun safes are, the benefits, what characteristics are needed in a wall safe, and frequently asked questions about these types of safes.

Plus, we’ll give you the inside information on six in-wall gun safes that are worth your money for protecting your rifles and handguns. With this buying guide, gun owners will be sure to get their optimal hidden safe.

Best In-Wall Gun Safes:



What Is a Wall Safe?

This is a gun cabinet that can be installed within one of your home’s walls. It can range in size from a handgun safe to a rifle safe, and it can recess into the wall so that it doesn’t jut out.

While this is a safe that is tucked into your wall, it provides the same security as a standalone gun safe and can even be concealed from burglars.

Wall Gun Safe Benefits

Wall safes provide tons of advantages, including:

Exceptional Security

Gun safes are really next-level nowadays in terms of their locking systems. There are combination locks, which have pin codes only you know. Then there are biometric locks that use your fingerprints. Most of them have a multi-point locking system, giving you a more secure lock. And if you forget your code, fear not; most come with an override key as well.

Discreet Storage

The small footprint of an in-wall safe cannot be understated. By recessing your gun safe in the wall, you don’t have to clear space in a room for a full-blown, standalone gun safe. This keeps your house space free while keeping it out of sight.

Anti-Theft Capability

The out-of-sight aspect of the previous benefit is important. Thieves can get duped when you conceal your safe. And even if they locate it, they can pry with all their might to no avail. Solid steel construction and mechanical locks keep them out, while you get alerted of their presence from their grunts of frustration.

Hinges Give Even More Security

Some of these in-wall gun safes have full-length piano hinges. These hinges distribute weight uniformly, allowing them to handle up to 100 pounds of load per linear hinge inch. Extremely strong and durable, they can withstand a heavy-duty door, making it even tougher to pry open the safe.

Impressive Storage Space

Even though it’s in your wall, these gun safes can give you tons of storage capacity. Depending on what size you need, it can offer similar storage space to a standalone gun safe (without taking up floor space).

What to Look for When Buying Wall Safes

When you start the search for your optimal in-wall gun safe, make sure you keep these characteristics in mind:
Locking Mechanism: The locking bolt system needs to be extra secure. The more deadbolts, the better. Whether it be a key lock, an electronic lock, or biometric, make sure the locks fit your wants and expectations.


You’ll want a heavy-duty safe with steel construction. There’s little else that will keep your guns and ammo secure better than 11- or 12-gauge steel. Plus, think about the interior of your wall safe; to prevent scuffs and scratches, felt or foam padding is nice for keeping your valuables pristine.


You might be looking for a long gun safe, or something smaller based on wall space. Figure out the dimensions of the area you’ve designated for your safe in conjunction with what types of weapons you’re storing. Once you have the numbers, look for that size of safe.


Do you want a quick-access safe? What about removable shelves to adjust your storage space as you please? Get really clear on what you want out of your wall safe, then search for those accessories.


DOJ approval is nice to have because then you know your gun safe has been tested by an impartial third party whose job is to certify only the best in security.

Price & Brand

Everyone has a budget. It’s crucial to know the price range you feel comfortable with. As well, opting for a gun safe from a well-known company is preferable; SnapSafe, Stack-On, Barska, Protex, and others are terrific choices.

Now that you have these in mind, let’s look at our six favorite in-wall safes.

The Top In-Wall Safes to Store Your Guns:

Barska AX12038 Biometric Wall Safe

The Barska Biometric safe is tough to beat in terms of security. It comes in three options, including a right-opening AX12038 model and a left-opening AX13034 model.

This DOJ-approved safe comes with a 120-point fingerprint biometric module lock that is simple to program. As well, the solid steel construction and dual built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolt offer peak security and durable locking capability.

The in-wall safe is made to be mounted into the wall with pre-drilled holes and hardware. That means installation is a cinch, plus you can easily conceal your valuables.

It also comes with two adjustable shelves for convenient organization. At a fair price — less than $250 — this 0.52 cubic foot wall safe is ideal for gun owners who have handguns and ammo and maybe some important documents (not much else).

With the highest security mark on this list, get the Barska AX12038 Biometric Wall Safe if you want exceptional locking and secure storage.

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Homak WS00018002 Between-the-Studs Tall Wall Safe

The Homak tall safe is ideal for long guns and other oblong objects you want to keep secure. Measuring out 60.125 inches in height, you can store whatever you need while also being discreet.

This safe is ideally put between 16-inch center floor or center wall studs, adding to the structural integrity of the safe. Plus, the long, slender construction of the safe makes it perfect to hide behind a mirror or inside a closet for ultimate concealment.

Homak’s wall safe comes with an HMC high-security tubular locking system. Add to that a heavy-duty 1.5mm steel construction, and this gun safe is secure enough to store your most precious valuables with a sigh of relief.

You can also get their tiny model, which measures 11.75 inches in overall exterior height. This one would be more for handguns and ammo.

For those who are looking for a long gun safe that can be hidden just as well as those smaller in-wall models, look no further than the Homak Wall Safe.

Homak WS00018002 Between-the-Studs Tall Wall Safe

Paragon Lock & Safe 7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe

Paragon Lock & Safe has been in this gun safe business for quite some time. Their electronic in-wall safe provides outstanding quality with unparalleled security.

At a height of 19 inches, this is a “tweener” vault; long guns can’t necessarily fit in this particular safe, but you can store tons of handguns, pistols, ammunition, important documents, and other firearm paraphernalia.

Made of 0.125-inch thick solid steel, it’s tricked out with a powder coat exterior finish, a numerical electronic combination lock that works on AA batteries, and an override key for additional security.

The locking mechanism can have a 3- to 8-number PIN code. Also, the lock itself has a buzzer and is backlit by LED lights.

This safe has tamper-proof hinges, grey carpet mat padding on the interior shelves, and anchor bolts. The 1-inch frame around the front of the safe conceals imperfect lines cut into the drywall; that way, you don’t have to be overly careful about maintaining a straight cut.

Add to all of this a flat-panel design for superior concealment and pre-drilled holes inside the safe with fixing anchoring bolts, you’ve got a secure, sturdy, durable wall safe. The 7700 is made for those who don’t need a long gun safe but still need space to store a lot of valuable items.

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V-Line Closet Vault II

Another long gun safe, this one is made by V-Line, which has a vast array of gun safe products that look to be high-quality and secure.

This safe has a KABA Simplex lock that provides a combination only you will know and the keypad can be programmed without removing the lock from the door. On top of that, the safe is DOJ-approved.

The Closet Vault II fits neatly between 16-inch on-center 2×4 wall studs. So you can find a skinny spot in the wall and install this safe with ease.

Back to the locking system: It has a three-point locking system — the top edge of the safe, the bottom, and at the locking mechanism — so you can store your long guns and other valuables securely.

While this is second place behind the Homak model, the V-Line Closet Vault II is still worth the investment if you need a rifle safe mounted into the wall.

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Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Keypad Wall Safe

Next up on our list is the Protex Electronic Keypad Wall Safe. Protex is another trusted brand for smaller handgun in-wall safes.

The burglar-resistant safe comes with a digital electronic locking system, as well as a motorized locking bolt system. That locking system includes dual live motorized chrome bolts that measure 0.75 inches in diameter. With this, the door will open automatically and shut tight.

Protex makes safes with either electronic locks or biometric locks, depending on what sub-model you go with. As well, all Protex wall safes come with a flange, so you don’t need to re-plaster the wall when you install the safe.

It’s designed to be installed and fit between 16-inch wall studs. Add to that two removable shelves and about 0.44 cubic feet of storage space, and you’ve got a solid in-wall handgun safe.

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SnapSafe In-Wall Safe

Last but not least, SnapSafe always provides high-quality gun safes at affordable prices. Their in-wall model is no different.

At 22 inches tall, this is another handgun wall safe with two storage shelves. However, a unique accessory to the SnapSafe In-Wall Safe is a magnetic jewelry clip, a document holder, and a hidden security compartment on the bottom shelf.

The lock features an electronic keypad lock with a spare key for backup. It runs on batteries, so it emits an audio notification and an LED light warning when the battery is getting low.

The body of the safe is made of 16-gauge steel and the door’s steel measure out at 0.15 inches. You can easily install between two wall studs and it’s secured by six total lag bolts for a sturdy, durable hold within your wall.
SnapSafe is always a good bet; this wall safe has a bunch of fun additions and it’s secure enough. If you’re wanting to store more than just your weapons, this safe’s organization might tickle your fancy.

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Where Should I Hide My Gun Safe?

Good question. Your gun safe hiding area should have a few characteristics:

It should be close to you for quick access. This might mean the bedroom or the room you spend the most time in.
If you want to hide your safe, find an area in the wall where a painting or picture can hang and cloak your gun safe from prying eyes.

Make sure you aren’t cutting into any wall studs; better yet, find a spot in the wall between wall studs. That way, you can secure the in-wall safe to the studs.

If you think about these things critically, you’ll find the perfect place to hide your safe.

How Do You Install a Wall Safe in Your House?

Thankfully, most safes come with instruction manuals. If you follow those to the letter, then you’ll correctly install the in-wall safe.

For more detailed information about installation, TheGeekPub and DeanSafe have wonderful videos that give you all the steps.

Should I Bolt Down My Safe?

This is a matter of additional stability. You don’t want your gun safe falling into your wall or getting stolen easily. So, bolting down your in-wall safe to wall studs or another secure post is advisable.

What About Stack-On Safes?

Both the Stack-On IWC-55 Full-Length In-Wall Cabinet and the Stack-On IWC-22 Medium In-Wall Cabinet are currently unavailable on Amazon. Sadly, we don’t know when they’ll come back in stock.

These Stack-On safe products are top-of-the-line, but unfortunately, without a known stock, they aren’t worth putting on our buying guide.

What Is the Best Wall Safe?

The best gun safe for your wall, according to the details from our list, is the Barska Biometric Wall Safe. However, if you need a longer safe for rifles, go for the Homak Wall Safe. Both models are terrific for security, discretion, and storage capacity.


In short, buy a safe. They’re absolutely critical for anyone who has firearms, and a security cabinet keeps your weapons away from everyone else. Not only that, putting that safe into your wall and hiding it makes those valuables that much safer.

Select your favorite hidden wall safe from our list and install it as soon as possible. That way, your guns will be safe and you will have peace of mind.