Inshore Spinning Rod

Best Inshore Spinning Rods (2021 Review)

An inshore rod is made specifically for fishing in shallow salt water. It has enough power to haul in big fish that lurk in these depths, but not the same amount of power that you see people hauling in giant tuna, grouper with. Spinning rods are different than casting rods. 

Best Inshore Spinning Rods

  1. Penn Prevail II
  2. Hurricane Calico Jack Inshore Spinning Rod
  3. Ugly Stick Elite Rod
  4. Okuma Nomad Express Inshore Rod
  5. Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore Rod

They’re going to give you the ability to get out and catch all the different species that may hang out near jetties, docks, marinas, inlets, or any other areas that are relatively shallow. There are many different types of fish that live in these waters.

Often, inshore fishing is looked down upon by deep water anglers who use baitcasting rods. However, inshore is a great way to get out on the water and fish.

So, if you’re looking to get out and fish more often then check out the article below. We’re going to talk about some different features as well as some different products.

What Is An Inshore Spinning Rod?

As we mentioned above, an inshore rod is used primarily for fishing in saltwater in shallow conditions. Jetties, docks, marinas, or from the shore are the normal spots that you would be using an inshore rod.

Shallow water kayaking, or even fishing off of a pier could work as well. The trick is to use a rod blank that is strong enough to work those smaller fish, but not so big that you just completely manhandle them and break a line.

Benefits Of An Inshore Spinning Rod

Saltwater rods are made to handle the abrasive components of the environment around them. The harsh saltwater and the sand, rocks, and strong fish are no match for rods that are made especially for this. A rod meant for freshwater would have a difficult time.

They’re made specifically to help you fight fish in these shallow waters. So, you could technically use a rod made for deep water, or even a freshwater rod.

However, it will only be a hindrance to you and your fishing if you don’t use a rod made for these types of conditions. 

Considerations Before Buying An Inshore Spinning Rod

Below, we’re going to go over a few things you should think about before you purchase an inshore spinning rod. Take a look at some of the features and use them to determine if they are going to fit your fishing style.

Also, make sure you’re getting a corrosion-resistant rod with a comfortable reel seat made of high-quality materials. Cork handles are popular but not needed.

Also, a rod with a great warranty is always ideal. For guides, you could use aluminum-oxide guides or stainless steel. Split grips are ideal for the ultimate feel and grip. 


Many rods are made out of different materials these days. However, some of the most popular inshore rods are made from either fiberglass, graphite, or composite materials.

Fiberglass rods are extremely flexible and strong. On top of this, they are also saltwater resistant. Making them ideal for inshore angling. The added strength and flexibility also allow you to fight those powerful saltwater fish.

They are also some of the most durable rods out there. Ideal for anglers who are tough on equipment.

Graphite rods are ideal for avid anglers who are trying to detect ultralight bites from finicky fish. These are very sensitive rods and allow you to detect the lightest of bites so you can set the hook and get more fish in the boat.

They are not very strong though, so if you don’t play a large fish correctly then it’s possible that it will splinter.

Composite rods are a combination of fiberglass, graphite, and other materials. The blend of materials will depend on the company.

People seek these out because they can contain the sensitivity of graphite while giving you the power and flexibility of fiberglass. Making these rods great for all types of fishing.

Carbon fiber is some of the strongest rods out there. The longer rods are great for casting distance. Making them perfect for game fish for inshore anglers. These can handle heavy line weight, and can even be used as jigs. 


The action of the rod means where it bends when pressure is applied. While also talking about how fast the piece will snap back once that pressure is let off. So, the action is measure on a scale using words that are associated with speed.

The power rating on Slow action rods bends near the handle of the rod. These are great for fighting larger fish as it uses the whole rod to fight the fish. It is not great when you need to set the hook quickly on fish that will spit out a hook fast.

Medium power action rods are great because they can give you the best of both worlds. They bend in the middle of the rod. So you can set the hook quickly, while still having enough power to fight those big if you do happen to hook one.

Fast action bends right at the tip of the rod. These are ideal when you need to place a hook in front of a fish and set it quickly. When fishing for tarpon, a fast action rod is going to be your best bet.


Some rods come in one piece, while others can be broken down into two, three, or even four pieces. The one-piece rods will usually need to be transported in a tube on top of your vehicle or in a long, and stiff case.

This ensures that the stainless steel guides, tip, and the remainder of the rod are not harmed while in transport. The one-piece rods are great for fishing but are not great for travel.

The rods that come in several different pieces are much easier to travel with. They can be broken down easily and the smaller pieces allow you to easily store them in your boat, trunk, back seat, or you could even carry them onto an airplane if you are worried about checking it.


The power of your rod will determine how well it can fight fish, as well as the size of the lures or live bait you will be casting. Mis matching these can be done.

However, you will not be fishing as efficiently as you could be. Making it a more difficult time out on the water.

Rods with light power are very responsive. They’re very thin and are great for throwing light line and small lures. They give you excellent control of your bait and are great for giving the fish perfect presentations.

Moderate power gives you the best of both worlds. They allow you to bring in larger fish, while still being able to control your lure well. It a perfect middle ground.

There are also hybrids such as medium-light, and medium-heavy. These are great for braided line.

Heavy power is the workhorse of the rod powers. You will be using a rod-like this when you want to fight large fish that are really strong and if using the improper rod could potentially shatter it.

Best Inshore Spinning Rods Reviews

Below, we’re going to go over five different inshore fishing rods. Each is going to have its own pros and cons to think about what you need for your style of fishing and then apply that to the list below.

Penn Prevail II

Penn Prevail II

It’s hard to go wrong with any gear from Penn. This rod is no different. Penn is known across the world as one of the most trusted names in saltwater fishing, and they have once again delivered by making this rod.

This rod comes in four different sizes. Allowing you the option to choose exactly what you need in order to meet the fishing style you choose to implore.

Light or medium is the power provided. So you can find a nice middle ground or pick something great at detecting light bites.

The Graphite blank is ideal for fishing for finicky fish. So, if you know the species you’re targeting is only going to barely pick up the lure then this would be the rod that you should be picking out.

The lighter models can also be used in freshwater fishing. Easily chase down bass, catfish, or other medium to larger sized freshwater species.

Once you’ve finished freshwater fishing it can be easily transported to saltwater to chase after redfish, flounder, speckled trout, sheepshead, or anything else you plan on targeting inshore. 


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Hurricane Calico Jack Inshore Spinning Rod


Hurricane Calico Jack Inshore Spinning Rod


Similar to the Penn Prevail II, this is also a rod that can be utilized in both fresh and saltwater. Easily take this out and catch bass, walleye, or other freshwater species. Then slap on your saltwater spinning reel and take it out to chase the red drum. 

This is another graphite rod. Making it ideal for detecting those light bites from both large and small fish. This rod would be perfect for those days where the fish just aren’t hitting anything hard and you need a delicate touch in order to feel strikes. 

The rod also comes in three different weights and two different lengths. So you can customize your rod to get exactly what you need it for. If you want a little extra power and length for longer cats then go with the seven-foot six-inch option.

There have been some complaints that they are not as durable as other brands. However, they typically have a good return and exchange policy that can leave you with a brand new rod. So, take that into consideration if you want a more durable rod.


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Ugly Stik Elite Rod


Ugly Stick Elite Rod


Since the last rod wasn’t considered to be very tough, let’s use this slot to focus on durability. Ugly Stik is known for having some of the toughest spinning rods out there. Giving angler’s years of work before breaking down. 

Coming in at five different lengths and four different powers, the Ugly Stik Elite is perfect for anglers who want to have rods that work for specific scenarios.

Some of the smaller models may not be as great for saltwater. However, the larger sizes are perfect for chasing all different species of inshore fish.

There is some added graphite in this rod. This is to give you some sensitivity and feel. That way you can feel those light bites on days where the fishing may be slow.

The tip is also reinforced to give you extra strength. So it’s harder for fish to break your rod.

The price point for this is a little higher than what you normally find at sporting goods stores or walmart. So, it may not be best for a beginner to spend the cash on something like this.

However, if you know what you want or are an experienced angler looking for a ner rod then this is a great one to choose. 


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Okuma Nomad Express


Okuma Nomad Express Inshore Rod

Along with this being a solid inshore fishing rod, it also comes with a waterproof travel pack. Making it ideal for packing on fishing trips. Or, it could be easily taken with you while traveling via car, or plane.

The pack also makes it great for people who just want to have a rod handy. Such as hikers and campers.

This another graphite rod. Normally graphite rods are not known for their strength. However, this rod seems to buck that trend.

Now, this is not as strong as a fiberglass rod, but for being made of graphite it will definitely sunrise most angler who are used to fishing rods made of both materials.

This rod can also be broken down into three different pieces. Making it great for all different types of travel. This rod can be used for a carry-on for a plane, stowed away in the back seat of the trunk of a car, or placed inside of a pack for a camping trip.

All of the boat models are going to have comfortable EVA foam fore and rear grips. Making them ideal for holding all day and not slipping out of your hands. 


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Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore Rod

Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore Rod

Coming in two different power and five different lengths, Fenwick has created a rod that can be used for just about any type of situation you find yourself in.

The shorter models are great for fishing in tight quarters or for making short accurate casts. While the longer models are great for throwing large lures far.

These rods are made with power and control in mind. So, not only will you have complete control of your lure, making it move and chance however you choose, but you’ll have the power to reel in those big fish.

The tip on these rods seems to be a little bit suspect. It is known to break quickly. So if you want something that is going to be stronger then maybe you should look elsewhere. However, if you are an experienced angler then this may not be an issue.

Overall, this is a solid rod that has some great backbone to it. Allowing you to wear out fish before you wear yourself out. Again, be aware of the fragile rod tip.


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Inshore rods are made specifically for fishing in shallow saltwater. However, you could easily use them in freshwater as well.

Hopefully, the information above helped paint a picture that these are very versatile rods that can be used in a multitude of ways.

If the rods above don’t meet your needs then check out, St. Croix, Fuji, Shimano, St. Croix Mojo Inshore, SCII Graphite Rod, Daiwa, or the Penn Battalion. Or even check out a saltwater fishing rod and reel combo.

Inshore rods are great and can be an easy way to get out on the water without having to purchase a boat. They can be utilized from both a boat and land so if you live near saltwater then consider hopping on Amazon and picking up one of the rods above.