The 4 Best Modular Gun Safes for Easy Set-up and Breakdown (2021 Review)

Gun safes are obvious buys for those with multiple rifles, other long guns, handguns, ammo clips, and firearm documents. But did you know that there are various styles of gun safes, each with their own pros and cons?

For those of you with little room for movement, or expect to move soon, or if you simply want it to be simple and easy to install, then you want to look for modular gun safes.

Best Modular Gun Safes

  1. SnapSafe Titan Large Digital Modular Safe
  2. Stack-On 8 Gun Safe
  3. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe
  4. SecureIt Agile Model 52 Gun Cabinet

Modular safes are some of the best gun safes money can buy. In this article, we’ll go over what modular gun safes are, what the benefits of a high-quality modular safe are, and characteristics to look for when buying.

Lastly, we’ll showcase the best modular gun safes on the market now.

What Are Modular Gun Safes?

A modular gun safe — also known as a modular gun cabinet — is a type of safe used to store all kinds of weaponry and ammo. It’s a safe used primarily by gun owners.

Not only that, the modular piece of it means it can be delivered in discreet parts and assembled (and reassembled) with ease.

Seeing as modular safes come in pieces, this makes it a chore to put together.

But that could mean a lot of benefits for somebody who wants to keep their guns safe while having the ability to change the safe’s location (along with more benefits, which you can see below).

Benefits of Modular Safes

Sturdy, Secure Gun Protection: You get the same security from a modular safe that you would get from any other safe. Just because you assemble it yourself doesn’t make it any less durable.

The best modular gun safe will be made of top-of-the-line materials from trusted brands, so you know your gun safe is exactly that: safe.

Discreet Packaging

This is a big advantage for a lot of people. By packaging your modular safe in unknowable brown boxes, your neighbors and other prying eyes won’t know that you’ve received a gun safe.

That way, potential burglars are clueless as to what they’re dealing with. (And if they ever do try to break in, they’ll be dismayed to find that most models are pry-bar resistant.)

Easy to  Carry

Because they come disassembled, you might only need a partner to carry the ends of the packages.

This is great for those who want to install their gun safe upstairs or for those who are prone to frequently move from home to home. (And while it’s easy to carry, that doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy-duty.)

Easy to Install: Instruction manual, some simple tools, and maybe a helping hand. That’s all it takes to install a modular gun safe, which means you don’t need someone else to come do it for you. Plus, the panels should be pre-drilled

Potentially Terrific Fireproof Ratings

Fire protection is huge for gun safes. And while you might be skeptical due to the modular nature of these safes, most models actually have great fire ratings.

Add to that door seals and high-quality locking mechanisms, and you’ve got a rock-solid gun safe.

No Need for Moving Companies

Gone are the days when a moving company has to dolly your fully assembled gun safe out of and into places. Zero additional cost from movers and zero stress about whether they’ll scuff walls and floors.

Comes with All Pieces/ Some Tools: It’s just like getting a piece of furniture from Ikea, except you can understand the assembly directions and none of the parts are missing.

Most modular gun safes only need a rubber mallet or sledgehammer, a block of wood, and maybe a pry bar to get the thing constructed. And the safe itself will come in flat panels and a door, making it as easy as 1-2-3!

What to Look for When Buying a Modular Gun Safe

Amazon is a great resource, but sometimes it doesn’t paint the full picture. Here are some characteristics you’ll want to check out before buying your own modular safe:

Fire Rating

Paper burns at 451 degrees. While that’s pretty hot, that doesn’t mean modular gun safes can’t protect your important documents from the flames. A fire-safe… um… safe should at minimum have a one-hour fire rating, meaning it can withstand the fire threat for over an hour.

Keypad and Locking System

Gun safes can have many different locking mechanisms — sometimes multiple locking mechanisms in one safe — including:

  • Relockers: This is a mechanism intended to keep a safe locked during a burglary attempt. There are two kinds: a relock trigger, which is an internal relocker built into the primary lock; and a relocking device, which is external and a separate mechanism installed in the safe.
  • Locking Bolts: Standard-issue bolts that are typically the primary locks. Sometimes it has a special locking collar instead of a nut to ensure maximum security.
  • Electronic Locks: Usually equipped with a numerical keypad, this lock needs a personalized code to enter the safe, making it extra secure.
  • Combination Locks: A simpler, non-electronic version of an electronic lock, where you need a four-digit code on a locking mechanism in order to enter.
  • Biometric Locks: Uses fingerprints to unlock the safe.

Materials and Durability

Build quality is an important factor when buying any kind of gun safe. You’ll want the exterior walls to be made out of gauge steel, or the equivalent in terms of stability. Steel plates are

Half Gun Rack or Full Gun Rack

This decision is based on what you’re putting in your safe. If you have a ton of rifles or long guns, you’ll want a full rack or a full shelf. If you have more pistols, handguns, and ammo clips, maybe you can get away with a half rack.


Some brands are well-known, while others… aren’t. This is a clue to you when determining which modular safe to go with.

Firearm companies like Winchester and Ruger have fantastic safe models, while SnapSafe, Stack-On, SecureIt, and Zanotti Armor are top dogs in the vault and gun safe industry.


How much space do you have for your gun safe? How many guns do you need to fit inside? The answers to these questions will give you your optimal modular gun safe size.


These modular safes have a wide cost range. Those on the lower end will fall in the $500-$700 price range, while the big boys go up to the $2400+ price range.

Figure out your budget before looking so you know which ones are available to you. (Just a quick note: Seeing as these safes are rather pricey, you’ll also want to be on the lookout for a lifetime warranty, or at the very least a warranty of some sort.

This will help protect your investment.)

Gun Safe Review of the 6 Best Modular Gun Safes

SnapSafe Titan Large Digital Modular Safe

The smaller brother of the Super Titan Double Door safe — which seems to be a bit much — the Titan safe by SnapSafe has two styles that can fit any gun lover’s needs.

First off, there is the Super Titan Large, which only has a single door but has all of the amenities you want in a modular safe. It measures 59 inches high, 38 inches wide, and 17.5 inches deep.

It’s easy to assemble without additional tools (it comes with a wrench). It’s also pre-drilled so you can mount into the floor.

The Super Titan has a pry-bar resistant 3/16-inch solid steel door, while the exterior walls are made out of thick 9-gauge steel. It also has:

  • Eight 1-inch steel locking bolts
  • A spring-loaded relocker
  • A professional-grade non-branch seal deadbolt door
  • A high-quality electronic lock
  • 2300-degree one-hour fire shield protection
  • Heat-activated door fire seals
  • Adjustable lined shelves, including one full shelf, a full rack, a half rack, and two half shelves

In short, it has a lot.

As for the Titan, the original model, it comes with all of the same characteristics as the Super Titan, with different dimensions: 59 inches high, 22 inches wide, 17.5 inches deep.

This modular gun safe checks all the boxes you’d have for the best gun safe possible. If you put your trust in anything, put it in SnapSafe.

Buy The SnapSafe Titan Safe Here

Stack-On 8 Gun Safe

Stack-On is a spectacular gun safe brand, and their ready-to-assemble modular safe is ideal for those skinny spots where you want to fit your safe.

Measuring 53 inches high, 17 inches wide, and 11 inches deep, the GCB-8RTA Steel modular gun safe is compact as compact gets.

It includes a removable steel shelf, as well as Stack-On’s patented barrel rests. The three-point locking system has a double-bitted key coded lock to provide even better security.

The fasteners are tamper-proof from the outside of the cabinet, and the interior can hold up to eight guns.

Made out of high-quality steel, this safe is perfect for those who don’t have a litany of rifles but have enough to get a secure gun safe.

Buy The Stack-On 8 Gun Safe Here

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

This biometric rifle safe — which uses fingerprints to open the safe — is ideal for quick, silent access and can fit snugly in a closet. For those concerned about robberies or thieves, this safe is the safest choice (pun intended).

First off, it’s a DOJ-approved safe that comes with a 120 fingerprint biometric module that has an optional silent mode. This tiny safe can store up to four rifles without any accessory attachments, plus it comes with a removable shelf.

Built with solid steel walls, tamper-resistant edges, and three built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolts, these safes can’t be broken into.

This Barska comes with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware, making it super easy to mount wherever you need it. The safe is perfect for home defense, with lightning-fast 2.5-second unlocking.

This is due to scanning and saving your fingerprint at different angles, without needing to keep keys from being lost or remembering numerical combinations.

The Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe is great for those who want to keep their households safe, no matter the threat.

Buy The Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe Here

SecureIt Agile Model 52 Gun Cabinet

SecureIt, another trusted company, melds lightweight and durability with their Agile Model 52.

This ultra-lightweight material allows you to move it around your house. It also has a keypad control panel, along with a hidden key override as a backup, keeping all of your contents secured.

And with SecureIt’s CradleGrid system, you can adjust the interior on the fly to store any firearm without needing any tools.

Heavy-duty steel and a louvered back panel grid give you straight-line access, which allows you to reach any firearm without moving others.

To top it all off, it’s modular style has pre-drilled holes to bolt down into the floor for additional security.

For a straightforward, secure modular gun safe, you can’t go wrong with the Agile Model 52.

Buy The SecureIt Agile Model 52 Gun Cabinet Here


Select the modular gun safe that fits your needs and never have to deal with bulky safes that can’t be disassembled and reassembled again.