Best Pier Fishing Rods (2021 Review)

Fishing from a pier can be one of the best ways to begin saltwater fishing or just fishing in general. It’s a spot you know will have fish and you can even converse with some of the locals to gather fishing tips on what the fish enjoy or how to properly work your lure.

Best Pier Fishing Rods

  1. BerryPro Spinning Rod
  2. Shakspeare Ugly Stik Big Water Spinning Rod
  3. Berkley Big Game Spinning rod
  4. EatMyTackle Pier Pro Series Rod
  5. Okuma Longitude Graphite Rod

There is also a large amount of fish that live around the pier. You could be catching Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, Flounder, Redfish and even Sharks can be found hanging out around the legs of the pier.

This makes a great spot to learn about the types of fish and what they like.

So, in order to do so, you’ll need a solid rod. Below, we’re going to go over several different rods that will help you when out on the pier fishing.

Check them out and see which one is the best fishing rod for you. 

What Is A Pier Fishing Rod

A fishing rod meant for a pier is going to be strong enough to haul up any fish you will be catching, but will also allow you to fish in the style that you choose.

An example is a jigging rod is going to be different than a rod used for live bait. 

When picking out a spinning rod ensure you use a spinning reel with a spool that is braid capable. Also, a high-quality rod with a great fishing reel seat will help you improve casting distance.

Before purchasing check the action rods to see if it’s light, medium or heavy. This will determine whether you can catch small fish or big tarpon. 

Benefits Of Pier Fishing Rod

The benefit of using a rod made for pier over other styles is that you need something with some extra backbone to help bring the fish up and over the pier.

This is especially true if you plan on fishing from a pier that is very high up. You need a rod that won’t buckle under the strain of lifting a fish tens of feet into the air.

Types Of Pier Fishing Rod

There are a few different types of pier fishing rod. Below, we’re going to go over a few different types to help give you a better understanding. Check them out and see which one is going to work the best for you!

Jigging Rod

This is one of the most popular pier rods. Jigging a soft plastic or a spoon off the bottom is a great way to entice a fish to come up and take your hook.

These are typically the lightest of the rods and are ideal for catching smaller fish. Hooking into a large fish and hauling it up onto the pier could prove troublesome

Live Bait

These are going to be heavier and are great for letting smaller bait fish swim around with a hook through their lip or the top of their back. The reason this is a heavier rod is that a larger fish will come up and take the live bait, so you’ll need that extra strength to fight them and bring them up onto the pier.

Large Species Rod

This could be either live bait or a jigging rod. However, you will be tying on a large hook with a large lure or bait and heavy line when using this rod. This is a very strong and durable rod that is used to wear out big fish and then haul them up on and over onto the pier.

Considerations Before Buying A Pier Rod

Below, we’re going to go over a few things you should think about before buying a rod for a fishing pier. Take all of these into consideration and then apply them to your own fishing style. It will only benefit you when picking out your very own rod.


Pier fishing is not just tough on your gear, but also on your rods. The saltwater and rough wood can scrape and rough up your rods. This is why fiberglass is such a great choice. These are very tough rods that can hold up to the tough conditions pier anglers put them through. The downside is these are heavier. So if you plan on doing a lot of jigging or casting then be ready for a sore arm.


The average length of a pier rod is going to be between seven and eight feet long. You can get away with longer or shorter but most people prefer seven to eight as they are very versatile and you can fish many different lures with them. You won’t be casting too far out so a 9-foot rod isn’t needed. If you plan on jigging then a shorter rod is ideal as you will just be dropping a lure off the side. You do need something long enough to steer fish away from the legs of the pier though. That’s why you don’t need to use something smaller than seven.


The majority of rods will come equipped with either a foam or a cork handle. There is no right choice, but it is a matter of personal preference and what you find to either be the most comfortable or least slippery. 


The action of the rod is classified as either, Light, Medium, or Heavy. There are hybrids that are classified as medium-heavy or medium light. Typically for pier fishing, you’ll want something that is going to be between medium and heavy. This gives you enough strength to throw large lures, fight big fish and gives you the durability that you look for in a rod. Using a light rod would not be recommended unless you are very close to the water and can easily pluck the fish from the water. 

Best Pier Fishing Rods Review

Below we’re going to go over five different rods that you can use for your next pier fishing trip. We’ll cover the different specs of each rod. So, take a close look and ensure that the features of the rods will meet your own fishing style. 

Berry Pro Spinning Rod

BerryPro Spinning Rod

This rod comes in six different sizes. Allowing you the ability to fish whatever style you choose. The shorter rods are great for jigging right off of the pier.

While the longer rods will allow you to throw moving lures further and retrieve them right back to you quickly and effectively. 

These are also incredibly strong and reliable rods. They will last you many fishing seasons. Great for anglers who are fish hard and rely on their gear is as tough as they are. For the price, they are surprisingly durable.

The enhanced stainless steel guides allow for smooth reeling with less friction. Resulting in less broken lines and less lime having to replace either your braid or monofilament. It will also result in fewer fish lost and more in the cooler.

The high-density EVA grips will be great for holding all day. Wrestling in less slippage and a better handle on your spinning fishing rod. The rubber butt cap makes your fishing experience more comfortable as well.


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Ugly Stik Bigwater

Shakspeare Ugly Stik Big Water Spinning Rod

This is a smaller rod. Making it ideal for jigging or for casting short distances. Coming in at only seven feet this is perfect for keeping fish away from the legs of the pier while being short enough that you can easily control the rise and fall of your jig and sinkers.

Ugly Stik is known as one of the most durable and corrosion resistant rods out there. The Bigwater is no different. It is incredibly strong and will last you years and years.

This is especially true if you give the bare minimum treatment when done fishing by washing it off with fresh water occasionally and storing it in a dry spot.

It is a combination of graphite and fiberglass. Giving you a great combo of lightweight and durable. Now you can fish all day without your arm getting tired but you don’t have to worry about the rod breaking because it is too light.

The durable EVA grips will last just as long as the rod does. Which is imperative to how comfortable the rod is in your hands. Also, you don’t want the grip to be slippery which is what the EVA grip helps to control.


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Berkeley Big Game Spinning Rod

Berkley Big Game Spinning Rod

Berkley is another big name in the fishing world. This is a great reel combo. It may not have the reputation that Ugly Stik has in terms of durability, but hardly anybody does. Berkeley is still a solid name in creating fishing gear and this rod reflects it.

The split EVA and TAC grip handle ensure you have a superb grip on your rod. No matter how wet and slippery the conditions get you won’t lose your grip on the Berkley Big Game spinning Rod

This rod also comes in two different sizes. A seven and an eight-foot. So if you want a little extra length to help get your cast out further then the eight-foot will be ideal.

If you only plan on jigging then stick with the seven-footer. That will be more efficient and better for that style of fishing. 

This is a surprisingly strong and lightweight rod that also has some sensitivity to it. Making it great for detecting subtle bites. This ensures you catch more fish and you retain your bait as often as possible.


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EatMyTackle Pier Pro

This is the ideal rod if you want to throw lures and get them out further than everyone else on the pier. It’s made for long casts and is perfect for throwing moving lures such as different crankbaits, stick baits, or soft plastics that you want to either swim back to or crawl along the bottom of the deep water on the ocean floor.

This might be one of the nicest rods on the list. This assuming you won’t be jigging though. Now, this rod can work for jigging, but it’s not a spinning rod, it’s a casting rod which means you’d need a baitcasting reel.

Also, you may need to add some extra weight in order to get the lure down to the bottom.

The lining on the guides will help prevent line abrasion so that you will catch more game fish and lose less. This also ensures that you won’t have to change your line as often as you used to.

Meaning you spend less money on braid or monofilament in the future.

Along with being a great pier rod, you could also use this for inshore, trolling casting or bottom fishing. Easily making it one of the most versatile rods on this list, and ideal for someone who wants to do more than just fish from the pier.


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Okuma Longitude

This rod is technically made for surf fishing, but some of the smaller sizes are great for fishing from a pier. That being said there are seven different sizes you can choose from. Making it ideal for the angler who wants to have a variety of rods to choose from.

Okuma is known for making some great fishing gear and this rod fits their brand to a T. It is both sensitive and durable. Allowing you to fish hard and often and not worry about it breaking.

The sensitivity is great for when the fish is biting subtly. Ensuring that you can still detect bites and bring in fish.

The aluminum oxide guide inserts are braid compatible. Meaning that your guides won’t wear down your braided line so you don’t have to keep replacing the line every couple of trips or risk losing fish and lures. 

The butt of the rod is wrapped in premium cork. Ensuring there are less slippage and better grip for the angler holding the rod. Making it ideal for all-day casting and fishing without the worry of losing a rod.


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Pier fishing rods are great for getting started fishing in saltwater. It’s easy to go find a pier as they are readily available on the coast and fish are going to be guaranteed to be there.

There are many products out there so if you don’t like what above then check out, Penn, Shakespeare, Shimano, St. Croix, Mojo, SCII, Ugly Stik GX2, 

Use the list above as a guide in helping you start your own pier fishing success. The rods above will help but think about what your style might be and then apply it to the list above. Check out Amazon for the rods above!