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Best Pier Nets To Get Your Catch On The Deck (2021 Review)

If you’ve ever fished from a pier then you know that hooking and fighting the fish is actually the easy part. Next you need to figure out a way to actually land the fish.

Which if you’re thirty feet above the water can be a bit of a pain.

Best Pier Nets

  1. Fiblink Folding Fish Net
  2. Frabill Bridge and Pier Net
  3. Promar Deluxe Hoop Net
  4. Frabill Hiber Net
  5. Bluestraw Fishing Net

Most of what we are going to talk about are saltwater fishing. If you plan on Fly fishing in freshwater then you will not need a frabill 36, or a frabill bridge/pier net. 

There are many different types of pier net you can use. Some are larger and longer than others and will work better in different situations or on different types of piers.

Smaller fish could just be reeled up. However, if you hook into a good one then you won’t be able to do that.

So, below we’re going to go over some of the best landing nets out there. Each is going to have its own list of pros and cons to think about what you need and apply that to the list.

That way the net will be able to match your own fishing style. 

What Is A Pier Net

A pier net is what some refer to as a drop net. It often resembles a crab net. Usually, it comes switch rope that allows you to easily drop the sent down to the water level and place the fish inside by steering it with the rod.

You are then free to raise the fish up using the rope. This does take some time to learn and is not quite as easy as it sounds.

Benefits Of A Pier Net

If you hook into a small fish then a pier net is not really needed. If your line and rod are strong enough then all you need to do is tighten down the drag and begin to reel the fish up from the water and through the air to where you’re standing on the pier. 

If you can find a foldable fishing net with a sinker made for saltwater fishing, and a diameter steel hoop then that would be a great option.

This is especially true when fishing in spots where a gaff, cast net, or bait traps are not allowed. 

However, If you catch a large fish then this is just not possible and is where a pier net comes into play.

It will allow you to land that big fish you just hooked into without having to risk your line or rod breaking from reeling it up through the air.

It’s something all pier anglers should have just in case.

Considerations Before Buying A Pier Net

Below, we’re going to go over some different considerations that you should think about before you purchase a pier net. Each has its own pros and cons so think about what you need then apply that to the list of features.

Size Of The Net

The size of the net will be how deep and wide it is. If there are larger fish in your area that you’re able to retain then you need something that is not only deep but wide. This will help control the fish while flops and you raise up to the pier. 

Something too small and the fish may flop out and throw the hook quickly. Resulting in you losing your catch and possibly dinner for the evening. So, ensure you have something large enough to haul in your catch.

Length Of The Rope

The rope length needs to be longer than the height of the pier. Most ropes are going to be in the fifty to one hundred foot range. This just ensures that all of your bases are covered when it comes to netting a fish from up high on a pier.

If you find yourself fifty feet up in the air then you need a net that has at least sixty feet, but longer is better. You want some extra rope to be able to play with and ensure that the last foot is not in your clenched fist but instead, there’s another 5-10 feet rope on the shore behind you.

Frame Material

If you have a crab net then you may be tempted to use this instead of a pier net. It would be unwise to do so. Most of the frames on these crab nets are not made to hold a lot of weight.

So, if you pull up a ten-pound fish then it is possible the frame could bend. Maybe you’d land that fish, but the unsteady cold results in lost fish down the road.

So, ensure the frame of the net is made from stainless steel or other strong non-corrosive materials. The string materials are needed if you want to pull up a big fish that could be flopping around the whole way up.

Handle Length

Now, we have been harping on net style pier nets for the whole article so far. However, if you find yourself on a pier that’s not forty feet in the air then you could easily just purchase a long-handled net. 

Something that’s anywhere from six to ten feet should be fine. Of course, this also depends on the size of the pier. However, if it’s not that high then this size of the handle should do just fine and will allow you to catch more fish.

Types Of Pier Net

The two main types of pier net are going to either use rope or a handle to lower down the head to grab the fish.

Below, we’re going to quickly talk about both of them to give you a quick rundown on which one works better in different scenarios.

Handle Pier Nets

A net with a handle is best for piers that are not that high from the water. Anything over ten feet of the handle would be overkill and a net with a rope will be your best bet.

However, if you’re only six feet off the water then you don’t need a net, and a net with a handle will be waived anyway.

Rope Pier Nets

If you are planning on fishing from a tall pier then anet with a rope will be the way to go. It will save space and will also be able to easily maneuver it over the side and down to the fish. It can take a little practice but over time you’ll be netting fish with ease.

Best Pier Net Reviews

Below, we’re going to go over the different products. Check them out and see which ones are going to work the best for you and your style of fishing.

Each has its own pros and cons so ensure you’re picking out the right one for you!

Fiblink Folding Net

Fiblink Folding Fish Net


This net comes in five different sizes. Ranging from a ten-inch handle to a one hundred and nineteen-inch handle. Perfect for the angler who wants to have several different handle lengths in order to meet their needs. 

The corrosion-resistant pole is perfect for fishing from a pier in saltwater. The harsh conditions won’t break down the materials making them weak.

Instead, it will hold up again and again. Giving you a durable pole that should last you years.

The skid-resistant hand grips also ensure that you keep your grip even in the wettest of conditions. Ensuring that you don’t lose your fish or your pole in the water below.

It’s also more comfortable on your hands when you have to raise up a big fish.

The small nylon mesh will also ensure that no fish will escape the net. It’s tough and eleven hooks and teeth won’t break down the first time.

However, over time you should be inspecting your nets to ensure that after years of use the mesh is still hanging in there.


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Frabill Bridge Pier Net

Frabill Bridge and Pier Net

This is a heavy-duty net with a steel loop around the outside. Ensuring that large fish won’t break or bend the net and that you’re able to haul them up from fifty feet below you.

This is unlike the crab nets that could bend and cause you to lose a fish.

The diameter of the net is thirty-six inches. Which is large enough to haul up most fish that you’ll be catching from a pier.

If you hook into something larger then you can take your chances with netting, but you may just need to cut the line and see the fish off.

It comes already pre-rigged with fifty feet of rope. Which should be good with the size of most piers. However, if you need to get a longer rope then it is easily customizable.

Find the length you need and then take off the fifty feet of rope that is already attached.

This is the quintessential pier net. If you plan on fishing from great heights then this is the product that is going to be right for you.

It comes equipped with a long rope and the net diameter is large enough that you can land most fish.


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Promar Deluxe Hoop Net

Promar Deluxe Hoop Net

This is technically a net made for crabbing. However, it is made so well that you can use it for fishing too. People have been pulling up fish that weigh in the double digits with this net without any issue.

The diameter of the ent is also thirty-six inches. Making it large enough to land just about any fish that you can catch off the side of a pier.

Like we mentioned in the review above, anything larger and the line may need to be cut since the net isn’t large enough.

This one comes with one hundred feet of rope. Which should be more than enough for just about any pier or bridge that you plan to be fishing off of.

If you need a larger rope then you can easily switch them out. However, one hundred feet should be plenty.

The base of the net is made with zinc galvanized steel construction. This helps to prevent any corrosion that might occur from the saltwater, and the steel will ensure that your net does not bend when hauling up fish.


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Frabill Hiber Net

Frabill Hiber Net

The net has a fifty-two-inch handle. Making it great for piers or docks that are closer to the water. The four feet of the handle will ensure you can get down deep enough and net those fish that you’ve hooked into.

The fish-friendly knotless mesh is also great. It is easy on the scales of the fish to help prevent any damage from handling.

Which is perfect for any catch-and-release anglers out there. The knotless mesh is ideal to ensure you’re maintaining the structural integrity of the net.

The diameter of the head of the net is twenty inches. So, it is smaller than the previously mentioned nets above.

However, that does not mean it cannot land fish. Since you’re not lifting as far it will be easier to bring it in even if the tail is flopping out.

It is also collapsible. Making it easy to stow either in the boat or in the car. Meaning it can take is less space so that you have more room for other pieces of gear.

This is also great for pier fishing since space is going to be limited.


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Bluestraw Fishing Net

Bluestraw Fishing Net

This is another long-handled net. It is seventy-eight inches long. Making it great for shallow docks and piers where you need to reach down and snag those fish.

It is made of corrosion-resistant material so it can stand up to saltwater.

It also has a retractable pole. Making it easy to store in your care and making it easy to transport to and from the pier or dock.

While there it won’t take up much room, which will help with the limited space. This is especially true if the pier is busy.

The net of the mouth has a thirteen-inch diameter. Making it the smaller on this list. So, this is ideal for retaining smaller fish.

However, it is strong enough that if you need to ring up something larger than it has the backbone to do so.

The small mesh on the net would also be utilized to hold or catch bait. It will ensure that the small bait fish won’t swim out and you can easily pluck them out of the water and hold them in the net while fishing.


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Pier fishing nets are great and can be utilized by just about any angler who wants to fish on either a dock or a pier. It really is a piece of equipment that is needed and will only help you catch more fish.

One of the best spots for pier fishing in the United States is in Florida. Down there you can speak to people on the pier for customer reviews. There they can also give you information on fishing line and fishing bait. 

Some of the fish you can catch with a net is minnows, sea trout, Spanish mackerel, and steelhead, 

So, hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what you need for a pier net. Use the information above as a guide and grab your credit card because Amazon has what you need.

From kayaks to monofilament to product information. They’ll have everything you need in terms of pier fishing nets.