Best Rubber Hunting Boots

Best Rubber Hunting Boots For Cold Weather (2021 Review)

One piece of hunting gear that I am willing to spend a good deal of money on is a good pair of neoprene or waterproof  hunting boots.

If you have spent any large amount of time in the woods you will know that having a good set of rubber boots that are breathable and protect your feet from the elements can make your hunt much more enjoyable.

Best Hunting Boots

  1. Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Pro Snow Boot
  2. TideWe Hunting Boot for Women
  3. Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Pro Hunting Boot
  4. OutdoorMaster Hunting Boots

The game you are chasing will also have an effect on the type of hunting boot you choose as well.

If you are out duck hunting, you may want a full rubber hunting boot,that is knee high with a full rubber sole for standing in the water waiting on ducks.

If you are here in the south hunting wild boar, you would want to consider boots with better breathability and air circulation.

In this quick buying guide we will take a look at some different waterproof boots and insulated boots to help you take a look at some of the things you should consider when you are looking for the best hunting boots.

Benefits of Rubber Hunting Boots

Rubber Boots

Any hunter that has spent time in wet conditions will tell you that having a great pair of rubber hunting boots can be worth its weight in gold. Like any other piece of hunting gear, runner hunting boots may not always be necessary, I have personally been deer hunting in tennis shoes, as early bow season in south Georgia can be pretty hot. But the benefits of rubber hunting boots cannot be overstated.

Considerations Before Buying Rubber Hunting Boots


The type of material not only on the exterior of your boot, but the interior of your boot plays a big role in both comfort, and performance. Looking for materials like thinsulate ultra, or neoprene is key if you want your boots to keep your feet warm in wet conditions.


Rubber Hunting Boots

In every review I write I point out the fact that durability is an important factor when deciding what hunting gear to buy. Yes, that bargain pair of boots may save you money this year. But if you have to buy a new pair of rubber hunting boots every year the cost can get out of control.


The size of the boot you wish to buy, not only depends on the size of your foot (obviously) but what type of socks you are planning to wear. I know I have spent many freezing seasons in the Midwest wearing some pretty thick wool socks that made my normal boots have a snug fit  and feel uncomfortable. So depending on the weather conditions, you may want to consider sizing up to accommodate socks.


Waterproofing is always a bonus when it comes to hunting boots. Whether you are slogging through the swamps of central Florida, or walking along the mountain streams of Montana you never want your feet to get wet. Wearing a good pair of moisture wicking socks will also help with comfort.


Rubber Boots Perfect For Hunting

Many hunters spend a lot of money on scent blocking hunting gear. I personally will not spend extra money for scent blocking equipment, especially when I know my grandfather deer hunted wearing a red flannel jacket and sitting on a camping stool. But if you like scent blocking gear, I would suggest looking for scentban or Scentlok™ hunting gear.


The weight of your boot can make all the difference, especially if like me you hike miles into your hunting spot, and then use a climbing stand to get into position. A heavy boot can cause fatigue, and all around discomfort.


Insulated Rubber Hunting Boots

A rubber sole can become slippery when it is wet outside, finding a good pair of rubber boots that have hiking boots like soles can make a wet hunting trio much less perilous. Most modern hunting boots provide a nice non slip sole, but I would still recommend ensuring your next boot has them


Proper insoles and arch supports can also make a big difference when on a long walk through the woods. Having no arch support can wear on your feet, and make you want to turn back to camp early.

What Are the Best Insulated Rubber Hunting Boots

Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Pro Snow Boot

Muck Arctic Pro Tall Rubber Insulated Extreme Conditions Men's Hunting Boots

As I previously mentioned, when any hunter talks about a good waterproof hunting boot one of the first brands that comes to mind is Muck Boot, therefore it’s no surprise that top of the list for best insulated rubber hunting boots is the Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Pro Snow Boot.

Boasting more options than any of its competitors this boot will ensure a comfortable hunt in the most extreme cold conditions.

Buy The Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Pro Snow Boot Here

What Are the Best Men’s Rubber Hunting Boots?

Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Pro Hunting Boot

Muck Arctic Pro Tall Rubber Insulated Extreme Conditions Men's Hunting Boots, Bark, 12 M US

Following the same line as the Snow boot the Muck Boot Arctic Pro Hunting boot is a milder version of the Arctic Pro snow boot. These boots are warm, and 100% waterproof, and of the highest quality, so it’s no surprise they earn much praise from most of the hunters using these boots.

Buy The Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Pro Hunting Boot Here

What Are the Best Women’s Rubber Hunting Boots?

TideWe Hunting Boot for Women

TideWe Hunting Boot for Women, Insulated Waterproof Durable 15" Women's Hunting Boot, 6mm Neoprene and Rubber Outdoor Boot Realtree Edge Camo(Green Size 7)

Of the options reviewed here today, the boots with the most options, and comfort for the women hunters is the TideWe hunting boot for women.

With a great camo pattern, and waterproof design these boots are top of the list for any female hunter needing a great piece of hunting gear.

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Top Rubber Hunting Boots Reviewed

OutdoorMaster Hunting Boots

OutdoorMaster Hunting Boots - Waterproof, Insulated Boots for Hunting Fishing and Outdoor, Neoprene Rubber, for Men - Black,10

The OutdoorMaster Hunting Boots come with Neoprene rubber and are waterproof. They are Rugged and durable with 6MM neoprene rubber for lasting use. The toughened rubber provides a 100% waterproof hunting boot.

The Flexible neoprene has a comfortable stretch that provides a great fit. Knee high boots for hunting, walking in the woods and other outdoor activities. These boots are a good quality cost effective waterproof boot, while not camo they would be ideal for any hunter that plans on getting their feet wet.

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While there are several pieces of hunting gear that can make your hunt better, depending on weather conditions, one of the most important pieces of hunting gear are your hunting boots.
Making sure your feet are warm and dry, as well as supported will keep you in the woods longer, and allow you to harvest that trophy game you have been dreaming of.