Best Saltwater Lures For Your Fishing Trip (2021 Review)

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy fishing offshore or inshore, you need to come equipped with some of the best lures possible. Instead of wasting your time and money from buying and practicing with countless lures just check out the list below.

Below we’ve compiled a list of all the different types of lures you could be throwing in saltwater. From jigs to topwater, to crankbaits we’ll have you covered.

Best Saltwater Lures


  1. Heddon Saltwater Super Spook
  2. Sea Striker Casting Spoon
  3. Berkley Gulp Shrimp Saltwater Lure
  4. Rapala X Rap Saltwater Lure
  5. Bass Assasin Saltwater Sea Shad


So, if you’re new to the saltwater fishing game, or just looking for a leg up take a look at all the lures we have featured.

We’ll also be going over in-depth how to throw these lures as well as a few other tips and tricks. Let’s dive into that now!

What is a Saltwater Fishing Lure

There are many different types of saltwater lure. They are made to imitate different types of creatures that can be found in saltwater that fish like to prey on. This can range from a shrimp, crab, or some type of baitfish.

The great thing about saltwater lures is that they can also be used in freshwater. This means there is not much need for multiple tackle boxes or to spend more money on lures that will work just fine in both circumstances.

What Kind of Saltwater Lures are there?

There are many different types of lures. Below, we’re going to cover some of the more popular types. These are going to be the base of your tackle box.

If you have these you’ll be able to go out and catch fish just about anywhere in the world.

Crankbaits Or Hardbaits

This is one of the most popular lures in the freshwater fishing world. Which means just about everybody has a few in their tackle box.

Equipped with treble hooks, these imitate minnows or other baitfish and can be used to mimic an injured baitfish that game fish will key in on.

These can be used just about year-round and if you’re somewhere where you see a lot of baitfish then you should tie one of these on. Inside of them they usually have rattles that will help itself become more known to predators.

Soft Plastics and Bucktail Jigs

Soft plastics mimic just about anything. You can find them in shrimp, crab, baitfish, creatures, eels, worms or grubs. A great selection of soft plastics can be your entire tackle box if you want it to be.

You can quickly reel in a baitfish imitation and use it like a crankbait imitating a wounded baitfish, or you can use a jig head with a shrimp attached and bounce it off the bottom. All of these are extremely effective.


One of the most popular lures of all time is the spoon bait. Many fish need to react quickly in order to get their meal. So the quick actions and the flash of a spoon bait draw in a reaction stroke from most predatory fish.

These lures are flashy and come in many different colors and sizes. Perfect for enticing strikes. Many of them are pretty heavy too. Making them perfect for casting long distances and using them as a searching tool in water you have not fished before.


Throwing a topwater lure is arguably the most enticing part of fishing. Seeing your lure get blown up on the surface by a rising fish gets even the most inexperienced of anglers excited.

These can also be a very effective lure for catching fish.

Topwater lures don’t always work, but it’s great to have a few in your tackle box. Not just because of how fun it is, but when the topwater bite is hot you’ll be hauling fish after fish.

The topwater jerk bait is a great one to start with. Fish it with a “walk the dog” action to entice strikes. We’ll cover this technique below.

Different Fishing Lure Techniques

Because there are so many different types of saltwater fishing lures it can be easy to become overwhelmed and not use the right technique when throwing a lure.

So, below we go over a few different techniques that you’ll be able to use with the lures mentioned above and then the products that we will mention below.

Jigging a soft plastic Fishing Techniques

When jigging a soft plastic you’ll need to buy two different pieces of equipment. The soft plastic and then a jig head. Jig heads will come in a variety of sizes and weights.

What size and weight you get needs to correspond to the size of the soft plastic. As well as how quickly you would like to fish the lure.

1/4oz jig heads will be the most popular for shallow water. Deep sea anglers will need heavier weights.

Jigging a soft plastic might be the most popular way to fish saltwater. The reason is that it’s to do, you don’t need a lot of equipment, and it can catch fish just about year-round.

After sliding the soft plastic onto your hook you’ll cast out to structure, a jetty, or off the side of a pier or dock.

Once in the water allow the jig to fall to the bottom. Slowly raise your rod tip up to pull your lure off the bottom. Let it fall and reel in the slack. The majority of the strikes will occur during the fall of the lure.

Spoon Techniques

A spoon is a very productive yet very simple lure. It’s just a piece of metal with a hook attached to it that imitates a bait fish. They have been around forever and for good reason; they flat out work.

Since it imitates a baitfish you’ll want to throw this in an area where you are seeing a lot of small fish swimming around.

Docks, jettys, boats, anywhere you see them. Match the size of the spoon to the size of the fish your seeing and then begin casting.

You can either do a steady retrieve that is either slow or fast. Also, you could do a stop and go retrieve. This is where you begin reeling and then stop.

Letting the spoon fall momentarily in the water column. This resembles an injured bait fish.

A spoon bait can also be very effective as a trolling bait. Cast out behind your boat and allow the spoon to be pulled by the speed of the boat.

Crankbait Techniques

A crankbait and a spoon imitate similar types of fish. The difference is that crankbaits usually have a little more detail to them and have a lip on the front that allows them to swim at certain depths.

So a spoon can be used at any depth depending on the speed of the retrieve. Where a crankbait runs only in the few feet it is designed for.

This may sound like something you don’t want. However, fish like to stick to a certain spot in the water column, and if you can figure out where it is then find the appropriate crankbait then you’ll have a great day fishing.

Retrieve it slow or fast. Maybe even try the occasional stop and go retrieve. If you’re not sure where the fish are then use a spoon to locate them and then match that depth with your crankbait.

Topwater Techniques

These are lures that float on the surface. There are several different styles of topwater, but we’re going to focus on twitch bait that uses a walk the dog retrieve.

Throwing topwater lures won’t always catch you fish. The fish have to be in the right mood to attack something directly on the surface.

However, once you can confirm they’re looking to the surface for food then you can have a great day of fishing.

The walk the dog technique is a simple one but does take a little bit of practice to get down. First off you need to make sure you have either braid or monofilament line on your reel. Fluorocarbon sinks and this technique will not work with that. Ideally you would want braided line though.

Keep your rod tip low, and twitch it lightly as you slowly turn the handle of the reel. This will result in a side to side darting action.

You can work this quickly back to the boat or do a few quick darts and then let it sit on top of the water. You’ll need to try both of these tactics to see what the fish are looking for.


Now that we’ve covered some types of lures and how to use them, let’s go into some of the products. Below, we’re going to cover the five best saltwater lures that are going to catch you fish around the world.

Heddon Saltwater Super Spook

Here is your topwater lure you need to always have with you. This is fished with the walk the dog technique and is great when the fish are looking up.

The freshwater model can be used but the saltwater is made to be more durable to withstand harder strikes from saltwater fish.

This lure comes in several different sizes and colors. When selecting your size you should be looking around to see what other baitfish are int the water and match the size to them.

Color should be used the same way. However, if you want just the basic colors stick with bone, redhead, and chartreuse.

Buy The Heddon Saltwater Super Spook Here

Sea Striker Casting Spoon

Coming in several different colors, the Sea Striker Casting Spoon is a must-have in your tackle box. Burn it through the water column to entice a strike or let it sink and then retrieve it again.

Gold and silver are going to be the best colors to have. However, it can also come in many different combinations and styles.

A spoon is a great-searching lure. Use it in an area where you’re not sure the fish are, or at a spot, you have never been to before. Use it to key in on the location of the fish then you can switch to different lures if you feel the need to do so.

Down south these are great to use in the flats. Redfish will eat these up with enthusiasm when they’re not tracking down shrimp and small crabs.

Cast it around grass and or around docks and other structures for the best results.

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Berkley Gulp Shrimp Saltwater Lure

Gulp is the premier soft plastic saltwater lure company. The shrimp style soft plastic they have is one of the most effective you could purchase.

If you want to be able to catch fish wherever you go then you definitely need to have a shrimp pattern in your tackle box.

With over fifteen different colors you’ll be able to match the color of the forage species wherever you are. Thanks to Gulp’s manufacturing this lure looks and acts just like ana actual shrimp. Making them early irresistible.

You can fish these weightless on a hook either wacky rigged, or weedless. Or you could use it on a jig head and bounce it along the bottom.

If you’re running low on jig heads then this could even be fished underneath a bobber like you would with live bait.

Buy The Berkley Gulp Shrimp Saltwater Lure Here

Rapala X Rap Saltwater Lure

This is a high-quality lure that is made to withstand the hard and violent strikes that can come with fishing for saltwater species. It will hold up season after season and you’ll be able to use this as long as you don’t lose it to a snag.

It mimics a baitfish and is used for fish in a targeted depth. Use a spoon to locate the fish if you’re not sure where they are in the water column.

Then use this crankbait to bring it right through the strike zone and you’ll be catching fish all day.

Inside of the lure features a rattle that fish are able to key in on. It also comes in several different colors that you can use to match the other baitfish in the area. His lure will help you catch just about any saltwater species.

Buy The Rapala X Rap Saltwater Lure Here

Bass Assasin Saltwater Sea Shad

Best used on a jig head, and can even be used on a bladed jig to give it a lifelike action and a little bit more sound to help entice bites. This imitates a baitfish and can be used in the same way a spoon is fished.

If you know there are baitfish in the area and for some reason, the fish don’t wait to hit your crankbait or spoon then you can tie on a soft plastic swimbait to see if that subtle difference helps.

Fish can be finicky, and sometimes a small witch up like that can make all of the difference.

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Now that you have a better understanding of what a saltwater lure is go out and get some for yourself. Any of the lures listed above will help you catch fish not only year-round but in spots all over the world.

With these lures you’ll be catching mackerel, snook, mullet, bluefish, predator fish, and other fish species.

Check out Amazon, or a local sporting goods store for more products. Usually there is a section dedicated to saltwater. Use this list to help you find the right product for you!