Best Spinning Reels for Bass Fishing in 2021

Spinning reels are some of the most popular in the world and for good reason. They can be found at just about any sporting goods store, and on top of that are easy to use and very efficient.

Best Spinning Reels For Bass Fishing

  1. Daiwa BG Spinning Reel
  2. Yoshikawa Freshwater Reel
  3. Piscifun Honor XT
  4. CS4 Spinning Reel
  5. Shimano Sahara FI

From small fish to big fish, spinning reels are extremely versatile and most of us start out fishing with them and continue to do so.

They are also great reels for bass fishing. You can fish with all different kinds of techniques with a spinning reel.

So, if you’re looking to get into bass fishing with a spinning reel or you’re just looking for more information about them, then check out the info below.

We’re going to be going over a few different products as well as features and techniques.

What Is A Spinning Reel?

A spinning reel has an open face and a bail wire that helps contain the line when reeling. They are very easy to use and are ideal for someone who is new to fishing and is looking to purchase a reel of their own.

In order to cast all you have to do is flip open the bail, hold the line with your index finger, cast out, and close the bail.

Everything after that is done by turning the handle to retrieve the line. The only difficult part is ensuring you have proper timing down when casting.

When Should You Use A Spinning Reel?

If you’re new to fishing or you’re looking to get somebody into fishing then using a bass spinning reel is a great way to get them started.

They’re very easy to cast which helps with their learning curve and allows them to get a hook in the water without too much frustration with learning to cast.

Other than that, spinning reels are versatile enough to use in just about every fishing situation you can think of, like catfish spinning reels and even saltwater spinning reels.

Now, there are times where a baitcasting reel is better, but a spinning reel is able to handle the job as well.

So, if you want to be able to throw lightweight lures, live bait, as well as heavier lures then a spinning reel is the way to go.

Spinning reels are made for use with lightweight lures such as soft plastics and live bait.

So, once you feel advanced enough to switch to a baitcaster doesn’t mean you should throw away your spinning bass reel.

This is especially true if you want to continue to use lightweight lures for catching largemouth bass.

Rod and Line Pairing

A spinning reel for bass can come in many different sizes. They have ultra-light spinning reels that work well for targeting finesse fishing for smaller fish that live in tiny bodies of water such as farm ponds, and creeks. 

They also make very large sizes that are great for throwing bigger lures to bigger fish. For most people, the middle ground is going to be the best spot. You’ll want a reel that can hold 10-12 pound test.

This will allow you to throw smaller soft plastics or even some heavier spinnerbaits if you need to. Braid, mono, and fluorocarbon are going to be the three main types of lines. All three of them have their own pros and cons. 

Braid is going to be very strong and durable. This is great for targeting big fish or in areas where you know your line could get nicked up by the surroundings.

However, it is very visible. Monofilament is the most popular. It very versatile and can be used in many different scenarios.

Fluorocarbon is great for clear water because it is virtually invisible under the water.

Mono is a great all-around line and is recommended for the bass angler looking to take their fishing rod and reel to any type of water.

Once you begin to branch out you can start pairing lines with lures and water type. For example, summer bass lures, or the best frog lures.

The rod you pair it with will also have a weight assigned to it. Similar to your reel, it can be a light, medium, or heavyweight rod. So a lightweight reel should be paired with a lightweight rod.

Picking the length of your rod is important as well. If you need to make short accurate casts then a shorter rod will be ideal.

However, if you want to further your casting distance then you’ll need to pick a longer rod that can put your lure further out into the water.

Spinning Reel guide

What To Look For In A Spinning Reel?

Below, we’re going to cover what you should be looking for when purchasing a reel. Take a close look and see which features sound the best to you!


The number of bearings in your reel will determine the smoothness as it reels in. A low number could be around 3-4 bearings where some of the higher numbers bearings could reach up to 10. Typically the nicer the reel the more bearings it’s going to have.

It’s nice to have a smooth drag on your reel, but it’s not necessary . Especially if you’re just looking for a cheap reel to get out and go fishing a few times over the summer.


Spinning reels can come in a wide array of costs. Some can be as low as $10. Where others can be hundreds of dollars. Unless you plan on fishing 100+ days a year then there is not a real need to spend a crazy amount of money on a spinning reel.

Something that is $50 will suit most hobby anglers just fine. It will be nice enough that you’ll feel the difference from a cheap one, but it’s not going to break the bank just to have one reel. Remember, you’ve also got to buy line and a rod too. 

Spinning Reel guide

Size & Weight

We touched on this earlier but reels come in different sizes. The main sizes are light, medium, and heavy. These sizes correspond to what size line you can put on then and how effective they’ll be throwing big or small lures.

Lightweight reels are great for smaller bodies of water, and heavier reels are best used when chasing really big fish with big lures. Most anglers will use a medium size reel. This is versatile enough to throw all different sizes of lures.


The drag on your reel is not something you should skimp on. This is a very important piece of equipment on your reel. A poor drag can mean the difference between a tournament lost and won. Or a big fish landed vs lost.

The drag system in a spinning reel is a pair of friction plates inside the fishing reel. When the fish pulls hard enough the reel turns backward letting the line to be pulled off the reel.

This allows the fish to pull line without breaking you off. The extra tension from the drag also helps tire the fish out quicker.


Most spinning reels out there are made of anodized aluminum or graphite body. Graphite is going to be lighter where the machined aluminum spool is going to be stronger.

So if you feel like a lighter reel is going to be best for you and your fishing tactics then the graphite is going to be the best choice for you.

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio essentially means how quickly you can retrieve your lure by cranking the handle. So the high-quality gearing ratio the quicker you’ll be able to retrieve your lure.

This also gives you great line management. Most spinning reels have a 5:2:1 to 6:2:1 gear ratio. Which is not absurdly fast but is quick enough to battle a fish and get it into the boat.

Best Spinning Reel For Bass For The Money

Best Spinning Reel For Bass Under $50:

Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Reel

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Best Spinning Reel For Bass Under $100:

Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel

Abu Garcia REVO2SX30 Revo SX Spinning Fishing Reel

Buy The Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel Here

Top Bass Spinning Reels Reviewed

Now that we have gone over what the different features of spinning reels are let’s check out a few products. Below, we’re going to over five different reels. Each of them will catch you bass.

Daiwa BG Spinning Reel

Daiwa BG Spinning Reel

This reel is made of black anodized machined aluminum. So this reel is not only going to be strong enough to stand up to fighting big fish after big fish but it’s also incredibly durable and will last you many fishing seasons.

It also features a waterproof max drag system. Meaning that sand, dirt, and other corrosive materials won’t be able to infiltrate the inner workings of your reel. Ensuring it does not break down and you’re able to consistently land fish without your drag locking up. It also features an anti-reverse system as well. 

Pair these reels with any type of rod you. Smaller reels will work great with some of the smaller and lighter rods out there Where the heavier reels would be great for chasing larger fish with a medium-heavy to a heavyweight rod.

This is an incredible reel for the price. With some of the smaller to medium size models coming in at under $100, you will be hard-pressed to find something that cheap while still allowing you to perform highly when out on the water. All in all, this is a great reel to have.

Buy The Daiwa BG Spinning Reel Here

Yoshikawa Freshwater Reel

Yoshikawa Freshwater Reel

This reel has a bait feeder drag system. This delivers a free spool which allows the line to run freely off of the reel.

This is great for fighting big bass when using live bait. This is going to help protect your gears as well as your drag on the reel. Giving it more durability.

It also features a corrosion-resistant constriction. It has a graphite side plate as well as an aluminum spool. The spool also has a very high line capacity that allows you to cast further.

The fact that it is corrosion resistant means that this reel is going to last you a very long time.

A smooth multi-disc drag washers gives you the control you need to ensure that those big bass aren’t going to go anywhere.

On top of that, you also get a 10+1 ball bearing system. Making casts and reeling in an absolute breeze.

This is a great reel for targeting bass as well as any other freshwater species.

It is large enough to handle those big lures and live bait you might throw while also giving the strength to haul in those big fish that could win you a tournament or catch the biggest fish in the lake. 

Buy The Yoshikawa Freshwater Reel Here

Piscifun Honor XT

Piscifun Honor XT

This reel comes in multiple sizes. So you can pick out one for bass fishing, catfishing, or for heading out and fishing in saltwater.

Or, you could just take a big size and use that to chase trophy-sized largemouth. Easily attach a piece of live bait to your hook and allow that reel to do its work.

It also has a crazy fast gear ratio at 6:2:1. Allowing fast retrieves of your lure as well as giving you the ability to quickly reel in fish so they have less of a chance of getting off the hook.

The drag power is also very strong as well. Givin you 33 pounds of drag pressure. Which is more than enough to tire out those big bass.

The drag is also sealed off by a rubber ring. This helps protect it from water, dust, sand, or anything that could get in there and mess up the inner workings of the drag.

This makes the reel very durable and great for anglers who are fishing in environments where dirt and sand get into the reel. 

You’ll also see that the reel has a 10+1 ball bearing system. These are double-shielded stainless steel that is balanced out perfectly when being made by computers.

You’ll be blown away by how smooth this reel is. 

Buy The Piscifun Honor XT Here

CS4 Spinning Reel

CS4 Spinning Reel

The base of this reel is made of a carbon fiber composite. This gives the reel rigidity and toughness that result in an incredible feel.

The gears inside the reel are perfectly aligned and are equipped with eight different ball bearings. This is a reel that is durable and also feels great while fishing.

Feel free to use braided line, mono or fluoro fishing line on this reel. It can handle whatever you want to put on it. The stainless steel ball bearings make for a very smooth performance.

Easily reel in your lure or retrieve the fish that hit your bait.

Buy The CS4 Spinning Reel Here

Shimano Sahara FI

Shimano Sahara FI

This is a very strong and durable spinning reel. On top of that, it comes with the unmatched performance that Shimano can provide.

Shimano even upgraded their drag on this reel to ensure that it is smooth, powerful and allows you to fight fish all the way to the boat.

Coming in at an attractive price point, the Sahara is great for an angler of just about any level. It gives you the strength and durability needed to haul in fish, without a crazy price point.

This is an ideal reel that any angler would be happy to own. The carbon fiber drag system is great as well. 

Buy The Shimano Sahara FI Here


Spinning reels are some of the most versatile reels out in the market. You can use them for just about anything and every level of angler uses them.

From the novice to the bass pro you’ll find a spinning reel in just about every anglers selection of fishing gear. 

Also, feel free to check out other reels such as any by Abu Garcia, the Shimano Stradic, Penn, Pflueger, Abu Garcia Revo SX, Penn Battle II, Shimano Stradic CI4, and any reels by Okuma.

So, now that you know more about spinning reels you should head on out to your local outfitter, and pick one up. Or check out any of the online stores including Amazon.