Summer Bass Fishing

Summer Bass Fishing: Best Summer Time Bass Lure

After the spring time spawn, the bass bite will typically begin to slow down. Shallow water bites will be limited to early mornings, evening, and night.

Although, this doesn’t mean that you can’t catch them in the middle of the day.

Best Summer Time Bass Lure

  1. Yamamoto Senko Bait
  2. BiCO Original Jig Lead Free Bass Jigs
  3. Heddon Super Spook Jr. Lure
  4. Livetarget Hollow Body Frog
  5. Strike King Finesse KVD Spinnerbait

Despite bass seeking shelter from the overbearing sun, they’ll still eat in the middle of the day. You just might have to change up your fishing tactics.

Below we’re going to go over exactly how you can catch bass in the summer by touching on location, time of the year, and then go into depth on some of the lures below.

What is Summer Bass Fishing

summer bass fishing tips

Summer is broken down into three different seasons:

  • Early Summer
  • Mid Summer
  • Late Summer

Fish can be caught in each of these, but different tactics will be needed in order to be successful.

Early Summer

summer bass fishing

Typically there is still a strong post spawn bite during this time of the year. Many of the bass are now moved off their beds and are actively feeding. The early summer bite is optimal if you want to introduce  someone new to fishing, as you will see a lot more action than during other times of the year.

A great way to locate early summer bass is to break out your electronics or topographic map and look for ledges, and steep banks. Bass use these as travel routes when leaving their beds. Throw deep diving crankbait or a dropshot, and you just might intercept a solid post spawner.

Mid Summer

Early summer

This is where the bite will typically begin to slow down, especially if you live in any southern states where the air temperature is consistently 90+ degrees.

This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to catch fish. You’ll just need to adjust accordingly.

The early morning, evening, and night time bite is going to be red hot. Fish are moving up shallow and feeding in the cooler water.

This is the perfect time to break out a top-water lure and watch some big bass explode on a buzzbait, poppers, or frog.

However, during the middle of the day bass will be deep. You’ll want to use your electronics to locate deep underwater brush where bass are congregating.

Throw a finesse worm such as a dropshot or a small jig around these brush piles and see if you can pull any out.

Late Summer

bass summer fishing tips

Bass are starting to key in on baitfish this time of the year. Many shad are forming large schools and bass will lie in wait until a school passes near.

This sounds like a great time to throw shad imitation bait but bass get so keyed in on hitting up schools they’ll likely not hit that lure. Instead, throw a topwater stick bait.

Target areas such as points and submerged timber. Also, keep an eye on the surface any feeding activity. Give a cast in the spot you saw water agitation and see if you can’t get one to chase your lure.

Best Bait for Summer Bass

bass fishing

Summer time bass fishing is very diverse and you’ll need to utilize your whole tackle box if you want to consistently catch fish.

Be prepared to utilize all of the lures below.

  • Crankbaits
  • Spinnerbaits
  • Buzzbaits
  • Rubber Worms
  • Hollow Bodied Topwater

Buzzbaits, and hollow bodied topwater are your go to lures during the morning and evening bite.

If you’re ever on a lake early or late in the day during the summer just know that it’s hard to go wrong by tying on a frog and throwing it around vegetation or running a buzzbait past docks.

Crankbaits can work well during the middle of the summer when the bass are holding on deep underwater structure.


Key in on these spots by using your electronics and throw a deep diving crankbait past them.

If you’re crankbaits are not working then it’s time to use your rubber worms to entice a bite. Just because your not getting any fish to hit your crankbait near that brush doens mean there isn’t anything there.

It could just mean the fish need something with a slower presentation. Try using a shaky head or a dropshot rig. Move from brush pile to brush pile and give a nice slow presentation.

Spinnerbaits are often not thought of much during the summer, but they’re incredibly versatile. You can slow roll them past brush just like you could a crankbait.

Or you could even run them shallow during the mornings and evenings. It may not be an option that you should start with, but if you’re having trouble catching fish then its possible the spinnerbait could be the answer.

Where Can I Fish For Bass In The Summer

Summer fish bass

Any type of lake, river, or pond that holds bass is going to give you an opportunity to catch them. The trick is locating them.

Look for any cover the bass may use. Any sort of overhanging bushes, trees, or docks. The bass flock to these areas because of the cooler and darker water.

The closer the cover is to the water the more cover it provides. Which means bass are going to be held here for longer periods.

Check out any submerged brush or fish habitat. Some local lakes put in fish habitat specifically for fisherman and are usually labeled with a buoy.

While you are fishing deep you should also check out any ledges or drop offs. Bass use these as travel ways and there’s a good chance you’ll catch one traveling.

Finally, look for any dense vegetation. Bass enjoy hanging out here due to the thick cover and utilize it to ambush prey. Frogs and other weedless topwaters works great here.


fish bass

What type of plastic bait should I use for pond fishing in the middle of summer?

Small finesse worms and crawfish work best here. If possible, locate some brush in deeper water and work a dropshot around it.

What color worm should I use for late summer bass fishing?

This all depends on the color of the water and also the cloud cover for the day. If your fishing darker water with overcast skies then a dark colored bait will work best.

Such as black, or black and blue flek. The opposite applies for clear water on bright days. You’ll want more natural colors such as green pumpkin, or even pearl white

What is the best time to fish for bass at night during the summer?

There is no “best time” to get out for night fishing. Get out there at dusk and fish till dawn.

Best Bait for Summer Bass Reviews

Yamamoto Senko Bait

Yamamoto Senko Bait Arguably, the Senko is the most versatile bass lure ever created. It can be rigged and used in a number of different ways and has single handedly won many tournaments.

This can be fished deep using a sinker and can catch fish around brush piles or you can wacky rig it and throw it to structure and overhangs throughout the day.

There is very little this lure cannot do and it should be a mainstay in every bass anglers tackle box.

If you had to pick two colors for this lure you should stick with green pumpkin for clear water and black and blue for darker more stained lakes.

Buy the Yamamoto Senko Bait Here

BiCO Original Jig Lead Free Bass Jigs

BiCO Original Jig Lead Free Bass Jigs

Not only is the jig an incredibly effective bass lure, but it is a lot of fun to fish with.

During the summer, its best uses are for punching through heavy vegetation and catching dormant fish holding on deep brush piles.

The way the jig head is shaped allows for the skirt and hook to be standing straight up in the air. The fish see this as a crawfish and will close in quickly.

If you want a little extra action put on your jig, then you can attach a trailer to it such as a soft plastic crawfish. Make sure to match the color of the crawfish to your jig.

Buy BiCO Original Jig Lead Here

Heddon Super Spook Jr. Lure

Heddon Super Spook Jr. Lure This is a great topwater lure for early morning and evenings. Throw this around docks, grass and other structures.

There is a very specific way this lure should be reeled in and it’s called “walking the dog”. It’s not especially hard to do but timing is key. After casting, keep some slight slack in your line.

Point your rod tip down and give your rod a twitch with your wrist. The head of the lure should now be facing to the side. Do this repeatedly and you’ll be walking the dog in no time.

Also, this is a great lure during late summer when the bait fish are schooling. Anytime you see any water disturbance give this a throw and give it a walk the dog retrieve.

Buy the Heddon Super Spook Jr. Lure here

Livetarget Hollow Body Frog

Livetarget Hollow Body Frog Ideal for fishing around any sort of matted vegetation. The hollow body frog is the quintessential topwater lure. Not only is it effective, but it is one of the most fun ways to catch largemouth bass.

Throw to lily pads and work the frog slowly back to you, with pauses in between reels.

During these pauses are when you can expect fish to strike. Be careful that you don’t set the hook too quickly as you can pull the lure away from the fish. Instead wait just a second after the bass hits and then give a strong and swift hookset.

Buy Livetarget Hollow Body Frog Here

Strike King Finesse KVD Spinnerbait

Strike King Finesse KVD Spinnerbait If you are having a hard time catching fish with crankbaits for your soft plastics, then tying on a spinnerbait might be your best bet. The extra action and vibration from the blade can make all the difference.

This sleek new style gives it a more realistic look in the water that fish love. It also comes with the KVD initials on the blade so you know you’re not getting a knock off KVD lure.

Throw this past brush, grass lines, or any other type of structure that bass might be holding on to.

Buy the Strike King Finesse KVD Spinnerbait Here


Summer time bass fishing can be tough, especially when the water temperatures start to rise and the fish become lethargic. This doesn’t mean you will get skunked.

Be persistent and keep throwing your lures to shade, deep brush, and ledges. Eventually that work will pay off with a nice summer time largemouth.