Best Tackle Boxes

Best Tackle Boxes (2021 Review)

When searching for the best tackle box you should take into consideration exactly what kind of fishing you’ll be doing.

As well as how much gear you plan on bringing. A bag too small and you could find yourself low on gear. A bag too big and it could be too cumbersome.

Best Tackle Boxes


Anglers are known for being gear hounds. They always want the latest and greatest. So it makes sense that there would be tackle boxes of all sizes.

This way an angler doesn’t have to worry about having too much gear.

If need be you could also use these hard tackle boxes as a fly box for fly fishing. Typically a fly box will have a lanyard, but these larger plastic boxes can work well for fly fishing too. 

A tackle box is meant to help you keep your gear organized. So, what we are going to do is help you find the right tackle box for you.

Below we are going to list out five different tackle boxes. Each has its own pros and cons so think carefully about what you need and then apply it to the list below.

What Is A Tackle Box?

Tackle Box

A tackle box is there to help you keep your gear all in one spot while also being organized. They can come in many different sizes, styles, and with a number of different pockets for gear storage. 

All of them can be used in saltwater or freshwater. These fishing tackle boxes are ideal for storing sinkers, jigs, and use in a kayak. The water-resistant tackle systems with zippered storage space can be great assets to you.

They can be carried by using a handle, which is the most popular style. Or, many of the newer tackle boxes come with a single or double padded shoulder strap.

Allowing you to quickly and easily carry your gear no matter where it is you plan on fishing. Many of the heavy-duty models even have adjustable dividers.

Benefits Of A Tackle Box

Best Tackle Boxes

Having a tackle box with you while fishing allows you to quickly and easily grab whatever tool, lure, hook, or line that you need.

Since each spot of the tackle box has its own area for storage you no longer have to look through a big mess of tangled hooks to find exactly what you need.

Portable tackle boxes are also great for anglers fishing from the shore. This way your hands can be completely free for casting and handling fish.

No longer do you have to set down your tackle box and leave it one spot while you work a point.

Some tackle boxes even have a led light system. Allowing you to use a line dispenser and cut line in the dark.

Also, look for a limited lifetime warranty, removable dividers, removable spinnerbait racks, and ensure there are pvc backing and plenty of room for terminal tackle, swivels, or anything else. 

Considerations Before Purchasing A Tackle Box

Below, we’re going to go over a couple of different features for tackle boxes. Each is going to have its own list of pros and cons. So, think about what you need in a tackle box and then apply that to the list below.


The size of your tackle box will determine how much gear you can hold. So, if you’re one of those anglers who have tons of gear then something that is large is going to work best for you.

The opposite applies to those anglers who enjoy keeping it to the bare minimum. Look for something that will be exactly what you want to bring and utilize that size


A tackle box with a handle is fine for fishing from a boat or from one spot for the day. You don’t need to move much other than from your car to the boat or to the shore.

However, if you’re a shore angler and enjoy moving around a crunch then look for something with a shoulder strap. These will help you cast hands-free, and there many of these out in the market now.


This is similar to the size of the tackle box. You’ll want something that has adequate areas for gear storage. Many tackle boxes with handles have insides that open up and collapse once closed.

Allowing you ample space to set lures, hooks, or anything else you need. Soft tackle bags are normally smaller, but the top access is usually easier.

Tackle boxes with straps usually don’t have this. Most of the time you will be utilizing small plastic storage containers that will hold your gear inside of the strapped tackle box.

So, it may be a little more complicated than the handled version, but it is easier to carry.

Does It Float

Some new tackle box companies are making floating tackle boxes. While this is a great feature and could likely save you hundreds of dollars in the future, it is not something that is really needed.

It’s just wonderful that if you can afford then it should be something you look at.


This is similar to the previous feature. Having a waterproof tackle box may need to be something that is needed.

However, if you plan on bridging electronics or other items that can not get wet then a waterproof tackle box is a great spot to put them.

Types Of Tackle Boxes

As we discussed above, there are a few different types of tackle boxes. Below, we’re going to go into more detail to learn more about them and what the pros and cons are of each style.


Tackle Box Handle

The classic handle style tackle box. It’s perfect for sitting in a bass boat, or Jon boat. Or even for parking yourself on the shore of a lake or river. Larger ones have tons of storage spots for hooks, lures, and everything you may need.

These are great if you plan on not moving much and being close to your tackle box all day. They become cumbersome once you have to start moving and you need to walk back to your tackle box then go to your new spot. 

So, if you like to be in one spot and like built-in organization, then the handle style tackle box is the one for you.


Tackle Box Strap

These come in either one or two strap styles. The single strap is great for throwing over your shoulder quickly or wrapping it around your collarbone and placing it on your back.

The double strap is backpack style. Oftentimes coming with clips to ensure that you don’t slide off your back when fishing in rough terrain.

These are ideal if you are shore fishing and plan on covering a lot of ground. It allows you to be totally hands-free and you don’t have to set it down when you cast.

These are great but usually, you have to purchase extra plastic storage containers to go inside so that you can have proper organization. 

Best Tackle Boxes Reviewed

Below, we have a list of products. Each is going to have its own list of pros and cons. So, think about what you need for your own style and of fishing and apply that to the list below. I’m sure we will have the right one for you!

1. Ugly Stik Fishing Bag (Best Overall Tackle Box)

Ugly Stik Fishing Bag

This soft-sided tackle box is perfect for just about any angler out there. It comes with a handle so it can be easily carried around. It also comes with a shoulder strap. So you can toss it over and easily fish while walking. 

There are four plastic container storage areas inside. So you can bring along and keep everything you need inside.

It may not be a lot of room. However, you should be able to bring along all of the things you need in order to catch fish.

There is also plenty of space on the outside for storage. Including a holder that safely secures your pliers in place. On the outside, the pocket is made to hold larger items or to even hold your phone, or wallet.

The size is also small enough that you can easily stow this in your car or boat. That way you always have your fishing gear ready to go whenever you need it.

Similar to the tackle box above it does not have tons of storage but just enough to hold everything that is needed.


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2. Rodeel Tackle Box (Best Lightweight Tackle Box)

Rodeel Tackle Box

This is the classic style tackle box that we probably all had growing up. It’s very barebones and only has one large storage area to put your gear. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t effective and useful.

Now, the tackle box does come with one plastic storage container. However, the tackle box itself can not actually hold it so you must carry it separately. On top, there is a cantilever removable area with storage areas. Making it ideal for holding hooks.

Beneath it a large storage spot that can hold all of your large items. Making this a perfect tackle box for someone who doesn’t need a bunch of gear storage. They know what they need to catch fish and only bring the gear that is needed.


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3. Elkton Outdoors Rolling Bag (Best Large Tackle Box)

Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box

For the size, this bag is surprisingly lightweight. On top of that, it is also durable, waterproof, and breaks down so that it is easy to stow when now in use. Allowing you to keep this wherever you want.

The amount of storage in this is astronomical. You can fit just about whatever you need in this tackle box and still have room left over for items you wouldn’t even want or need. Making this perfect for the angler who is the gear head.

The handle and wheels on the bottom make this great for transport. Easily roll this down the dock to your boat, or down the hill to the edge of the lake. Making this perfect for someone who overloads their tackle box and doesn’t want to lug around 25 pounds of gear.

This also comes with four different rod holders. Allowing you the ability to pack rods and reels for all different types of fish or fishing styles. The rod holders could also be used to cast out some extra lines without having to hold them yourself.


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4. Plano 1354 (Best Tackle Box for Organization)

Plano 1354

Complete with duraview, this tackle box features four different stowaway utility boxes. Perfect for organizing your tackle in separate rows so you know exactly where your hook and lures might be located.

Within those boxes are storage compartments. This ensures your gear doesn’t get all mixed up when sitting together.

It also comes with four plastic storage bins that have dividers. Some tackle boxes like this force you to buy them separately. Not Plano.

They want you ready to go out and hit the water from the moment you walk out of the store with one of their products.

Underneath the lid, there is an area for bulk storage. Making it great to put larger tools, such as pliers, or a multitool. Also, you could even store an extra line or a stringer in this compartment. If need be you could put a phone and wallet here too.

The handle on top is perfect for carrying and sitting next to you on the shore or keeping it next to you on a boat. The durable plastic will be sure to last for years to come. Thanks to the supreme durability this is going to be your go-to tackle box.


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Plano E Series (Best Backpack Tackle Bag)

Plano E Series Backpack Tackle Box

The saving grace of shore anglers. The backpack style tackle box is perfect for anglers who don’t have a boat but want to be able to haul all of their gear hands-free.

This allows you to easily and quickly move from spot to spot without having to worry about picking up your tackle box.

The air mesh straps and padded back cushion make this a very comfortable pack to wear. Even in the hot sun it will help keep you cool and will encourage airflow. The cushioned back is perfect for comfortable all-day wear. 

Inside has storage spots for three different plastic containers. Allowing you to hold all of the lures and hooks you need inside of those.

On top of that is a large area where you can put tools, extra fishing line, or your electronics while fishing. External pockets are great for quick and easy access as well.

It is slightly more expensive than some of the other tackle boxes on this list. However, you are getting a very durable piece of equipment that should last you for fishing season after fishing season. 


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Tackle boxes are must-have pieces of equipment. They are going to allow you to hold everything you need. Whether it is fishing gear for your wallet, you need one to help you have a better day on the water.

All of these high-quality tackle boxes will be great for your next fishing trip. All of the front pockets, main compartments, and mesh pockets can be used to hold spools, bobbers, or other fishing accessories.

Most of the tackle storage areas are even customizable. 

So, check out Amazon for any of the items listed above. All have enough room for fishing lures and can work great at your fishing spot. or use this list as a jumping-off point.

You’ll love having a tackle bag!