The Cost of getting into Archery

Whether for hunting or recreation, archery is a great way to learn a skill and get outdoors. However, it can be a little confusing when first starting to determine how much money to spend.

Should you go big right at the beginning and get an expensive set up? Or should you start modestly and grow?

How much for a Bow and Arrow?

When browsing your local sporting goods or Amazon, you’ll find there is a broad range of prices and items for archery. There are less expensive bow and arrow sets for small children that typically range $40-$50.

Bows on the market for older children and adults could range up to $2,000. It would not be recommended to purchase the $2,000 bow when first starting out, but hey, to each their own.

A young child could benefit from a set-up in the $30-$100 range. This provides an introduction to the sport and if found enjoyable then a higher price range might be considered.

For adults, a decent used bow might be found at yard sales, or through other vendors on ebay, or other used item sites. These will typically be older models that might need some work, but they might be inexpensive and can always be taken into a local bow shop to outfit them with new accessories or to fix any issues.

However, if a new bow is preferred then a decent adult model is going to run a couple hundred dollars.

Good Beginner Brands

Most brands will have a wide array of bows with a range of prices. They will have a discount brand as well as premiere products.

Below are a few models to help form a better idea of what type of bow to get started with that won’t break the bank.

Bear Archery Youth Package

Is a great product for a youth to get into archery. It has a recommended age limit of 8 or older; it can teach youth how to shoot effectively.

It is not strong enough to hunt with, but can teach the mechanics of shooting a bow so that when the youth is older they can be comfortable shooting something that is hunt worthy and capable of taking down an animal.

Coming in at less than $100, this is a great starting point for someone looking to get into the sport.

PSE Mini Burner Youth Compound Bow

If the youth is adept and ready to advance into archery but has outgrown their previous bow this is the next step. The compound bow features a 40 lb draw weight, which enables it to make long, accurate shots for target practice and is strong enough to hunt with.

Keep in mind that a 40 lb draw weight is effective enough to take down a whitetail, but nothing larger. Elk, or other larger species will require 50 lb draw weight  or more. That being said this is a great next step for someone ready to advance to the next level.

The PSE Mini Burner Youth Compound Bow is slightly more expensive at just under $200.

Bear Archery Cruzer Lite RTH Compound Bow

Features a maximum 50 lb draw weight. This broad range of draw weight will enable an individual to utilize this bow for years to come.

It is slightly more expensive with a price range in the $200s.

Diamond Edge SB1 Compound Bow

Has a good mid range price point. It has a draw weight that can be adjusted from 7-70 lbs. which makes it an ideal option for an older youth who can handle the size of the bow as well as the draw weight.

Because of its size it can make accurate shots from far away in target practice and it can be used to efficiently hunt large game.

Coming in in the higher $300 range, it is a more expensive option for someone who may be brand new to the sport, but it could be ideal for someone ready to take the next step in outfitting their hunting equipment.


Thousands of dollars are not necessary for a decent bow when first starting out. Something used from a flea market, ebay, or a garage sale might be a better option to first explore whether this could be the right sport.

Keep in mind a little wear and tear might be evident and adjustments and/or repairs might be required. But a good place to discover whether bow for sport and/or hunting is right for an individual.

If the preference is for an unused bow then take a look at the bows above which are great options to try.