Daiwa BG VS. Penn Spinfisher

Two great brands in the world of fishing are Daiwa and Penn. Both of these companies have been producing great products for decades. It doesn’t matter if it’s rods or reel, you can always count on either of these companies to help you catch fish.

Since both of these companies make such great products how will I know which reel I should buy? Well, below we’re going to cover both of these reels in detail. Explaining what each reel does good and bad.

First, we’re going to cover a little bit about spinning reels and what makes them so great. So, check out the information below if you’re looking to find a great spinning reel for your next fishing trip.

What To Look For In A Spinning Reel

Drag washers are the best as they can help apply just the right amount of pressure when fighting fish. You could also look for a carbon fiber drag system. These can also be found in baitcaster reels.

When you’ve found out what kind of drag system your reel has you should it is corrosion-resistant. Ensure that the fishing tackle you use for your Penn reels or Daiwa reels will work with the size selected. A size too big could affect the roller bearings over time, and make a smooth drag much tougher.

What Is A Spinning Reel

Spinning Reel

Spinning reels are an easy-to-use open-faced reel. Making them a great option for younger anglers, or for beginners who may not have the mechanics of casting down yet. Spinners are usually a lightweight setup that works best with live bait or smaller and lighter artificial lures.

Oftentimes you won’t be cranking with graphite and a high-quality spinning reel. Usually, you’ll be jigging or using jigs and trying to target larger fish from a dock, pier, or kayak. Oftentimes these will have strong gearing, giving you a max drag which will help pull in big fish


The drag will be located at the top of the spinning reel. The drag system is what adds or removes tension on the line. The knob on top is what allows you to adjust this. Twisting to the right will make it tighter where twisting to the left will make it looser. 


Beneath the drag is the spool. This is what will hold your fishing line onto your reel. When you reel the spool will not spin, but the line around it is. This helps to prevent any knots or tangles in your line when reeling. 


The bail has two purposes on the reel. It is a casting trigger, and will also keep your line in place as it comes off or onto your bail. For the casting trigger, you must first open the bail in order to cast with your reel. To retrieve you must close the bail. 


The handle is important because that is what you will be holding that will power the reel. Any handle will do, however, once you get more into fishing there will be different styles that you prefer to use. They all accomplish the same thing though.

Daiwa BG VS. Penn Spinfisher Products Reviewed

Now that we know a little bit more about spinning reels, let’s go into depth about the main differences and similarities between the Daiwa BG and the Penn Spinfisher. 

Below, we’re going to talk about what these reels are so great and why they are so well known and well used in the world of fishing. 

Daiwa BG

Daiwa BG

The BG is one of the most popular reels that Daiwa makes. It comes in many different sizes and they even create models for saltwater as well as freshwater. So, if you want a model for shore fishing and then another one for throwing worms to bass, then you will have the ability to do so.

The iconic black and gold color will stand out and look great when paired with any rod. On top of that, you will be getting a real with a black anodized machined aluminum housing body. Giving you superior durability, and allowing you to use this reel for years to come. 

The spool is also braided line-ready. This way you don’t have to use a base of monofilament when you want to string on your braided line. Easily pop the reel from its case and slide on your favorite braided line without the trouble of using a line connector knot, or worrying that you didn’t put on enough mono as a base.

With seven ball bearings, you will feel just how smooth this reel is when you cast or reel. The 5.6:1 gear ratio is strong and fast enough that you will be able to reel in your lures quickly without having too much power. This ensures that you don’t overplay a fish and wind up breaking a line.

If you’re looking for a reel that is solid and dependable then it’s hard to look past a BG. if you plan on using it for saltwater fishing you should make sure that you wince it off with fresh water from either a hose or a sink after use. This helps keep the saltwater off your gear and will help prevent corrosion.

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Penn Spinfisher

Penn Spinfisher

The Spinfisher and BG are both very similar reels. Almost to the point where it becomes just a personal preference as to which one you think is best. The biggest difference is that the Spinfisher comes in more models and sizes than the BG.

The Spinfisher VI comes in four different models. The Spinfisher VI, Spinfisher VI Line Liner, Spinfisher VI  Bail-less, and the Spinfisher VI long Cast. Each is going to serve its own purpose. However, if you want a good all-around reel then stick with the Spinfisher VI.

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Spinfisher VI Live Liner

Spinfisher VI Live Liner

The line liner allows you to see how much line has come off of the spool when you’re casting. Making this great for shore fishing. So when you get a bit you can know exactly how far your bait was when it got hit. Allowing you to cast right back to that same spot.

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Spinfisher Vi Bailess

Spinfisher VI Bailess

Bailess reels are great for quick casting and retrieval. On top of that, it also is one less part that can break on your reel. Making it great when fishing from rocky shorelines or for anglers who are tough on gear. This also prevents the bail from accidentally tripping and then watching as your line breaks and your lure flies off into the sunset.

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Spinfisher Long Cast

Spinfisher Long Cast

This one is self-explanatory. The way it is created helps to give you more distance on your casting. This is helpful in both fresh and saltwater fishing

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Overall, these reels are incredibly similar. It comes down to wanting something either very specific for your type of fishing. Or it could be just about brand loyalty and personal preference. Making this similar to the Coke Vs. Pepsi of the fishing world.

Overall, it is difficult to go wrong when selecting either of these reels for fishing. They are both great and will help youtube out on the water and catch more fish. Both are also very durable so as long as you treat them right they’ll be great for years to come.