How Far Can You See With 10×50 Binoculars?

Binoculars are your best bet when it comes to viewing distant objects. They are essentially two small-sized telescopes connected together. This instrument consists of one or two focusing rings, lenses, and a frame. Their optical and mechanical qualities are quite different.

Binoculars can be used for hunting, bird viewing, and even sky viewing. Now let’s jump right to the actual question: How far can you see with 10×50 binoculars?

How Far Can You See With 10×50 Binoculars?

With 10×50 binoculars you can see about 2,100 yards.

Magnification Power

binoculars 10x50

When we talk about 10×50 binoculars, the first number i.e. 10 represents the magnification power of the instrument. In simple words, this means that the image will be brought 10 ten times closer to you.

Higher magnification isn’t always a good thing. It affects your steadiness over a longer period. If you desire to view small objects while you are positioned on a steady surface, high magnification power could be beneficial to you.

Objective Lens

The second number ‘50’ refers to the size of the objective (front) lens i.e. 50 mm. As the lens size increases, more light can enter the binoculars. This allows you to see things in a darker surrounding with greater efficiency. One drawback to larger lenses is their size which makes the binoculars a little difficult to handle.

Field of View

binoculars view

Field of view is the total width of an area that you can view at a distance of 1000 yards. With a 10×50 binocular, you can see an object that is 1000 yards away from you and it will appear to be 10 times larger than its original size.

Exit Pupil Size

This determines the efficiency of a binocular in areas with poor light. The exact diameter of a light beam leaving the eyepiece of the instrument is known as the exit pupil size.

You can obtain it by dividing the objective lens number by the magnification power of binoculars. In this case, you simply divide 50 by 10 which equals to 6. Therefore, 6mm will be your average exit pupil size.


Now that you have learned that you can see about 2,100 yards with 10×50 binoculars