Camera for Home Security

How to Hide a Trail Camera for Home Security

Hiding a camera that is being used for home security and surveillance purposes is essential if you desire to keep it from being stolen by thieves and trespassers. Let’s talk about some tips and tricks you can use to camouflage it with ease.

Mount Your Trail Camera at Maximum Height

maximum height

What one cannot see, one cannot take. To conceal your trail camera from passersby, place it as high as possible and angle it down so that your view isn’t compromised.

However, this method comes with a major drawback. It might become difficult for you to access the camera when needed. Using a ladder is a good solution to this problem.

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

In this case, the smaller your trail camera will be, the easier it will be to hide it. Latest models of cameras are more compact than older ones.

Use a compact device rather than a bulky one so that it doesn’t stand out and will make it more difficult for thieves to detect them.

Camouflage Your Trail Camera

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Conceal the camera with some materials that blend extremely well with its surroundings. You can use a rotting tree stump and place your camera inside it. Although the concealing material depends upon the area you are going to install your camera in.

Choosing walls with accentuating and bold patterns instead of plain white ones works well as the loud designs allow the camera to sink in and not draw any extra attention from the onlookers.

Use a Dummy Camera

dummy camera

Installing a dummy camera is a great way to catch someone red-handed. If home security is a great issue for you, spending money on a low-end decoy camera might just be worth it for you.

Firstly, install a decoy camera that is in plain sight and easily detectable by any onlooker. Now install a real trail camera nearby which points directly at the dummy one so that you can capture any funny business immediately.

Remember to conceal the trail camera using the other tips so that you don’t end up getting in any extra trouble.

Hide Your Trail Camera in the Foliage

wireless camera

The plants and foliage around your home can become a perfect hide-out for your trail camera. Plant your camera by sinking it in the greenery in such a manner that no leaves or flowers block its view.

Also, make sure that the installation is done in a way that the wind doesn’t bother the motion detectors of the cam.

Keep the Camera Locations to Yourself

Do not let the cat out of the bag! The best way to keep a secret is by keeping it to yourself. The fewer people you share your trail camera location with, the better will it be for you in the long run.

Use Wireless Cameras

home wireless camera

As technology is taking over the world, there are many new inventions that you can greatly benefit from. While video surveillance systems are nothing to get hyped up about, wireless cameras certainly are.

These cameras can be installed anywhere and they eliminate the need for setting up bulky wiring.

While wired cameras are easily detectable by intruders and there is a high chance of the wires being cut, wireless cameras can be easily hidden as they do not come with any large accessories.

Ideal Placement Areas for Your Trail Cameras


Now that you have learned about various methods of hiding your trails cams, here are some ideal cam placement areas that will help you maximize your home security and surveillance:

  • Most thieves and trespassers tend to start with exterior rooms attached to the house such as a greenhouse or a garage so make sure you install a trail camera inside these attached structures.
  • Find a point in a nearby tall bush or tree from where you can get the complete view of your house and bury a camera there.
  • Lights are one way to deter any mischievous fellows from entering your safe space. A trail camera with a built-in IR flash is a great way to minimize your chances of getting robbed. Install one near your front door or window that lights up on the detection of movement.
  • Choose a spot where there isn’t much sunlight. Shades and covered areas are great places for hiding a camera as they are not exposed to sunlight and hence this method prevents your camera from glares during day time.

Find the ideal placement area for your trail cameras and use our simple tips and tricks to keep intruders away and to make your place as secure as possible!