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What Size Hook Is Best For Bass Fishing

It can be overwhelming when you first start bass fishing. There is a lot of gear out there that can all start to look the same after a while if you’re a beginner and not quite sure where to get started.

This is especially true for bass fishing hooks. 

Most of the time you’ll be using Aberdeen hooks or baitholder hooks for live bait. Where other models are great for wiggling a weedless texas rig or replacing a hook on a spinnerbait.

Hooks come in all different shapes and sizes. Each one is best suited for a different style of fishing as well as fish type.

So, when looking for something the best bass hook you need to be thinking about the size of the hook and the lure used, the technique you’re using as well as the size of the bass you’re targeting.

Below, we’re going to cover different types of hooks that can be used with different techniques. As well as going over the best overall hook.

Don’t feel like you need to be purchasing each hook. Think about what you plan on using it for and stick with that style.

First, we’re going to cover some of the basics of bass hooks and how you can best use them.

What Is A Bass Hook

Bass Hook

A lot of newer anglers think that a hook is a hook and you don’t need to put much thought into it. To a certain point that is true.

You can slap any old hook on a plastic worm and eventually you’ll catch big bass. However, using the right hook for the lure and technique is going to result in more hooks and fish landed.

A bass hook is used on any type of bait or lure that you are using when targeting bass. Could be the smallest hook with a grub tied on, or a large hook tied to a swimbait.

There’s no one size or style fits all for bass fishing. The smaller hooks can be used to also catch crappie.

Different Types Of Bass Hooks

Different Types Of Bass Hooks

As we mentioned above there are several different types of hooks that can be used in bass fishing. Below, we’re going to cover them to give you a quick overview of what they are best used for.

Straight Shank Hook

Straight Shank Hook

If you’re new to fishing then these are the hooks you probably think of. They have no bend in at the top of the hook.

Making this ideal for fishing in heavy cover. This is because there is less area to hook onto weeds.

Offset Round Bend Hook

Offset Round Bend Hook

These are probably the most popular bass hooks out there. This is because the offset hook eye at the top of the hook helps to position just about soft plastic perfectly on the hook.

Making for a better presentation that fish love. This can be used in open water or in cover.

Offset Wide Gap Hooks

Offset Wide Gap Hooks

This looks similar to the offset round bend hook, but it has a wider gap in the middle. The idea behind this is to make the hook larger so that the fish doesn’t swallow the hook.

Making it safer for the fish when using catch and release and you get to keep your hook. 

Treble Hooks

Treble Hooks

Trebles have three different hooks on them. Typically you see these on crankbaits, or other hardbody lures.

The extra hooks will help you catch more fish. However, they can be a pain to get out of the fish’s mouth. So, make sure to bring pliers.

Drop Shot Hook

Drop Shot Hook

The drop shot hook is used for the drop shot technique used for finesse fishing. You could also use the octopus hook for this as well since they look similar.

This hook is typically smaller than the hooks we mentioned above. So you’ll be using a smaller lure with it.

A circle hook also looks similar but it’s not recommended. With this, you’ll be using a lure that mimics a baitfish or shiner.

Typically you’ll be using a lighter fishing line with this. 

Hook Sizes

Hook Sizes

Hook sizes are based on numbers. Seems simple but it can be a little confusing since the larger the number the smaller the hook. The different sizes start at 32 (the smallest) and progress all the way down to size 1.

After that, they then get bigger and are called a 1/0 (caught). The biggest they get is a 20/0.

For bass fishing, you will mostly be using the following sizes, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0, and 3/0. These can be used with just about any technique.

However, once you get more comfortable and find the right size then you can start to experiment and go bigger and smaller. Keep in mind that there is no standard size though.

You’ll find that a size 1 at hook company A could be bigger or smaller than a size 1 at hook company B. Find one that you like the best and stick with it.

Companies That Make Bass Hooks


There are many different companies that make a great bass hook. We’re going to name a few of them so that you know what to look for when shopping for your own tackle box.

Eagle Claw

One of the most well-known tackle and hook companies out there. Eagle Claw has been around forever and has many different larger hook styles and sizes of hooks to choose from.

These are a great option because of their price point and they can be found just about anywhere tackle is sold.


Arguably the best hook out there. Gamakatsu has been making a name for itself in the pro bass world for a while now. Amateur bass fishermen have begun using them too and are even replacing the treble hooks on their hardbody lures with Gamakatsu.

The price point is a little higher but these hold an edge for a while and are very durable.

Mustad Hook

Mustad is the best-selling hook brand in the world. They have created a wonderful product that comes at a solid price point without having to sacrifice quality.

It’s hard to go wrong with a Mustad hook, and they can be found at many different tackle shops.


Now that we have a better understanding of what a bass hook is, let’s dive deeper and check out the best bass fishing hooks. Each has its own pros and cons so think about what you’re looking for in a hook and use the list to guide you.

1. Gamakatsu EWG Offset Worm Hook

Gamakatsu EWG Offset Worm Hook

This is the most popular and versatile hook that Gamakatsu offers. It is the gold standard in wide gap worm hook design.

Feel free to use any soft plastic baits you wish for this hook, but it holds a Senko perfectly. If you want to add some weight then you can also jig it or use a Texas or Carolina Rig with this hook.

On top of all that this is also great for use on soft plastic jerk baits when the fish are keying in on baitfish. The hook is made of premium high carbon steel.

Giving it great durability so you can use it on fishing trip after fishing trip. The strength is also unmatched.

Don’t worry about a fish bending out the short shank on these. Gamkatsu hook points are also built to last.

They will retain their sharpness after catching fish all day or when pulling lures through thick cover. You’ll be sharpening hook points less and catching more fish.

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2. Eagle Claw Aberdeen

Eagle Claw Aberdeen

This is the classic bass fishing hook. This the no-frills fish hook that most of us used growing up.

We’d ball up a nightcrawler and slide it on the long shank or push a few crickets past the barb to ensure they’d stay on when underwater. This is best for use on live bait.

Hook a minnow through the lip or back and allow it to swim around. Or do what we mentioned above, slide a few crickets past the barb or ball up a nightcrawler and allow them to dangle under a bobber.

These are not going to ideal for use on soft plastics. However, in a pinch, they can be used and will catch you fish. 

The great thing about the Eagle Claw Aberdeen is that these can be found just about anywhere tackle is sold. So, if you ever find yourself without a hook then just know an Aberdeen is probably sitting somewhere on the shelf of a gas station near your local lake or river.

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3. Mustad Ultrapoint KVD Series

Mustad Ultrapoint KVD Series

If you’re not fond of the treble hooks that come attached to the hard-bodied lures you purchase then you can easily switch them out with this KVD Series treble hook from Mustad. Each trebly hook is attached to a swivel on the lure.

Open the swivel and remove the old hook before sliding the old one on. These hooks have a very specific bend in them that will increase your chances of hooking up with a fish and landing it.

Perfect for those finicky bites where a bass isn’t sure if it wants to eat your lure or not. The Mustad hooks are made from a nor tempering process.

Meaning they have a light wire and also 20% stronger than some other brands of hooks. Making them ideal for fishing long days out on the fresh or saltwater.

Their Ultrapoint technology also ensures that hook points stay sharp despite rough use. No longer worry about having to sharpen your points every time you go out.

Keep the same hook on and you’re ready to go!

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4. Gamaktsu Drop Shot Hook

Gamaktsu Drop Shot Hook

When you decide you want to fish a drop shot rig there is no other hook you should be using than the Gamkatsu drop shot hook. It is made specifically for this technique and will help you hook into more fish than other styles of hook.

As we mentioned earlier about Gamkatsu hooks, these are some of the best in the market. Not only are they strong and durable but they will hold their razor-sharp point longer than other brands out there.

The light hook allows your soft plastic to flow and move easily in the water. Giving it a lifeline presentation that fish will find hard to turn down.

Despite their smaller hook size they do not bend so hooking into a big bass on a drop shot hook won’t be an issue. If you would like you can also use this hook on a wacky rigged Senko or other plastic worms.

Hook it through the middle and pop it through the water column. Fish will hit on the fall so be ready to set the hook then.

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5. Trokar HD Worm Fishing Hook

Trokar HD Worm Fishing Hook

This hook is made for fishing worms, or other soft plastic creature lures. Use this when throwing a weightless rig, or when Texas rigging or using a Carolina rig.

The bend in the eye will help keep all of your soft plastics sitting exactly where they need to be in order to give the proper presentation. The three-sided hook point allows for better hooksets, which results in more fish landed.

Don’t worry about a bad hookset anymore when using the Trokar HD hooks. Made with ultra-clean, cold-forged high carbon steel.

This helps to increase strength so that you don’t have to worry about a big largemouth bass bending out your hook.

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Largemouth, smallmouth, and walleye hooks can be tough to pick out when you first start out fishing. There are so many of them that it is easy to get overwhelmed and give up.

Hopefully, the information above has helped you get a better understanding of what to look for when purchasing your own hooks.

So, check out the products above and see which one you might like the best. Each has its own pros and cons so feel free to experiment with a few until you find the one that you like the best.