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PSE Bow Madness 32 Review For 2021

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The PSE Bow Madness 32 is a mid range hunting bow that will also operate beautifully for target or 3-D shooting. For the price that PSE are asking, this is one of the best shooting bows that you will ever come across.

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The Bow Madness 32 is 32 inches from axle to axle. That makes it a pretty standard size for both hunting and recreational use.

It is also available in a 34 inch version, with all the other specs being the same. However, the 34 is rated at 5 feet per second faster than the Bow Madness 32, which shoots 335 IBO feet per second.

The draw length is adjustable by rotating the module from 24 to 30 inches. The adjustable increments are set half an inch apart.



The Bow Madness 32 has compression limbs. The limbs are straight and then put under a lot of pressure when positioned. This extra limb pressure puts tension on the strings and cables. This allows the bow to shoot faster with less noise and more accuracy.

This bow also has rubber bearings in the axles. This allows for very smooth axle movement. The rubber is hard wearing so you won’t have to worry about replacing them.

The Bow Madness 32 is one and a half cams. You have a yoke system at the top and a cam down the bottom. This is different to other PSE bows, which will feature a cam at the top and another one at the bottom. This one only gives you a cam at the bottom to adjust the draw length.

At the top of the cam on the backside is a surround wheel. That makes this bow a cross between a twin cam and a single cam. That makes it easier to tune. With this bow, you won’t have any timing issues. There is also no draw-stop on the cam.


This bow has lines on the riser to tell you where to place the arrow. The strings are top quality being made from very good material. The string has a series of speed beads which increase their speed.

The Bow Madness 32 has a number of sight holes to allow to customize the sight. You can, as a result, center the sight exactly where you want it. It also has a standard mounting block for a PSE arrow rest. It is also equipped for a PSE quiver to be attached to it.


The PSE Bow Madness 32 is rated at 350 feet per second. It is not the fastest bow at that price point. There are other bows which are rated faster, but not by much. However, this bow feels faster to shoot.

Be aware that many companies tend to over rate the speed of their bows. When you shoot the Bow Madness 32, however, you know that you have got a fast bow on your hands.


The draw on this bow is very comfortable and solid all the way through. At full extension, the valley lets off a little bit, so that it is quite easy to hold. There is very little vibration when you loose the arrow.

That means that the arrow will fly true, rather than jumping out or moving left or right. You can achieve this result without the need for stabilizers. Of course, there is provision for a stabilizer to be added. There is no hole on the top limb, however, for the addition of an extra draw stop.

We really love the amount of adjustability you get with the PSE Bow Madness 32. You can adjust the bow 12 turns on the limb bolts. Draw length adjustability means that this bow will suit anybody.

This bow is made to last. PSE test all of their bows on a shooting machine to simulate 25 years of shooting continuously. This allows them to see what parts will fail over a 25 year period. That makes this bow virtually impossible to be faulty. Whether it’s hunting, target or 3-D shooting, the PSE Bow Madness 32 is an excellent bow that comes in at a very good price point.

PSE Bow Madness VS PSE Drive

pse 32

The Bow Madness 32 is very comparable to the better selling PSE Drive. The Drive is a little cheaper. It has a speed of 335 feet per second, which is the same as the Bow Madness 32.

The cam system is similar, though the 32 is more machined out, reducing the weight a little. The 32 has a machine-riser, whereas the Drive has a cast riser

Axle to axle, the Bow Madness 32 is longer than the Drive. This makes it easier to shoot. The riser is made of forged aluminum and has initial tuning marks engraved on it for arrow alignment when you first set the bow up.

This bow uses the Backstop 3 string stop system, which works well, especially when you are wearing hefty hunting gear.


  • Adjustable draw length from 24 to 30 inches
  • Compression limbs
  • Hard bearing rubber axles bearings
  • 5 cams


  • The grip is not as thick as with many other brands
  • The mainline strings are good quality but not as top notch as the Pro Series


The PSE Bow Madness 32 feels really comfortable to shoot, it has a nice, easy draw cycle and a very true arrow flight. It has everything you need for a great shooting experience.

The PSE Bow Madness 32 is available in 3 color options: Skywork, Black, and Camo. It features a standard PSE grip which is nice and comfortable. The grip is mainly made of aluminum.

The team at PSE stand behind their products 100%. The entire PSE operation is top notch, from the fast and efficient delivery to the after sales service and warranty.

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